Aging. . .what you lose

Today was an exceptionally wonderful day, weather wise. We worked outside, shovels digging up weeds in order to plant bulbs; a task I’ve enjoyed most of my long life. And then I gazed around the area to find huge boulders, some smaller, to frame the area. And so I lifted each one to form a circular effect for when the bulbs blossomed.

Yes, that’s what I did, for several hours and folks, the task had the feel of beyond difficulty. I didn’t stop until finished and then, OH the Pain in my lower back! How dumb can you get? I didn’t think, I just dug, pulled, picked up heavy stones until I could hardly walk. And then sadness overcame me, me the happy one.I said to my hubs, this is another thing you lose as you age. The strength of youth; the stamina to do it all. A few bad words came to me and I released them. I’m happy to be alive; happy to write my books and see my daughter and granddaughter and grand dogs and grand hamster and don’t forget our four cats so devoted. And then there is my hubs who shares sickness and health.

That’s the good side, right? Forgive me if I whine about things I’ve lost like lifting heavy rocks and digging weeds. My dear Pain Management Doctor will take care of me tomorrow to lessen the pain and he will give me shake of the head and say, NO! Don’t do that again.

Love to all, Charmaine

Chef’s Surprise-My latest Release

I’m excited to announce my latest release Chef’s Surprise. Here’s a taste from the beginning:


Teenage Reva Mercer had a dream; one day she’d gather her saved dollars and Pa’s hidden coins, make a run for the bus to leave the darned Keys, always so hot, too much work, and head for the Nursing College where she’d learn to care for sick people. Not drunks and fools and she’d have a real life with decent folks.

One night, that’s exactly what she did, with him sleeping and her all packed for her oh-so so- near better life.

Of course, plans don’t always work out just right. Officer O’Brien pulled up next to Reva just as she was ready to board the bus. “And where are you going this night, young lady?”

The young woman gave him the flirty eyes that knocked him out every time and when he grabbed her arm, she pulled away in time. The horny officer, thinking better of the hassle and paperwork ahead instead of a cozy beer and the game on the tube, left the beauty to her own and the bus left him scratching his head with a frown on his broad face.

“Oh Lord, save me from this place and I’ll never return,” she muttered and sat, backpack on her lap.

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Thanks for your support,

Hugs, Charmaine


Saturday Night Live-a surprise

The call was for me to meet a bus for a shoot. Saturday Night Live needed this actor to play a nurse. I can do that and it sounded like fun. Little did I know the hazzards that lie ahead. The person in charge was very intense and when we arrived at the studio, I could see why. There sat Robin Williams with his agent. Usually me, the friendly one, greets the star but I had a feeling he was way too self involved for a hello.

The set-up. His “wife” is having a baby and he wants to take a video of the scene. Okay, I thought. I’m in for it. The camera woman lay on a table, spread legs showed the camera. Yikes, I thought. That must hurt. I did my nurse stuff and watched the scene. Robin used his own dialogue completely ignoring the funny script written for him. The script writer was tearing his hair out. Oh yeah! and then came the birth. The doctor pulled out a doll baby. I knew it was wrong. No skim on the baby that always needs to be washed off. Someone called to me, the expert with the big family. I suggested cottage cheese since they were in a hurry. No extra pay for the cheese idea. Hmm. I should have reported that to my union.

At one point, The Star came near to me. I had a moment and told him a great joke. He didn’t blink or thank me. Two minutes later he used the joke, My joke, on camera and had his adoring audience laughing. Of course. Oh well. That’s show biz and I was just a small fish in a big pond.

Charmaine Photo for Pinterest

Love to all on this grey rainy Friday. Step by step I’m improving.


A Funny Thing Happened on the way to. . .

Actually not so funny but that’s the way things have gone so far this year. First, back in April, I did the awful Humpty Dumpty of my life and knocked myself into rehab for seven weeks. Good folks put me partially back together but where was the woman I used to be?

Enough of the whining-Survive and Thrive is my motto and then last Thursday morning , suddenly I couldn’t breathe, choking I called Don for help. My chest was in pain and I prayed. 911 guys came with their magic to take me to Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern, NY where , after a few days of poking around, one of my meds needed a boost and fast. Now, hooray, I’m home, a bit shaky and scared but placing one foot in front of the other.

So be careful, dear friends. Take deep breaths , eat well and know you’ll be good.


Sending love from Charmaine Gordon   Charmaine Photo for Pinterest

Post-traumatic stress- YIKES

Charmaine -10 sATURATED_pp8x10g-72yDear friends, while this sad bag of bones continues to rehab daily, the wonderful social worker explained my inner self to me. The sadness that envelops this happy writer periodically stems from the bad fall and subsequent damage to my body. Okay. I got that. Finally. Now my job is to keep my head up, do the rehab and attempt to walk. And I can do it. Why? Because on a daily basis, grandest is here with dearest daughter.

Last night at the earliest of dinners, Grandest fed dinner to this Granny. I, who always fed and nourished this smart child, now feeds me. It didn’t matter that turkey slices went flying, lettuce and carrots likewise, she was there with a napkin and fork going fast as she can. What a kid. And when I asked for prayers, she whispered “Grans, I do that every day.”

So here’s to the blessed grandchildren and their parents and my dear husband who is here every day to watch me sleep. Don’t fall down, please. Love with all your heart and to my dearest pal, Judy Audebard, keep Paws for a Cause coming to visit and bring joy to all who rehab. You do your work and we’ll do ours. Thanks for every tail that wags to give joy to those who are suffering right now.

A special snuggle to daughter’s Gracie, a rescue dog. She may not have a pedigree in therapy but boy does she pack a wallop in love.

Be well to all dear friends. Love, Charmaine






Just When you thought it was safe

Charmaine Photo for PinterestSometimes wonderful things happen; sometimes they don’t. Last Friday early morn, this good Granny ‘slept over’ at Grandest to help out daughter and get Grandest on the early bus. But NO. Not meant to be. The Garbage collectors came early, folks, I woke to check my watch, turned around and fell crashing to the floor. Off to the hospital to see what happened to this body. Broken bones, in a fog and now I’m at WoodCliff Lake Health and Rehab.

The question is How did this happen and why? The answer is who the heck knows. Stuff happens in life. Chin up and get over yourself.


Love to all from Charmaine