The Life of the Party

The proud Aunt sat at the back of the theater, fingers crossed because her triple threat niece was about to turn Broadway upside down.
“Next,” the hoarse voice of the stage manager called; “Candace Scott, you’re next” as he turned to the eager new assistant nearby. “Last one up; then we eat, discuss the auditions, make decisions and go home, and Jimmy, take notes.”
Candace Scott hurried to the desk to sign in, heart thumping yet she knew she had what it took. Deep breaths, she told herself, be confident ’cause she’d been to enough auditions since her move to New York from way upstate and this musical was right up her alley so go to it and don’t hold back; so what if you’re nobody from nowhere.
“Hi, I’m Candace Scott.”

The new assistant said; “Take a moment; you have your music and I see you have your tap shoes on; they like when you’re ready and you’re very cute.”

“Sir, this is titled The Life of the Party; I found it in Mom’s piano bench under a stack of music and fell in love with it.” She nodded to the pianist; the music began and she took center stage; “You gotta have me there, the life of the party, The Life of the Party, to Bring Every Party to Life.” The last few words hit the ceiling; a light bulb broke as her voice reverberated.

This is a WIP thus far.

Kizzy’s Final Chapter

Kizzy’s closest companion, my friend Judy Audevard, wrote this last tribute.

It’s so hard to write an end to a beautiful love story. In life, all good things come to an end. This has been an amazing run for Kizzy and me.  We worked so hard to build a strong pet therapy program for adults and kids. About two years ago, I noticed Kizzy lacked the enthusiasm he always had when we went on visits. He was tired, eyesight and hearing failing. Our last visits were to nursing homes and Kizzy felt comfortable there. No noisy kids running around, the soothing serenity with elders calmed him. I felt so guilty leaving him when work called yet knew he’d nap and be there to greet me when I returned.

One spring day, Bob and I received a phone call from someone who needed a home for a puppy.Bob and I went to pick her up thinking we’d contact someone who needed said pup but no. This tiny, maybe two pounds, pup needed a home. Our family voted and she became ours. She took one look at Kizzy and fell in love. He became big brother to teach her manners, use outside for a bathroom, eat from a bowl. He also taught her that a leash and collar were not to be feared, and riding in a car was the most fun ever. Her name is Lulu.

They cuddled together all morning until it was time for Kizzy to say goodbye. She sleeps in his bed now and plays with his toys. Lulu feels his absence as we all do. We celebrated her first birthday a few days ago with a rousing bash. Our grandchildren and their friends joined the big party. She received new toys and lots of attention.

Lulu will have large shoes to fill but she’s training hard and has the personality and temperament to become a therapy dog. She’s on her way.

As for me, a few nights ago before I learned Kizzy had passed, I envisioned him running after a ball, having fun. They call it Rainbow Bridge. I call it a loss, a love I’ll never forget.

In my book, River’s Edge Trio Volume 1, check out Help Wanted. In the story, the main character calls on her friend, Judy to bring therapy dogs to the Veteran’s Hospital for a day of cheer. You will so enjoy this story because I asked Judy to do a “picture this” moment to describe what happens when she and her friends bring their therapy dogs to this rehab for Veterans. It’s real, it’s wonderful You’ll love it.


Kizzy, continued

Thanks for joining us in our stories of the best dog ever, the therapy dog that never would have been yet became a remarkable force in healing not only children, but veterans, elders and needy folks.

Judy and Kizzy were companions for seventeen years spreading the best they learned to aid others. Here’s a short true story to warm your heart, one Judy told me last year

“It was our first assignment as a therapy dog team. We were to go to the Children’s Psychiatric Hospital in Rockland County, New Yor. This is a lock down facility where children up to the age of eighteen are housed, sadly because there’s no place for them in the outside world. On this early fall evening when the air is crisp and the weather is cool. The hallway was dark. I saw the shadow of a girl coming down the corridor. Her eyes were downcast as she cradled a baby doll. She must have been about ten or eleven. She saw me and cast her eyes away. Then she glanced down and found Kizzy. She stopped short, hungered to pet him. He ran to her wagging his furry tail with joy. They bonded right away.  She was the first young person he’d seen since he moved in with us and something inside me said, he missed being around the sweetness of kids. Kizzy must have come from a home with young children. Obviously this girl was a victim of circumstance.  I discovered her Mom died of Aids at age 34 and she was one of five children, each one with a different father. She came to this hospital because she was born into an environment where she could hardly succeed. She lashed out at people, was hard to control and had no interest at all. Except for a small Bichon Frise who ran into her empty arms and just for a moment, gave her happiness and love.


Young at Heart can be found in all formats or in a three story volume titled The

The Beginning. . .Not The End author- guess who-me-Charmaine Gordon, Mature Romance with lots of humorYAH CVR F

Kizzy’s Story, a Bichon Frise puppy no one wanted and learned to give his all. Seventeen years of love and devotion.

The next few days, I’ll write about the remarkable dog named Kizzy for Kismet. My best friend, Judy Audevard and husband Bob decided to check out a kennel where they might find just the right pet. Lots of barking cute pooches crowded around the fenced area as if they called,”take me, take me.” Only the small white furry one with big black eyes hunkered way back. Judy reached out her hand. The pup raced over and Kizzy became an important member of their family. Seventeen years of devotion, becoming a therapy dog, working in the READ program, and later on to be a part of the West Point Programs. Together with Judy, they formed the Hudson Valley Paws for a Cause.

