Aging. . .what you lose

Today was an exceptionally wonderful day, weather wise. We worked outside, shovels digging up weeds in order to plant bulbs; a task I’ve enjoyed most of my long life. And then I gazed around the area to find huge boulders, some smaller, to frame the area. And so I lifted each one to form a circular effect for when the bulbs blossomed.

Yes, that’s what I did, for several hours and folks, the task had the feel of beyond difficulty. I didn’t stop until finished and then, OH the Pain in my lower back! How dumb can you get? I didn’t think, I just dug, pulled, picked up heavy stones until I could hardly walk. And then sadness overcame me, me the happy one.I said to my hubs, this is another thing you lose as you age. The strength of youth; the stamina to do it all. A few bad words came to me and I released them. I’m happy to be alive; happy to write my books and see my daughter and granddaughter and grand dogs and grand hamster and don’t forget our four cats so devoted. And then there is my hubs who shares sickness and health.

That’s the good side, right? Forgive me if I whine about things I’ve lost like lifting heavy rocks and digging weeds. My dear Pain Management Doctor will take care of me tomorrow to lessen the pain and he will give me shake of the head and say, NO! Don’t do that again.

Love to all, Charmaine

Cadillac Man-a movie with Robin Williams & Tim Robbins

The year was 1989. The call came in for me to drive way out to Brooklyn on a cloudy spring morning, so of course, I did. Often it bothered me that I drove forever to work on a union job when almost all the other background talents hopped on the subway, no problem back then. At the destination, a car sales place, I parked and signed in to discover Robin Williams and a young Tim Robbins were the stars. Tim played a biker with the intention to blow up the place. He had artillery and more and he was oh so nutty and adorable. Long and lanky, just the way I liked my guys. Mr. Williams played the part of a salesman.

Waiting, I made friends with a nice guy who confided a sweet story. His young wife died. He met a widow who just lost her husband and together they bonded in one evening of conversation. Now, soon after their meeting, they married and together would raise a family of five kids after saying “Hello.” See, it pays to be friendly.

Moving on with my tale of Cadillac Man, the skies opened up with rain. I carried an umbrella. Most of the talent did not and they were getting way wet. The guys in charge of background never blinked an eye. To them, we were baggage. Leave it to me, I waved my trusty umbrella back and forth until the big star, Robin Williams got my drift. He yelled, “Get those folks in a dry place right now.”

My word for today: Sometimes it pays to be bold and wave your umbrella.

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One night, she ran. For the bus to freedom and a new life. She had a plan, and a small box of cash.

With grit and determination, the young girl learned more than lessons at nursing college, the first part of her plan.

Someday, she would become a top chef, but for now, she’d claw her way up the ladder.

There is payback for every crime, and sometimes the payback is more than satisfactory.




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Chef’s Surprise-My latest Release

I’m excited to announce my latest release Chef’s Surprise. Here’s a taste from the beginning:


Teenage Reva Mercer had a dream; one day she’d gather her saved dollars and Pa’s hidden coins, make a run for the bus to leave the darned Keys, always so hot, too much work, and head for the Nursing College where she’d learn to care for sick people. Not drunks and fools and she’d have a real life with decent folks.

One night, that’s exactly what she did, with him sleeping and her all packed for her oh-so so- near better life.

Of course, plans don’t always work out just right. Officer O’Brien pulled up next to Reva just as she was ready to board the bus. “And where are you going this night, young lady?”

The young woman gave him the flirty eyes that knocked him out every time and when he grabbed her arm, she pulled away in time. The horny officer, thinking better of the hassle and paperwork ahead instead of a cozy beer and the game on the tube, left the beauty to her own and the bus left him scratching his head with a frown on his broad face.

“Oh Lord, save me from this place and I’ll never return,” she muttered and sat, backpack on her lap.

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Starting Over

Last week I wrote about murder and heroine Emily’s fight to survive against a powerful combatant, the former client of her now deceased husband. Clifford Lansdale, in his twisted mind, calls her his Goddess. He murdered his lawyer, Patrick Corwin,  by driving into him at the ocean’s edge and racing away. His next plan had him kill the police officer guarding Emily’s back slider doors with access to the beach. Changing into the police uniform, Lansdale knocks on Emily’s door, gains access to Emily and drags her toward the ocean in a fight to the finish expecting to kill her on this night of ridding himself of all obstacles to his freedom.


Emily ran but his long legs were after her splashing through waves of the incoming tide. Again long arms grabbed her from behind, held tight across her waist. What was the crazy man saying crossed her mind; it sounded like ‘Goddess, you’re mine now.’

