HAPPINESS in Copenhagen

Son Paul, a performer, and friend, Christian are collaborating for a family show titled Happiness. All this is taking place in the beautiful city of Copenhagen where Paul and his lovely wife, Eva, reside. The men use their talents to keep everyone laughing. Wish I were there, my dears.


The Life of the Party

“Do you have a place to stay?” the director said.

“Oh, yes Sir, my aunt lives nearby; she was a Rockett at Radio City Music Hall a long time ago.”

He nodded, pleased to know she’d be safe and said,”Relax tonight, get a good sleep and be here at nine o’clock.

“Yes, sir and may I have the script to read tonight and the music because my aunt has a piano and she’s a whiz at playing.”

” I have an idea you’re the kind of actor who dives right in.”
Candace giggled; “that I do, ever since I was a small kid, it drove my parents crazy.”

He patted her hand and said, “Candace, take care of this and yourself, eat well, sleep well and we’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Write your address down on this pad and your phone number and I will arrange for Alex Morton to ring the doorbell;Alex has been my driver for years.”

Oh my, she thought, such a fuss over me as she wrote Tessa Scott 103 12th Street 2nd floor; “Thank you, thanks so much for simply everything, Mr. Maxwell” and she stood on tiptoes to kiss his cheek. Thus began a long term friendship for her aunt and Alex Morton.

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Grandest falls down

Daughter and Grandest were riding bikes in my neigborhood. All of a sudden, in the midst of a golden day, Grandest hopped the curb, broke her wrist, hurt her sweet chin and chipped a tooth. Off to the various doctors they went leaving me totally distressed, hoping for the best.

It’s not easy being a Granny especially an aged one. So here I sit, writing about my darlings and hoping all will be well.

I was a terrific horseback rider back in the old days, not so much as years went by. Always a jock, I had fun, played tennis, helped my kids improve and took care of the family and helped with the family business. But that was long ago

I admit missing the sweet years of acting in New York City. And when I lost my lovely voice, I turned to writing. Many stories were published. I never did the hang of gathering what’s called a street team. That would have helped move sales big time. If any of you out there are interested in joining a team to help me out, I’d sure appreciate it. Gifts are part of the fun so think about the possibilities. Think about it sometime when you stop by my blog. I’d sure be pleased to discuss it with you. No biggie, folks.

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The Life of the Party, Chapter 2

“Oh, I’m sorry, Sir; Mom warned me not to reach for the highest note and I did it again but I’ll pay for the light bulb.” She ran back to where her backpack lay before she heard applause coming from the audience. She spun around to find the director and his associates were standing, calling her name.

“My dear, you are a wonder and we all agree you must be in our new show; as for the light bulb, has that happened many times before?”

The eighteen year old prodigy nodded, unaware of her gift and said, “My parents kept a big supply of bulbs at home and told me to keep it a secret cause they were afraid I’d never get cast in a musical if the word got around so I’ve been cautious and here I am on my first big opportunity and I blow it! Oh wait, you just said I can be in your new musical; oh my gosh! and she tap danced all over the stage in her excitement and ended in a dynamic spin.

“Now you’ve heard me sing, break a light bulb, and tap dance and all I need is a script to show off my acting chops.”

“Take a moment to read and set the scene in your mind.”

“Just when I thought it was safe to announce I had a real boy-friend, you say I’m not good enough for you; well who the hell are you anyway; some big shot, some talented guy with his name in lights who expects girls to go down on him ‘cause he says so but not me, buster so get out of my face.” Candace begins to shake as tears fall.

WIP Chapter 2

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Damn the weeds and full steam ahead, I think. Tote that shovel, dig a hole and drop in yet another bulb. What the heck were we thinking? Yes, due to problems, we’ve neglected our property but it’s time to revive not only us but our little Cape Cod home.

Easier said than done, my friends. Hubs is preoccupied and I’m out there shoveling, cleaning up and slowly, slowly I see improvement. Then to drag the bones in and write. This is the first time I’ve found myself juggling two stories in my mind. Creative juices are overflowing.

