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After years as wife of an Air Force pilot, Strategic Air Command, 301st Air Refueling Squad, part of a Bomb Wing, we became civilians eventually moving to NYC with many kids and dogs. I spread my wings when daughter was in high school and pursued my own dream of working professionally as an actor. Not too much to ask for, I thought and found I had a lot to learn. Classes in on-camera and commercials, I took them all determined, not to be a star, but to be a part of a larger pond. And I succeeded; joined three unions necessary to work, freelanced with agents and the girl from Chicago who stayed home to be a good daughter, wife, and mother, got work in the big city all on her own.

Luck happened when the casting director of One Life to Live, a popular daytime Drama cast me, first as a nurse in the emergency room, in the role of a socialite always in the fancy dining/dancing scene. All My Children also cast me many times over the years as well as Another World. What a great time for me, the homemaker from the ‘burbs rubbing elbows with the stars and someone said the camera loved me. Wow! what a compliment.

I also had the pleasure of singing Happy Birthday to Melanie Griffith in the movie Working Girl, sharing a hotdog with Harrison Ford during the break; lunch with Anthony call-me-Tony Hopkins in another month long movie and Harry Met Sally where the whole cast sang with Carrie Fisher when Rob Reiner, director, asked her to sing. Many more wonderful experiences for me until. . .

During the run of an Off-Broadway play, The Fourth Commandment, my beautiful voice failed and that ended my acting career. I had an idea for a story that wouldn’t let go. When the play ended, I wrote and wrote. Good with dialogue after all the scripts I’d read and stage directions and so much more helped in my first story. Good fortune struck when Vanilla Heart Publishing offered a contract for “To Be Continued” and I’ve been with them for almost seven years.

I tell you, dear reader, because good things happen when you put blinders on and focus. No matter your age or circumstance set attainable goals and go after them. My best to you with love, Charmaine Gordon


co-winner of the first iBookBuzz.com Book Club


16 thoughts on “About Charmaine

  1. I am grateful for your visits and comments. I look forward to what you share. Thank YOU!
    PS- my Husband is a pilot and manufactures piston-engine airplane parts, OEM and overhauls and replacements. Tiny connection…

  2. Hello Author Charmaine,
    I love your stories,we tend to have something in common because our stories and write ups depicts women who’ve been through tough times,and tries to encourage and promote empowerment of women.
    I like to work with you on my project here helping abused women get back up

  3. I just now happened to stumble upon your blog and it seems great! I can already relate to you, since you’re the wife of an Air Force Pilot. My father is in the Air Force too! I’m also passionate about writing! Anyway, I love that you pursued your acting dreams and actually succeeded! That doesn’t happen to just anybody. You must be pretty talented. 🙂

  4. Hi Mblock. Thanks for stopping by. My acting career lasted many years until I became an author and now I’ve just finished my sixth novel, The Catch, to be released by Vanilla Heart March 22. If you enjoy romance/suspense, please check it out and let me know what you think.

  5. Rachelle, what a treat to meet your sweet dog and of course, YOU, so vibrant and fun while walking today. Enjoy the journey of Reconsructing Charlie and Lord and Lady It’s the first in a trilogy of stand alone storie; next is Sin of Omission and the The Catch where many of the same characters show up including the Labradoodles. Please keep in touch. Love, Charmaine.

  6. Hi Vik. You’re swell for stopping by to find out about me, writer of sixteen books after 4 and a half years of signing with Vanilla Heart Publishing. I’m 83 and having the best time writing mature senior romance who believe, “it isn’t over ’til it’s over.”

  7. First, congratulations on tenacity and persistence! Finding work as an actor in NYC is a challenging task. Success is all about finding passions, making realistic plans to pursue them and finally enjoying the path they take you down. After noticing your age (and yes, you look terrific) I thought I would add that while visiting my sisters in NY we went and saw “The Visit.” Chita Rivera was wonderful. Just proves that 80+ brings out the best in those who recognize that age is not the limiting factor to living and enjoying life. Stay healthy and happy and enjoying all life has to offer.

  8. I’m overwhelmed by your comment. Thanks for all the good words. At this point, I want to be recognized for my good books about Romance/Suspense, Mature Romance where it isn’t over ’til it’s over. Surely there’s a readership for these stories and somehow I haven’t found them yet. Please keep in touch.

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