Reconstructing Charlie

Tension at the dinner table made me nervous. Usually pleasant conversation flowed between Aunt and Uncle so I watched, waited and ate another delicious meal. WOW! Uncle cleared his throat. “Sorry I’m such a bear tonight. A new client, nasty bit of business. Charlie, did you make the track team? “Yes.” And are the team members pleasant? They could be bound to be annoyed. “Annoyed isn’t a strong enough word to express the, uh, hostility in the air when I out ran Lori, their number one.”Did my mother go to Randolph High School? Aunt Eleanor touched a long gold chain at her neck. “She did. As I told you, Elizabeth marched to a different beat. She did get up to mischief often. Uncle said, “I bailed her out often. There were tears and then she met your father. He played guitar. She disappeard. Taking me by the arm, my dear uncle said,”Lets visit Lord and Lady. Time for fun.”

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13 thoughts on “Reconstructing Charlie

    • Daryl, Charlie knew what to do. She will make sure of what’s happening and let the Track Team that she’s the boss.. Next week, she’ll make sure the whole team must put out their best effort. She is a powerful girl keeping her speed..

  1. Dear Veronica, I’m so pleased you have read the latest. Next week, Charlie makes sure that she’s the strongest girl on the team. She has a plan for her to be the best in all she does. Hugs from me to you always.

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