Charlie has come to visit

She brings with her, a brilliance. Aunt takes her shopping for the first time in her young life. She passes all her studies and decides to stay in the easy class. This will be the best school ever. Next comes Northwestern University. Her mother never gets in touch with her all through the years. Brother Jimmy stays far away until one day, he calls. He chooses to be with his dearest Charlie. Aunt and Uncle send a ticket for their nephew and soon he becomes part of the family.

Wip-check this out

Newly widowed Joan has her mind in a spin. What to do with his car now that he’s gone and his Harley. Yum. She can ride that baby anytime and the Skeet club he belonged to. Hell, she can shoot skeet just as well as the men. Oh yes. And she had their, uh, her therapy dogs all trained and ready to work. That would take up several days each week.

And so we meet the widow to see what she’s up to.

With high hopes, Joan dressed in Larry’s Harley jacket over his fancy club outfit. His suede jacket fit nicely over her pink cashmere sweater and jeans. Her body had a good shape for an older woman; Larry always said so, the jerk, and best of all, the women never came to the event because they weren’t shooters.

She zoomed into the parking lot causing a commotion right away and she removed Larry’s helmet, shook out her beautiful hair and knew she needed a smaller helmet. James Franklin, the president this year so strong and healthy said, “We were all so sad to lose Larry and of course we will reimburse his yearly dues.

“James, that’s not what I had in mind since I’m an excellent skeet shooter and want to continue.” The tall man nodded, his gray hair combed so smoothly back fell forward: “Joan, we don’t have a rule leaving women out of the club so you are welcome.”

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Grandest goes to a special event

FirstImage may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing, suit and shoesFirst she was a teeny munchkin sleeping in my office as I wrote. Then I’d wheel her in the carriage and teach her about the wonders of nature. Then she was up to mischief emptying drawers, climbing out of her crib, racing out of the room, a fight to the finish.

Now she plays basketball, has her own mind about so many things and here she’s dressed so pretty with the soon to be bride and groom. Meet Nadia and Anthony.

Life is splendid , isn’t it? Enjoy every moment we are given.

Love to all, Charmaine

More memories

This is the time of my life when memories come fast and strong. I recall the son who didn’t live. Labor pains came, I heard the delivery and asked the nurse what I had. She said for me to wait for the doctor. The news was grim. The baby didn’t survive.

Some months later, the same experience happened. We had two sons and then bad luck. Another one lost. Determined to complete my little flock, I eventually had another baby boy so precious and then the girl I’d waited for. A difficult task and finally she was born; I came close to dying but survived after four days. I saw the light in a tunnel, reached for it and thought; live. Your husband has to be there for the little ones so new and the older sons. So I lived and lived to raise a family expecting the older kids to grow and be so fine.

Not true. They didn’t do as they should; my husband died and I was alone. Truly alone. So that’s life. Determined to move on, meet someone knew, that;s what I did. We make a good pair, taking care of each other. Once in a while, things work out.

Thanks for listening. May your lives be happy and blessed.

My new family plus grandest go camping on the weekend

Here they are, all four beauties. Two are off to college to place soccer, Angelina is recovering from a serious injury ; she’s on the mend, also a jock, and CR, the youngest, plays basketball; full of mischief. Don and I had a peaceful weekend in the pool. How lovely. Tony , Amy and his huge family met upstate for a yearly weekend camping trip. Ame said they had a full amazing kitchen set-up. What a fab weekend with the family. And we were peaceful at home in the sunshine. Again I say, how lovely. The girls look mighty happy, don’t they and now we are reaching toward the end of summer. What the heck! What will autumn bring, I wonder. I pray for peace on earth, let the cruelty end and all of us have respect for our president. Enough already. Show courtesy to each other and remember the Golden Rule. Here we have Gianna, Sabrina, Angelina and precious Rae Rae, what a beautiful bunch of girls and to think, they care for me as I care for all of themImage may contain: 4 people, people smiling, outdoor, water and nature

cHARMJAINE 1 (1 of 1) strong softness_pp

More about my fall

I’m not whining, my friends. It just hit me a few days ago, I lost so much all because I fell and fell so hard that I still get concussions and vertigo and trouble walking and, and, and. What I’m expressing is a lot of grief. Me, the happy actor, the writer, always smiling has grief. Yes, I had grief when my first love died and I began again to carve out a new life but nothing like this. No, nothing like this.

Yes, people have incredible problems. I’ve always been the one to help and now I can’t drive so I’m home alone a lot as I write stories not as fine as before; nothing as good as before. Yesterday I spoke to my dear second husband and poured out my feelings. he didn’t have a clue I felt this way when he raced out the door to shop without asking me to come with him; go to the library with him, go for a walk with him. And now he knows how I feel.

