Reconstructing Charlie

Uncle Stuart waited at the open door, a grin on his usual pofer face. He said, “You aced the tests and had that bitch eating out of your hands.” “Really Stuart, watch your language.” Fuckin’, I thought and tried to look innocent. “I’ve heard worse, Aunt Eleanor.” “Have a snack and we’ll go over to the high school. I believe George Adams will accept these scores and make room for you. Your choice, Charlie. Always your choices. Proud uncle said. “Always remember, it’s the choices you make in life that determine your future. By the way, did you walk the dogs, are they fed?” “Yes to everything. Lord and Lady were good dogs last night.” “Lord and Lady?”he said. “You told me to name them. With those impresive pedigrees, they deserve royal names, don’t you agree?” Aunt Eleanor poured juice. “Stuart, I believe you’ve met your match in Charlie. Lord and Lady will do fine. Now eat some eggs and toast, all good brain food. Then everyone please get on with your business and leave me to some peace. Checking his watch. a smile on his broad face, “Twenty minutes, Charlie.” I ran upstairs to change. Dark green tee shirt and denim jacket plus Keds. Hair brushedloose and shiny with the help of a shine spray. Comfortable and after a long check in the mirror, I approved. Yippee. High School. My stomach clenched. A ditterent city, more money but underneath nicer clothes, I bet the guys were the same.Never had time for girlfriends, didn’t know what to expect. Scared shitless. Admit it and get over yourself. You’ve got a job to do.Already sweat trickled down my pits.I swung my gym bag back and forth. “Nervous?” Uncle Stuart said? “You bet.” “No one would know.” “Good.” Uncle smilled, waved a friendly greeting and we sailed right through. Football players emptied the gym at the same time we headed down the extra wide hall. One guy called out, “Good morning, Mr. Alfred.” Nodding to him, uncle said, “Thomas Donnelly. Nice boy, focused, and smart from a good family.” Uncle Stuart handed my test to the principal as I sat like the sweet niece. Leaning forward, George Adams said,: “Your scores place you in junior year. Are there any sports you excel in?” I’m fast. I think track is my best. Pressing a button his phone Cora, get Betty Garrison on the line. He stood up. “Thanks for bringing your niece here. We’ll help the transition along.” I hugged my uncle and he handed fifty dollars in my hand, lunch or a down payment on a car. Call Robert when you’re ready to come home.” And now I belonged to another new place, the first big step in education and moving forward with my plan.

20 thoughts on “Reconstructing Charlie

  1. Sounds like all is going well for her in this new place. I wonder what her first day will be like.

  2. Charmaine Gordon says:
    May 24, 2020 at 7:40 a.m. Edit
    Good Morning, dear Teresa. Charlie will have a weird time with the girls, but she surprises them when she takes over. Love it big time. Watch what she does next week. Hugs for you and your family from me.

  3. It sounds like she’s in the right place. So glad her aunt & uncle didn’t force her to go to that other school. This story is progressing nicely.

  4. Charmaine Gordon says:
    May 24, 2020 at 8:20 a.m. Edit
    Charlie watches the girls carefully. She gets the prize when the teacher calls for her to stop. This will happen first thing next week. Thanks, Diane.

  5. I love how things are moving forward so swiftly for Charlie. Love the names of the dogs, too! This is quite a delightful little story you’ve got going on here, my friend! 🙂

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