Meanwhile, when they arrived at Bob and Judy’s home, they decided to allow Kizzy to find his way. Sure enough, he wandered upstairs to the bedroom where Judy’s Mother was recovering from a stroke. Kizzy jumped up on the bed to nuzzle under the elder woman’s chin. Eventually, a damaged hand stretched out to touch the furry pup.Kizzy had found his first therapy patient and love.

More about this wonder dog tomorrow. I’ve written some delicious stories where Kizzy saves the day in a romance and adventure. The title is Young at Heart.There are three charming stories in one volume titled The Beginning. . .Not the End.

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These Charmaine Gordon stories of love, passion, and suspense starring sexy seniors   Kizzy are also available as singles in ebook.

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Starting Over

Last week, the murderer dressed as a guard knocked on Emily’s door. She opened and he pushed his way in, grabbing her by the waist to drag her out to the beach; his strength like that of a tank and Emily, at the moment, felt small as a tricycle in his heavy hands.


Emily kicked and screamed but the oceans roar covered the sounds. She tried to dig in with her heels, twist in his grip to no avail. What else could she do as her fingers dragged along sifting for a weapon, a shell, a loose board and found nothing.

Close to the water’s edge he let go and stood above her one foot on her chest to roar like a lion with his prize.

Big mistake, Emily’s weary mind registered and now he’s mine.With a quick twist of her body, she grabbed his leg to kick it from under him. He howled with rage as she kicked him again and danced away. Taught to hurt a larger opponent and run screaming for help wasn’t going to work for her. He had something else on his mind and so did Emily; an eye for an eye.

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Some of you have suggested this would make a good movie. I’m thinking I’d need a strong bully of a man to play the bad guy. I remember working with Telly Savalas on one of his shows. Oh yeah! Tough but he had a heart of gold. He did give me a lollypop at the end of the day and actually said, “Who loves ya, baby.” What a guy!

available in all formats and AUDIO!so-3d

Starting Over

Last week I wrote about the family meeting their Mom’s new Beau, Patrick and the way they took over making dinner. I enjoyed the way you all responded the family’s response to Patrick and his ease being with Emily’s children.

Here we are at the beginning of the wonder of holiday time and celebrations before the very end of the year. I don’t know how many of our gang will participate on Sunday, but as for me I’m jumping in right toward the last section of Starting Over.

Excerpt:Saturday morning, stiff breeze on the water, tide out for now, dark and chilly as Patrick and Emily dress for a run with secrets once again interfering with their love and friendship.

They start at an easy pace and Emily picks it up moving with her long legged stride and Pat moves next to her to keep up with the beat.

Slap, slap against damp sand into the wind, she upped the ante to pull way ahead without realizing he’s fallen way behind until she glances back and he’s a speck in the distance.

High on his perch, Clifford Lansdale sees an opportunity; juiced on black coffee, obsessed with his Goddess, he grabs the keys to his restored dune buggy to head out for a little ride and guns the motor. The buggy sails over the dunes onto the hard flat sand heading straight for his lawyer, Patrick Corwin with just a tap to send him sprawling- a slam into the middle of his back sent him flying backwards onto the hood. The buggy drove on coming to a stop at water’s edge and using forgotten strength, the madman tugged at the bloodied body until it was thrown clear landing where waves pooled over it and the remains of the clever lawyer swayed gently with each ebb and flow of the sea.

The dune buggy continued up the beach, parking behind a large dune before the Goddess heard a sound. Clifford got out, ran in the soft sand as fast as he could and just as he came near enough to touch her, she turned. Their eyes met for only a second so close as she ran screaming for help all the way to the shape in the water and he drove safely to his mansion.

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Starting Over

Starting Over

My friends, last week Emily Kendrick invited lawyer Patrick Corwin to her club party and he said yes. Romance begins for the widow and the widower. Let’s see what happens next.

Excerpt: Saturday, after two hours in and out of her closet trying on different outfits, Emily settled on a flowered long sleeved shirt tied at the waist, white silk pants and sandals. The mirror reflected an attractive, slim, energetic woman; the grieving widow was in disguise.

Emily drove to the club in her Jeep and searched for Patrick right away. He looked mighty nice: the phrase ‘clean him up and send him to my tent’ came to mind causing a deep flush to stain her tan cheeks.

They sat after dancing and she thought privately that it was tricky business, this man/woman thing at her age like whom can you trust?

Patrick said, “You are newly single?” and when she nodded, he said, “Will it upset you if I explain some basic safety rules about being single?”

“No go ahead as if she were a dope yet she didn’t mind his take-charge attitude, in fact she kind of liked it.

When he asked if she had a cell phone, she thought that was odd yet she answered that she left it at home to charge the battery. He handed her the smallest cell phone she’d ever seen and keyed in 911, and said  to her “Beware at all times of where you’re driving.”

“That seems overly cautious, Patrick, since I live three blocks from the club.”

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Starting Over by Charmaine Gordon