My new family plus grandest go camping on the weekend

Here they are, all four beauties. Two are off to college to place soccer, Angelina is recovering from a serious injury ; she’s on the mend, also a jock, and CR, the youngest, plays basketball; full of mischief. Don and I had a peaceful weekend in the pool. How lovely. Tony , Amy and his huge family met upstate for a yearly weekend camping trip. Ame said they had a full amazing kitchen set-up. What a fab weekend with the family. And we were peaceful at home in the sunshine. Again I say, how lovely. The girls look mighty happy, don’t they and now we are reaching toward the end of summer. What the heck! What will autumn bring, I wonder. I pray for peace on earth, let the cruelty end and all of us have respect for our president. Enough already. Show courtesy to each other and remember the Golden Rule. Here we have Gianna, Sabrina, Angelina and precious Rae Rae, what a beautiful bunch of girls and to think, they care for me as I care for all of themImage may contain: 4 people, people smiling, outdoor, water and nature

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A Leg Up On Sisyphus–part 5

Last week, our story ended with Hades being grounded.


The God of War, Ares, the only son of Zeus, was a man of action  releasing Hades and sending Sisyphus straight to Tartarus, the lowest darkest hole in the world but do you think that stopped Sisyphus?

I glanced around the crowded room, pleased to see heads shaking no as if they couldn’t wait to find out what happened next and thought, old Granny knows something after all.

You bet, gang, because even from the deepest place in the world, smarty pants Sisyphus persuaded Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, to send him back to Corinth by telling her his wife didn’t bury his corpse the right way because she was supposed to place a coin under his tongue to assure he had money to pay for a ticket on the river Styx.

They had a whole lot of rules back then and Sisyphus bent the rules to fit the way he wanted; Good Hearted Persephone bought the whole pack of lies and sent him back to the sunshine where he forgot about funerals and continued to be a really bad dude.

Sisyphus got away with his tricks for a long time but when word got to Zeus, it was payback time and Zeus showed his own cleverness by sentencing Sisyphus to a lifetime of endless frustration in the Underworld–what we now sometimes call Hades.

As punishment, he had to roll a huge rock up a steep hill but before he could reach the top of the hill, the rock would always roll back down, forcing him to begin all over again.

When you have to do a boring activity over and over again, it might be called a Sisyphean task; can anyone think of a Sisyphean task?

Gina said,” Conjugating Spanish verbs and Julie said,”Mythology names, yuck!”

Kim said,” My mom says changing the twins diapers is a Sisyphean task.” and everyone cracked up.

I said, “I always remember names mnemonically which means I find something in the word to remind me of the word like Hermes could be associated by the Hermes scarf, or Herman Munster.”

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Long Beach Island with daughter

At Beach Haven, they offer push carts for those of us who need help walking across the sand. That’s me. Strong daughter pushes me across all the way to the water where she takes me for a few, holding me close, to feel the water. What a great time we had, two days at our favorite place, Long Beach Island, NJ. We treasure this time.Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, sky, outdoor and nature

A Leg Up On Sisyphus-part 4

Moving along, Granny tells her story with a purpose.


Granny’s lap is numb from Cassie’s weight so she signals Julie to lift the cutie and place her on the couch while she stretches and reaches for the sky with closed eyes.

Julie said,”Gran this isn’t exactly the myth of Sisyphus I’ve been trying to read” and Grans comes back with a snappy retort, “It’s close enough for you to get the general idea so bring us some tea and a few cookies I smell coming from the kitchen and we’ll move on.”

She’s off and running, back without a splash to settle nice and comfy and so do several of her swim team mates who pile in, giggle and wave, melt into the floor like the boneless wonders they are, obviously texted by Julie to hurry and Gran wonder if there’s such a word as texted or texting?

“Here comes the good part so listen up; you’ve all heard of Zeus?” and she looks at the unwrinkled teens; then Gina said, “Like Dr. Seuss? and Katie said, “No dummy, Granny means The Zoot Suits, a big group from the, uh, 50’s; were you alive then, Gran?”

