Reconstructing Charlie

Classes over, I headed to the locker room with a sense of excitment. I stopped, chilled by the sight of my locker. The big room empty with no witness to the vandalism; broken door, lock open, gym bag unzipped, team uniform torn . Fury rose inside me ready to explode. One hour before the meet. I called home. “Edgar, is my aunt there? “She has gone. What may I do for you?” Holding back tears, I said, This is an emergency, Edger. Please go to my room, tp dresser drawer and take out a sports bra. pair At the back of the closet is a backpack. Grab an old pair of blue jeans and a tee shirt and hurry. Meet me at the main entrance to the high school. And Edgar, bring a sharp scissors. Thank you.” “Roger.” The line went dead. “Did he say Roger?”Ten minutes later, a police motorcycle, red lights flashing, led the way for the limousine_ Robert at the wheel_ to pull up to the main entrance. Edgar made his elegant way; case in hand as I sprinted over and reached way up to kiss him on the cheek. “Thanks. I owe you one.”In a toilet stall, I struggled into the bra top. Next came the hardest part, cutting the legs off my fave jeans from long ago. “Sorry, kids, I said and slashed right through the threadbare fabric. Funky but it would have to do. Hair up in a ponytail, I prepared to run my ass off. Something rattled around in the case. I found a cold bottle Almost giddy, I guzzled the juice drink Edgar packed, one of Aunt Eleanor’s specials. I caught my reflection in the mirror and said,” Charlie Costigan_no loser here. At the track, eyebrows taised to the max, Betty Garrison said,: What the hell are you wearing?” I felt the team grow quiet waiting for my answer. “Sorry Coach, the team uniform is ruined. Lucky someone from homebrought somthing for me to wear. ” She didn’t buy it but just then a bus pulled up with the opposition. If we won, she’d bend a little. If we lost, well maybe she’d blame it on my clothes. I took the time to look in every one of my team member’s eyes. I said, “We’re going to win today and put this crap behind us. Got it? But I want you all to remember one thing. I won’t ever forget or forgive what you’ve done.” Slowly one by one, they nodded. I added a little boost. “Go Team all the way.”


21 thoughts on “Reconstructing Charlie

  1. Charmaine Gordon says:
    June 13, 2020 at 4;30 pm Edit
    Charlie knows and now she tells the girls what her plan is. She hates them; they will never get close to her again. I’m so proud of her. Thanks a bunch, Teresa.

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