The Long Run

The gravedigger looked up from where he stood six feet below the ground; Rueben,” he said in response to my son’s query as he scrambled out of my father’s final home. He told us he’d been with the Union for sixteen years and made seventeen dollars and thirty five cents an hour.

Paul, my youngest son who traveled with me at a moment’s notice to my hometown Chicago, gathered information about every living creature out of curiousity and intense interest.

So now we knew a lot about Rueben, a Native American, whose long black braid lifted and fell according to the whim of the strong wind that blew across the cemetery on Chicago’s West Side.

I looked into the excavation and pointed to an exposed side of the stone or concrete; their eyes shifted to where I indicated.

Rueben said, “That’s the burial site next door and he jumped into the hole, ran experienced hands over the side, smiled and climbed out. “Good tight fit, no water in there and he bent over and touched the headstone in front of me. “It’s hers.”

The polished marble had my mother’s name engraved on it; I hadn’t knelt down, carressed the letters of her name and years of her life span and lifted the cover protecting her picture from strangers eyes and the harsh element of weather.

I sucked in a deep breath and touched her radiant smile captured forever the day I was married fifty years ago.

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Here’s to our friend Rachel Devineuk. Everyone , please keep her in your loving thoughts as she goes through surgery.


Eulogy to my pilot

The Korean War had begun and he enlisted in the Air Force Academy to learn to fly. And Fly he did until he literally received his wings for the Air Force under General Curtis LeMay. We were married as soon as he got his wings, Then we moved from Chicago to San Antonio, Texas for temporary duty. What a change in our lives for a long time. At one point, his Major got orders for Korea and by luck, the men flew to England, landing with one wing and a prayer. Here he is in a trainer just getting started to learn. His roommate died during a maneuver. Carelessness was not allowed. Throughout that time, he met some great men, traveled to Africa for temporary duty and eventually returned home with the Military Band playing and flags flying. The following morning we had our first child.

Thank you for your service, Lieutenant Bud Gordon  You were a fine pilot, a better husband and father and deserved more of everything in your life. Paul, Amy and This wife miss you every day. We had other children who don’t deserve any mention, sad to say.


This Is Me

Hi everyone, we’ve been in touch for several years already but do we really know each other? The most I know about any of my writing friends is their style of writing. So this evening I decided to give you a short run down on me.

I married my high school sweetie during the Korean War. He became a pilot in the Strategic Air Command; I became an Air Force Wife, quite a change from the sheltered girl who grew up in Chicago, went to Purdue U and was swept away by HIM!

We had a batch of kids like most Air Force wives did; I wrote shows and directed them for the weekly fancy dinners at the Officer’s Club never dreaming, before long, my talents were to be used in a different way. As civilians, we moved to New York. There a friend who worked professionally as an actor suggested I take my talents to the big city. And I did. Thus began what I call the sweet time of my life.

Now, in my fifties, I traveled alone to the big city and found my way. Soon daytime dramas had me working several days a week and the other days I had movies to work on. Bit parts were just enough. My first movie was Working Girl where Mike Nickols beckoned to me, handed a bunch of balloons and a big birthday cake and said, “Sing Happy Birthday to Melanie Griffith.” When Harry Met Sally was a bunch of fun, also another movie with Anthony Hopkins who invited me to lunch. During the run of an Off Broadway play my voice felt strange. I saw a specialist who shook his head. Bad news. Spasmodic Dysphonia attacked my lovely voice to end my acting career.

Creative Juices continued to flow and a writing career began. I wrote and wrote until I finished my first book To Be Continued. A publisher requested the manuscript and I was on my way. I write Romance/Suspense with humor and often pets find their way into the stories. Mature Romances are part of platform because “it isn’t over ’til it’s over.”

So, my friends, this is me. If you’d enjoy jumping in to let me know more about you, I’d be so pleased.

Keep a smile on your face and let me hear from you.

Charmaine Gordoncharmainegordon



Starting Over

Last week I wrote about the family meeting their Mom’s new Beau, Patrick and the way they took over making dinner. I enjoyed the way you all responded the family’s response to Patrick and his ease being with Emily’s children.

Here we are at the beginning of the wonder of holiday time and celebrations before the very end of the year. I don’t know how many of our gang will participate on Sunday, but as for me I’m jumping in right toward the last section of Starting Over.

