Reconstructing Charlie

Gone, the self-assured arrogant beauty and in her place a teary eyed girl looking forlorn and maybe homesick. Hey Shelly, you’re just what I need. I don’t know about you, but this is a big school and I got lost a few times and I’m hungry. How about you?” I opened some drawers for a change of clothes and pulled out shorts, a tee shirt and clean underwear. Shelly sniffled. “What I said before, all bull shit. “Oh. I believed every word.” I sat at the edge of my bed removing my sneakers. “So you’re not a sleazy slut sleeping around and I’m stuck with you.?” “Yeah.” “Get dressed and let’s check out the Dinning Hall.” Clothes in hand, I beat Shelly to the bathroom, showered and changed and came out in ten minutes. Blew dry my hair, added a bit of make-up and picked up a book to study. Introduction to Law. Half an hour later, Shelle pranced out in starkers, the word my little brother used whenever our twin sisters ran around naked. She tossed a wet towel on the floor and searched for clothes to wear. I dressed in the bathroom and my roommate thought nothing of nakedness in front of me, a stranger. One of us had a lot to learn. ‘, Shelly, lets establish a ground rule her. I hope you plan to pick up the towel and keep the bathroom neat.” The smallest bikini panties I’d seen outside of a catalog were now on her body and she wiggled into a short shiny white skirt. A white stretch boob tube thing, the latest fashion, topped off the outfit and she tied the laces of white sneakers. “Neatness counts, y’all she said with a grin and like magic, the offensive towelhung on a rack to dry. Consentration gone, I closed the book and waited, stretched and waited some more.”What?” she said, poking earrings the size of baskball hoops through her ears. “You look so…Words failed me.” “So hot?” I dug into my bottom drawer, found the lacy black and white scarf Corrinne , the helpful sales woman had shown me hoe to to tie. On tiptoes, I drapped it around Shelley’s neck, made the adjustments and stood back to see the result. “Bare.” I said. “Now you look like the campus hottie. Let’s go.” Her big black eyes watered up. “That’s something Grandma would have done. Thanks. I learned a lesson the first day on campus. Friendships come in different sizes and shapes, and sometimes even color. Mine came six feet one tall, beautiful inside and out, and before long I found out , loyal. Charlie Costigan never had a friend before. Times were changing.

6 thoughts on “Reconstructing Charlie

  1. They are definitely different, but those differences often bring about the best of friendships.

  2. Isn’t it great–how her big life’s change brought about this amazing new world for her. This Charlie was always there. She just needed a little help to start shining so brightly!

  3. Friendship springs up in the most unexpected places between the most opposite of people, Lovely scene, Charmaine!

  4. Wow, amazing description, my friend! You paint such a visual of her, and all the details–from head to toe–really hook the reader. Great job!

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