And now you all know how I feel. Tonight was a treat. Daughter and grandest stopped by to lift hands and help granny straighten up a beautiful new office daughter bought for me. All new, fresh, beautiful colors. Was I busy raising all those children ignoring the beauty of our nice home. Clean, Yes. Beautiful, No because I was too busy being a mom and wife doing all the things mom’s do. Of course I battled cancer; no biggie and other surgeries but what the heck.  It’s life.

I had to share this with you as another part of my memoir. The grief of losing a large part of me due to a fall.

My best to you all written with love, Charmaine

Tomorrow I’ll give you a taste of another book, one sure to please you.


WIP: a change of pace

The cell phone call forced Joan to wake. Her daughter, Shari, a Captain in the Army, calls to say, “Hi Mom, where’s Dad? I’ll be home in a few.” Overwhelmed with the sight of her daughter after 2 tours in Iraq, she flings open the door to find a pregnant daughter and a young man in a wheelchair. “This is Chris; we’re married. He was injured in a missile attack on the USS Cole and here we are on temporary leave. Where’s Dad?”

Excerpt: Shari tells all as Joan sets her up in the clean bedroom Shari left long ago. “Mom, I’m so sorry I didn’t get the call about Dad.” Tears flow; they hold each other. Through sniffles, Shari confides she met Chris at a party, foolish she had sex and now she’s pregnant but the good thing is the baby will have a father.” Exhausted, Shari falls asleep to leave a concerned Joan in charge with Chris on the downstairs couch, she cleans up with a muddled mind.

Early in the morning, the cell calls; Shari in tears says, “I need you, mom. Chris began bleeding; we called for an ambulance to take him to the Veteran’s Hospital nearby. Hurry before it’s too late, mom, he doesn’t look good.”

Dr. Rhee removes his mask and cap, a serious look on his face, “I’m sorry to say he’s gone although he struggled, fought the good fight to live but his time just ran out. You may see him and we will make arrangements for Arlington National and call you.”

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The WIP-what happens next

excerpt: So accustomed to her husband who discussed everything with her, now she must think on her own; not pretty because Larry did all the heavy and even the small thinking for both of them.

First she had to feed the sad pooches, both Therapy Dogs, her babies since daughter Shari had long gone and oh, great idea! she could be way more active in their fine organization since both dogs were certified, she might be part of the West Point program, children’s reading program and so much more.


She drank a cup of coffee, a smile on her face watching Lulu and Lizzie finish breakfast and leashed them for a brisk walk around the quiet neighborhood. She recalled when Larry first didn’t feel too well, the dogs stayed on the couch with him all the time. How they loved their master: all too soon, it ended.  Yes, she decided, the therapy dog group must be an important part of her life. Joan dressed as best she could considering she felt like, well, like a rag doll today.

Nerves took hold of Joan as she entered the salon: hugs and solicitations from several women she didn’t know made her feel uneasy. After all, they had husbands to talk to, to make love and share a life while she had emptiness. Dale did her best with a trim, roots colored just right and a blow-out complete with curls and advice like keep smiling and time will pass. Inside herself, Joan cringed, paid and left the busy salon. No invitation for dinner, a movie, nothing and she had to make her own life from now on.

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My costume from an Off Broadway showAct 1

How Do You Start Over?

This excerpt is from the way my first book, Once Again, Now, began.

The clock radio wakes me each day and one morning, I woke up to a story that sent chills through me. A random act of violence on the usually safe footpath where a man and woman were running. A speeding car where it didn’t belong hit and killed the man. I couldn’t get the story out of my mind. It nagged me like a fragment of a tune you can’t recall until I was compelled to write about it.

The story of “Once Again, Now,” poured from my heart.  The story came alive and grew, I who never wrote a book ever.  I wrote and made up stuff to keep it interesting and spicy. My heroine Kate had more guts than I had at the time.

She’s a sheltered widow who takes a risk by going to a recycling -single-men party and meets a man with secrets. Their brief time together ends in tragedy. Unaware that a sociopath is stalking her, Kate will need skills her new husband taught her to survive.

My friends, this is how you start over, step by step; idea by idea.

See you soon,


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More WIP, Oh Yeah!

Possible title, Mother, Daughter, Doctors, Babies             like (Tinker, tailor, soldiers , spies)

Last week we met widowed Joan. This week she moves on.


Joan rolled up her short sleeves to make a list because from now on, it’s up to tough Joannie to keep things going, to take care of not only herself but don’t forget Larry’s car. Who needs two cars both almost new and now, she thought, she can ride his Harley whenever she wanted to, Oh Yeah! without asking. A capable woman, she knew how to shoot a gun and a rifle and yes, she could use Larry’s club membership no matter what the men said because women were allowed.

She could get a job but she never had a job in her whole life and he left her enough money to keep her comfortable. The therapy dogs kept her busy twice a week doing their good work at West Point and what? Well, old Joanie, you can meet someone nice and have dates and then she glanced in the mirror; time to see the hairdresser and put herself together.

Tomorrow was Skeet shooting day and this woman will be there.

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