Excerpt:Saturday morning, stiff breeze on the water, tide out for now, dark and chilly as Patrick and Emily dress for a run with secrets once again interfering with their love and friendship.

They start at an easy pace and Emily picks it up moving with her long legged stride and Pat moves next to her to keep up with the beat.

Slap, slap against damp sand into the wind, she upped the ante to pull way ahead without realizing he’s fallen way behind until she glances back and he’s a speck in the distance.

High on his perch, Clifford Lansdale sees an opportunity; juiced on black coffee, obsessed with his Goddess, he grabs the keys to his restored dune buggy to head out for a little ride and guns the motor. The buggy sails over the dunes onto the hard flat sand heading straight for his lawyer, Patrick Corwin with just a tap to send him sprawling- a slam into the middle of his back sent him flying backwards onto the hood. The buggy drove on coming to a stop at water’s edge and using forgotten strength, the madman tugged at the bloodied body until it was thrown clear landing where waves pooled over it and the remains of the clever lawyer swayed gently with each ebb and flow of the sea.

The dune buggy continued up the beach, parking behind a large dune before the Goddess heard a sound. Clifford got out, ran in the soft sand as fast as he could and just as he came near enough to touch her, she turned. Their eyes met for only a second so close as she ran screaming for help all the way to the shape in the water and he drove safely to his mansion.

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Starting Over

Veterans Loved and still Love

I wrote a book Farewell/Hello taking my experiences from life to weave them into this story. Picture 1944, an era prior to the Korean War. Chastity was still valued especially in the home where I grew up. From the time I was very young, mother said to  beware of boys. They wanted ‘privileges’ from pretty girls like me. I didn’t understand what she meant by that word. And then I met the most popular boy in high school and fell in love. He carried my books home from school. He met my parents. Father was very stern. Who was the boy? His father owns a chicken store on the West side and a building near us. So what. He’s not good enough for you!


For the first time in my young life, I didn’t listen. In my own quiet way, I knew in my heart this boy would be mine. We would marry one day and have a good life.And then the war came along. He enlisted in the Army before his Draft number was called. He knew he’d get into the Air Corp soon.

I went to school head up, tears in check., still the virgin and when I graduated, I went to Purdue University in Indiana. On Sundays we found a way to call each other even though I dated football players, basketball players , neglected homework, kissed a lot of guys but allowed NO PRIVILEGES! After two years of having fun, Dad said NO MORE and I went home to enroll in a wonderful art school on Michigan Boulevard. Five days a week!

My sweetheart did become a part of the Strategic Air Command headed up by General Curtis Le May.

Farewell/Hello is a fictionalized story of that era combined with touches of my pilot and me. We married, raised a batch of kids. He served our precious country through a war. Our motto for a happy marriage was Always talk things through, keep smiling and love each other.

He died much too soon.

A couple of years later I met my second Veteran. We met, fell in love, and here we are, my sailor and me.


We met at a Recycling Single Men party in New Jersey and were drawn to each other right away. The widow and the widower!FH CVR 3D

Love, it can happen to you!

Thanks for your service, Veterans. Love from Charmaine Gordon

A newlywed’s first Halloween-1952 Bossier City, Louisiana

Unaware of anything but but each other, the Korean War, and Barksdale Air Force Base, Bud came home riding his Corgi mortorbike- the smallest cycle you ever saw.

“Did you buy candy?”

“No. Why?”

“It’s Halloween and our little neighborhood is filled with kids who will come looking for treats.”

“UH, what’ll we do? It’s too late to go shopping.” The bell rang. Young voices cried out, “Trick or treat-trick or treat. Give us something good to eat.”

Apples, I remembered the big bag of apples we had. So we put an apple in each pumpkin. and the kids ran off laughing. I knew we’d run out of them soon. Not the kids-the apples. And we did.

My pilot husband said, “How about bread? Do we have a loaf of Wonder Bread?”

“Sure but what. . .”

“Quick. Give me a slice and a small paper bag. When I turn off the outside light, I’ll rattle my hand in the bag. The kids will think something wonderful is coming up and in the dark, I’ll drop a slice of bread.”

What can I say about that wonderful night of laughter. Convulsed, holding our sides together, finally the doorbell stopped ringing. Bud and I had another night to remember. Just one of so many in all the wonderful years together.

Are you listening up there, wherever you are, sweetheart? Oh yes you are.

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