A friendly new neighbor walked by pushing a carriage with a solemn youngster inside. It brought back visions, endless vision of me in the same position. She was chatting with her aunt on some kind of phone. Then they both Googled me to find I’m an author. My granddaughter spilled the beans as we chatted. I did my goofy dance with my cane and we all laughed.

That’s the good stuff, folks. Find the fun in whatever you do. Smile and the whole world lights up.

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P.S. Four cats gathered around me, in a hurry to have breakfast. I felt a scratch from one of them. and suddenly a sea of blood poured from my left leg. It splashed across every bit of the kitchen. I tried to stop the flow and mop up to no avail. Finally, I made to the bathroom to pour some good stuff on to cleanse the wound. The bleeding stopped. Hubs woke up to the horror show and helped me wash the floor. I’ll see the doc regarding a booster tetanus.

Oh my. And I keep saying,SMILE!

The Life of the Party

The proud Aunt sat at the back of the theater, fingers crossed because her triple threat niece was about to turn Broadway upside down.
“Next,” the hoarse voice of the stage manager called; “Candace Scott, you’re next” as he turned to the eager new assistant nearby. “Last one up; then we eat, discuss the auditions, make decisions and go home, and Jimmy, take notes.”
Candace Scott hurried to the desk to sign in, heart thumping yet she knew she had what it took. Deep breaths, she told herself, be confident ’cause she’d been to enough auditions since her move to New York from way upstate and this musical was right up her alley so go to it and don’t hold back; so what if you’re nobody from nowhere.
“Hi, I’m Candace Scott.”

The new assistant said; “Take a moment; you have your music and I see you have your tap shoes on; they like when you’re ready and you’re very cute.”

“Sir, this is titled The Life of the Party; I found it in Mom’s piano bench under a stack of music and fell in love with it.” She nodded to the pianist; the music began and she took center stage; “You gotta have me there, the life of the party, The Life of the Party, to Bring Every Party to Life.” The last few words hit the ceiling; a light bulb broke as her voice reverberated.

This is a WIP thus far.

A Daughter. . .a treasure

Fifty years ago, my youngest and only daughter was born. It seemed like an easy task after having all the sons. I had no idea what was in store for me, for us, as the months went by. My closest friend, we lived in the Boston area back then, and when my situation became dire, I asked him where to go. Without taking a breath, he said, “You must see the famous Dr. Easterday immediately. And we did after leaving our sons with the good doctor and his wonderful wife in charge of our family, my husband and I drove through the worst rainy weather to finally arrive at the Boston Lying In Hospital where we woke up this sleeping giant of a kind man who said he would do everything he could to save the baby. And so the months went by where I couldn’t lift our two year old, or do housework but we managed and then came the day.

Hubs left me at the hospital with plans for the new baby to be born about noon. At eleven I was in the labor room and my dearest Mother appeared. She stayed right behind me all through the subsequent hours. You see, she died when I was twenty nine and she was only fifty. When I was having my baby, I had reached thirty six. Silently I felt Mom’s beautiful presence.
The doctor hurried in, distressed that the baby had not moved along. He said he would do a C-section but suddenly I felt her drop and called to him. She was ready. The birth went fine, I had a girl; the room was packed with all the kind people who had been involved in the difficult birth.

The trouble began in the recovery room. Massive hemorrhaging that wouldn’t stop and transfusions that didn’t take. The doctor told me he would try an old method in hopes of saving my life. Back on the operating table I went when suddenly I left my body and traveled down a tunnel with a glorious light. Peace and quiet as I traveled along but before I reached my goal, I had a thought. “I can’t leave my husband to raise all these children.” And like a flash, I was back on the operating table. Then in my private room in a coma with two nurses caring for me.

I didn’t see my treasure for four days. Finally we were discharged to begin a real life. I thanked Dr. Easterday for all his good care and we went home.

Fifty years ago. All because I never said No and we had all those children. I spoke to my first love this morning to ask him to come back just for a little while to celebrate our daughter’s birthday. So far I haven’t felt his presence but I know he’s somewhere nearby.

Thanks for listening to a bit of my life.

Love, Charmaine