Emily stomped as hard as possible on his bare feet at the same time slamming her head up and back into his face, a move learned at Tai Kwan Do.

He dropped his hands in pain, fell backward and she ran screaming toward her home; screaming for help as loud as she could. And help was there with police running, guns out and Mark was there. Mark picked her up and held her against the chill and terrors of the night.

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p.s. Mark is her best friend from long ago. He’s an integral part of the book. The book doesn’t end here. Alas, I shortened the tragic scene to bring to you and thus, next week, another story begins. There are many more faces of Charmaine ahead as you can tell. I do request, my friends, if you read Starting Over, please leave a comment as I have done whenever I purchase your books. Authors understand how important reviews are for buyers.

Thanks again for your helpful comments. Hugs to all.



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Starting Over

Last week I wrote about the family meeting their Mom’s new Beau, Patrick and the way they took over making dinner. I enjoyed the way you all responded the family’s response to Patrick and his ease being with Emily’s children.

Here we are at the beginning of the wonder of holiday time and celebrations before the very end of the year. I don’t know how many of our gang will participate on Sunday, but as for me I’m jumping in right toward the last section of Starting Over.

Excerpt:Saturday morning, stiff breeze on the water, tide out for now, dark and chilly as Patrick and Emily dress for a run with secrets once again interfering with their love and friendship.

They start at an easy pace and Emily picks it up moving with her long legged stride and Pat moves next to her to keep up with the beat.

Slap, slap against damp sand into the wind, she upped the ante to pull way ahead without realizing he’s fallen way behind until she glances back and he’s a speck in the distance.

High on his perch, Clifford Lansdale sees an opportunity; juiced on black coffee, obsessed with his Goddess, he grabs the keys to his restored dune buggy to head out for a little ride and guns the motor. The buggy sails over the dunes onto the hard flat sand heading straight for his lawyer, Patrick Corwin with just a tap to send him sprawling- a slam into the middle of his back sent him flying backwards onto the hood. The buggy drove on coming to a stop at water’s edge and using forgotten strength, the madman tugged at the bloodied body until it was thrown clear landing where waves pooled over it and the remains of the clever lawyer swayed gently with each ebb and flow of the sea.

The dune buggy continued up the beach, parking behind a large dune before the Goddess heard a sound. Clifford got out, ran in the soft sand as fast as he could and just as he came near enough to touch her, she turned. Their eyes met for only a second so close as she ran screaming for help all the way to the shape in the water and he drove safely to his mansion.

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Starting Over

Starting Over

Stories are complex as we writers know. I’ll move Starting Over to where Emily and Patrick have decided to marry. First they must gather their children together for a family dinner to tell the good news.

Pat poured on the charm as he shook hands with Tom and Jake and introduced himself to Meg and Julie.

“Mom you look beautiful,” Meg said as she shook hands with Pat; “looks like you two are doing well.”

A cool greeting from daughter Meg, thought Emily.

“We are,” Pat said, his arm around their mother; you and your Mom look alike, no denying where you come from so come on in, make yourselves at home, I mean sorry, this is the home you grew up in.”

Tom, in his deep manly voice said, “That’s okay, Pat, I can see Mom’s pleased to be with you.”

“The grill is just about ready so I’ll get the steaks on,” Emily said.

“If it’s alright with you, I’ll tend to the meat,” Tom grinned as he exchanged smiles with his sister because they knew from years of experience Mom was dangerous with the grill.

Choruses of “I’ll make the salad”, and I’ll set the table,” and the kids took over the kitchen.

“What’s going on, Emily? do they always take over?”

“Yes dear, it’s nothing hostile, more like friendly fire because my reputation as a chef was ruined years ago so let them work while we relax.”

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Starting Over

Starting Over

Last week, the widow and the widower were getting along just fine. This week, moving on.

excerpt: Emily and Patrick were at her home in an attempt to have dinner but overwhelmed with passion, they moved on to dessert. After experiencing the best orgasms in a long time, Emily watched Patrick dress as he prepared to leave for a week long business trip overseas.

“A friend of mine will come by to install better locks on all your doors until an alarm system can be installed.”

Was  this his concept of post-coital conversation she wondered as she tapped him on his back. “Hello”what are you talking about?”

“Emily, these are different times where we now have to lock our doors and our car doors and no more trusting people. I want you to be safe.”

“That’s nice but I’ve lived here for thirty years, same locks and I feel very safe.”

“Do this for me, my love” and he left saying he’d call every day.

True to his word he did call but she noticed the calls came at all different hours and she wondered if it was his way of checking up on her whereabouts.

Starting Over