Granny stifles a laugh to glance around the room where Allison is sprawled near the fireplace, Sean glued to her side and she waves a hand—hands—they’r’e holding hands.

They decided to catch her act in person; maybe she should tap dance. “Zeuss was no ordinary god, he was the top of the heap, macho and muscled like you wouldn’t believe without going to the gym and known as one of the seven wonders of the World but his fatal flaw was he liked pretty women, bunches of them.

Is it any wonder that Sisyphus totally jealous of him, decided to spread gossip to ruin Zeuss’s reputation just like some jerks you know at school and when Zeuss found out, he ordered his brother ,Hades, god of the underworld, to put Sisyphus in handcuffs, newly invented at the time; very creative, the Greeks who also cooked up nifty meatballs or was that the Italians? But Sisyphus tricked Hades, who must have been dumber than dirt, by asking Hades to try on the handcuffs first to show him how they worked– in other words, Hades was grounded.

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August-Oh My!

Grandest and her rescue dog, Gracie. How they warm my heart. A few years later, they adopted Tommy. Now I have two grand dogs I love. It’s almost basketball time. I love to watch her play, getting used to the game. This was a tough week for me. A problem with my eye and another major prob. What the heck. When did I get old? Why did I get old? What the heck! At least I have my beautiful family. Daughter always there to help out and grandest to hold my hand. We’re off to one day at Long Beach Island and then home again. Weather’s not terrific but we’ll be fine.Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, dog, grass, tree, outdoor and nature

Be healthy, my friends. Enjoy every minute.


Greek Mythology-Did you ever?

I can’t recall studying Greek Mythology in any segment of school, be it elementary or high school or even in college although the tales must have been forced down our throats at some point. Since I’m writing this amusing One leg Up On Sisyphus, I surely read about the boulder pushed up the mountain over and over again forever.

So how come it’s so vague and what part of my life does it effect now, I ask you. Please some bright person speak up and explain this to me. I’d love to hear your take on Greek Mythology.

I’ve told you all that I fell last year and am not allowed to drive anymore. This pains me. Once an individual woman who worked in New York, cared for a large family and now I’m bereft of driving. My dear hubs drives me to all appointments and waits so patiently.

Like yesterday. My eye doctor found a bubble in one eye and immediately arranged for a specialist appointment.  We were there four hours , I was exhausted and fearful. That didn’t help. I’ll be seeing the new doctor ever six weeks for checkups. Scary, indeed.

Enough of the whining, tomorrow is another day.

A Leg Up On Sisyphus-part 2

Last week I introduced you to Granny who lives very close to a bunch of grandchildren. She writes stories to help her grandchildren learn Greek Mythology, a subject the girls are having trouble understanding.


“Gran, isn’t Cassie a little too young for mythology; this is my second time studying it and it’s too confusing.”

“You can leave if you want to, Julie Beth; maybe call your friends, play computer games, whatever. . .as for me, I plan to read my story.”

The teen edges into the room and fiddles with her cell phone so I say, “no calls while I read, thank you.”

With a dramatic sigh, Julie shoves her pink phone in her team jacket and twirls long dark strands of hair around a finger trying to look bored, but she doesn’t fool me because once upon a time, I was her age.

Again I cleared my voice wishing for the glass of Chardonnay that must come later and now I began; “In the land of Corinth, a boy child was born to King Aeolus and his queen; their first child and the King paced back and forth in his chamber playing a little game of “Don’t Complain if you lose or Off with Your Head,” with his barber which is kind of like Monopoly. No one liked to play games with the King because he was a sore loser and not a nice guy. When the nurse announced the Royal Babe was born, the King bellowed she should unwrap his son; he never spoke softly because he didn’t need a loudspeaker when he performed at concerts with his group, Oneshot and the Hotspots famous throughout the Galaxy and suburbs. Nurse NotSoShy held up the new prince for all to see and ooh’s and ah’s bounced off stone walls giving quite a reverb as the gentle folks commented,” The little prince is not so little.”

In later years, when the prince was ten or eleven, he and his groupies sold tee shirts at the concerts that were stamped Buy or Die.

Tune in for more goofiness next week.

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