Kizzy’s Final Chapter

Kizzy’s closest companion, my friend Judy Audevard, wrote this last tribute.

It’s so hard to write an end to a beautiful love story. In life, all good things come to an end. This has been an amazing run for Kizzy and me.  We worked so hard to build a strong pet therapy program for adults and kids. About two years ago, I noticed Kizzy lacked the enthusiasm he always had when we went on visits. He was tired, eyesight and hearing failing. Our last visits were to nursing homes and Kizzy felt comfortable there. No noisy kids running around, the soothing serenity with elders calmed him. I felt so guilty leaving him when work called yet knew he’d nap and be there to greet me when I returned.

One spring day, Bob and I received a phone call from someone who needed a home for a puppy.Bob and I went to pick her up thinking we’d contact someone who needed said pup but no. This tiny, maybe two pounds, pup needed a home. Our family voted and she became ours. She took one look at Kizzy and fell in love. He became big brother to teach her manners, use outside for a bathroom, eat from a bowl. He also taught her that a leash and collar were not to be feared, and riding in a car was the most fun ever. Her name is Lulu.

They cuddled together all morning until it was time for Kizzy to say goodbye. She sleeps in his bed now and plays with his toys. Lulu feels his absence as we all do. We celebrated her first birthday a few days ago with a rousing bash. Our grandchildren and their friends joined the big party. She received new toys and lots of attention.

Lulu will have large shoes to fill but she’s training hard and has the personality and temperament to become a therapy dog. She’s on her way.

As for me, a few nights ago before I learned Kizzy had passed, I envisioned him running after a ball, having fun. They call it Rainbow Bridge. I call it a loss, a love I’ll never forget.

In my book, River’s Edge Trio Volume 1, check out Help Wanted. In the story, the main character calls on her friend, Judy to bring therapy dogs to the Veteran’s Hospital for a day of cheer. You will so enjoy this story because I asked Judy to do a “picture this” moment to describe what happens when she and her friends bring their therapy dogs to this rehab for Veterans. It’s real, it’s wonderful You’ll love it.



10/19/14 WEWRIWA

Hi Gang. Welcome to WEWRIWA on Sunday. We guarantee an interesting read with everyone of our participants and welcome constructive critique. Thank you for stopping by to leave a comment. Personally, I learn from each comment.

This week I continue with my latest WIP-untitled still-help me out, people.

Sally Atwood has a challenge from a womanizing cable company. She escapes, excited to know if she’s fortunate to get an interview with Grace Trumbull at the Pet Emporium, known for her talent as the dog communicator, she’ll get the job promised by sleazy Jerald Adams. Former homemaker, Sally is eager to start her first job as a reporter so this is her big chance.

excerpt in eight:

Sally slung the worn leather bag over her shoulder packed with a new camcorder Steve gave her to celebrate the transition from homemaker to reporter and heart hammering, drove to the Pet Emporium on Main Street.
 A tall muscular man walked over to greet her amidst the cacophony of barking dogs and she babbled,“I’m Sally Atwood, a reporter, the cable station’s chief Jerald Adams challenged me to get an interview with a prominent woman he calls the dog communicator.”
“I’m Scott Dwyer,”  he laughed while he steered Sally to a small alcove, closed the door, the noise subsided, the aroma of freshly baked brownies overcame her.

“I make brownies every day because after smelling dogs and cats in soapy water, it’s nice to have a home baked smell in here.”Charmaine -10 sATURATED_pp8x10g-72y
 Sally liked his easy going manner and confided, “After raising three kids and being a stay-at-home mom for many years, I took some classes in communication, journalism and reporting and I do have a few credentials from work in Rockland County if you’d like to check them out.”

Handing him a folder, she took a small bite out of the brownie, and thought,Oh my God, the taste of chocolate so sweet she restrained from the desire to inhale the entire piece even though it beckoned..
His blue eyes scanned current columns Sally wrote and he said, “ I like your warm, friendly, not pretentious style so wait a sec.”
“You’re in luck today, Sally ’cause Grace is in a good mood and right now she’s in conference with a sad saluki.”

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