Reconstruting Charlie

“Thanks to Edgar, I ran a good race today,” I said as dinner came to a close. This end of the day special time gave me a chance to get a feel of what love between a couple should be. I listened to conversation between Aunt and Uncle and knew I wanted it for myself. I woudn’t settle for anything less. If I even got close enough to anyone to find out.They looked up from vanilla pudding with raspberries. “What do you mean, dear.” Aunt Eleanor said. I had decided to tell the whole track story to them. Too many secrets for me to handle and word might get around. Uncle Stuart frowned after I finished, brows forming a deep crease. “And you didn’t report the vandalism to the coach?” I shook my head. “I dealt with it my own way. They won’t bother me again.” He smiled. “You might consider law as a profession, my dear.” After Lord and Lady snuggled in their bed next to mine at nine o’clock, already too tired to think or read, I turned out the light. Sleep came fast. The nightmare returned. cold filthy hand reached for me and Iran calling for help through the alleys of garbage and rats. Hands tearing to my clothes and I ran faster.The stink of whiskey and cigar smoke from Dad’s clothes making me choke. Air. I needed air.

15 thoughts on “Reconstruting Charlie

  1. Charmaine Gordon: says:
    July 5, 2020 at eleven:a.m. Edit.
    Veronica, I’m so pleased to see you right now. Charlie often has to fight her background.but she will come through. I do love her. Major hugs from me to you, dear friend. By the way, I’m 89 coming on Nintey next February. Can you believe it?

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