Reconstructing Charlie

The Hamilton Academy. Wow as my eyes bugged out behind new sunglasses at the mansion with a campus. Uncle Stuart escorted me to the mansion. “You said you test well. Now’s the time to prove it, my girl. By the way, youlook very fine this morning.” ” Thank you for everything , Uncle Stuart.I was a fashion statement. I also brought along a gym bag. Robert would take Uncle to work and come back when I called him on my new portable phone. Whoopee-fuckin’ doo. I’ll have to stop thinking with curse words. Mrs. Larimore rushed from her chair right into my uncle’s outstreched arms and planted a big kiss on his cheek. A really good old friend, I quessed. And this is your niece. Welcome to Hamilton Academy. What is your name?’ “Charloote Costigan. I prefer to be called Charlie.” “Stuart, I’ll call you later with the test scores. He said: “Call Robert when you’re ready to come home.”

I sat alone in a large room. Sally said,” When the clock strikes eight thirty, begin. And she disappered. She returned at nine and found me drinking a bottle of water and eating an apple.Examining each test, she said, “you didn’t write an essay.” “Sorry, there wasn’t any paper to write on.If you give me some I can write one now.” Sally grinned. “No one ever asked for one and it takes a couple of hours to finish. I’ll take you to Mrs. Larimore now. “Back so soon?” Sally said that she finished in less than an hour.

Mrs. Larimore sat next to Charlie. “The girls who attend here are from privileged backgrounds. From what I understand, you grew up in a small town not far from Minneapolis in what we call a different social strata. Do you understand what I’m talking about?”

Yeah, I got it. They’re rich- I’m a dirt farmer, by comparison. I nodded. “Your aunt and uncle are one hundred per cent behind you. Today you will see the public high school. I’m suggesting you go there. My girls have never been denied.” Sally walked in and said: “Sorry , Mrs, but you have to see this.” She handed her my test scores. ” In all my years, I have never seen perfect scoring before.” It was turn to blush. I didn’t. Sally ran in, papers in folders. “May I see them?” The boss lady said,: Of course.” I scanned the tests and nodded. “Are these mine to keep?””Well , yes. Well done, Charlie. Now about the cafeteria?” I stood up tall in my fashion perfect outfit, perfect test scores in hand and said,” Thank you, Mrs. Larimore.” II’m going to call Robert for a ride home to talk this over with my family.” Http://weriwa://plus weriwa://

21 thoughts on “Reconstructing Charlie

    • Charmaine Gordon says: May 17, 2020 at 7:15 a.m. Edit
      The number one teacher is forced to see what Charlie can do and so she runs almost all the way to the next town. Remarkable young girl but the other girls hate her. Trouble afoot for Charlie.

  1. It’s going to take more than good marks for her to make a good impression on her classmates. I feel for Charlie!

    • Charmaine Gordon says:
      May 17, 2020 at 11″30 Edit She is the worst, now planing to use Charlie. But now Charlie will talk this out with her aunt and uncle. Dear friend, somehow I’m doing well while looking toward the future. Hugs to you from me.

  2. Sounds like this school won’t have a lot to offer Charlie, especially if they are so intent on her social class. Might be best if Charlie attended elsewhere.

  3. I love that her perfect score did the talking for her. You’re taking us on quite a fun ride here, my friend! I look forward to the next snippet!

  4. Yes, but perfect scores can create a whole new set of problems. They get you in, but acceptance goes beyond intelligence. Hope Charlie can get beyond what lies ahead of her.

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