It Will All be Revealed, won’t it?

“Too dark in here,” I said to my son, Paul, who had accompanied me to my father’s funeral in Chicago.

“Hit the light switch, Mom.”

“I did but the bulb burned out.”

“Like Poppa,” he said. “Like Poppa what?” I said.

“Burned out.” “Kaput,” I said in the dark, falling into the old word game we’d played since Paul was a pup.

“Fini.” “Bought the farm,” I said. A shared chuckle from the black humor.

A click in the dark and a narrow beam of light illuminated my Father’s  packed closet; I groped for his favorite jacket and there it was, worn brown leather bomber style. I pulled it off the hook where it hung for easy access by aged hands and hugged it to my chest. “Smell this,” my son, the jacket thrust in front of his nose where he couldn’t escape.

He inhaled and questioned, “what is it?”

“Perfecto Garcia Queens, Poppas favorites he sent me to the corner drug store to buy them, a quarter a piece.”

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Short story part 3

After that, it was Joyce and Bob, Bob and Joyce. Seldom was one without the other. What a team! They were everyone’s touchstone. Envious coup[es looked at them in wonder. First, a friendship blossomed and later on, love was added.

The Korean conflict came. It was called a police action, then why didn’t they send cops? Bob went into the aviation cadet program and became a pilot. Letters flew back and forth from Chicago and Joyecy was too revealing how she felt, She would reveal small fragments to her mom. Her mom said, “If he ‘s declaring all this passion for you, dear daughter, I can only guess what your  writing to him.”

Sarah’s face would flush. Those were the days when chastity was a highlly regarded commodiity. Good girls didn’t, bad girls didn’t.

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The Letter . . .part 3

Hi gang, I’m moving on with this awful story; a story of treachery in a family.

excerpt: Sarah’s insurance money soon was referred to as ‘our’ money by the beloved son A. “Mom we need money to buy a house and I’ll give you a better interest rate than you’re getting from the bank so help us out.” Subsequent additions added, purchased without asking Sarah, were a pool and an indoor hot tub all put on his tab.

An uneasy feeling came over Sarah whenever she was with A and B; she tried to shake it off but something was wrong in the Garden of Eden once her family. Adam had surgery of the nose due to constant problems and since he didn’t recover instantly, he went to an alternative clinic. This was back in the eighties when this became popular to an insane degree. A psychologist was recommended and he began therapy. One day, he said, “I have to distant myself from you because my therapist said it’s necessary.”

Sarah, always agreeable since childhood in the thirties, was trained to be patient and accepting although she didn’t understand and sadly this went on for several months with Sarah not allowed to visit her grandchild and A and B and then the letter arrived with these words:”Under hypnosis, A’s therapist helped him to discover he was sexually abused by his grandmother at age two. You also sexually abused him when he was a bit older and without doubt, you have abused sexually your grandchildren; and because of this, he has developed multiple personalities.We know of people who have sued their parents because of abuse; in a perfect world, you would forgive the debts we owe you. They secretly told Sarah’s children in an attempt to poison their minds but the family didn’t believe a word; she grieved for two years of this death in the family and never saw them again but sometimes, in the night she wonders about the pain. . .what can be done for the pain?

My friends, this is a true story. I found the letter in a drawer a few weeks ago and had to share it with you. You all know me so well. I’m usually full of joy and I still am.

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The Letter. . .part 2

As a teen, Sarah’s interest lay in learning how to raise a happy family; her vision composed of a combination of Norman Rockwell’s paintings, Father Knows Best combined with Ozzie and Harriet; Doctor Spock called the shots. As these component parts came off the assembly line of the Happy Family factory, somehow the finished product must have cracked under pressure to develop a fault line. Years later, the careful construction erupted to cause grievous damage.

One son and his wife, let’s call them A and B, were always exceptionally close to Sarah but they were financially needy. Sarah’s two younger children were in college and doing well but somehow that didn’t satisfy A and B. They took turns to whisper in Sarah’s ear saying, “The kid brother isn’t doing too well at that fancy college so send him to a state school and he can get a job to pay his tuition.” Next, A attacked the youngest sister saying about the same thing and Sarah fought back. “They are happy where they are and doing so well.”

Badgered, manipulated and weakened, Sarah found it easier to give in and let A influence her judgement. With her husband gone, alone at home, she began to feel comforted in an odd way rather than disagree with both of them.

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Taking care of Stray Dogs at the Shelter

A few years ago, these two beauties were best friends. Yesterday, daughter took them to the shelter where she walks caged dogs to help out. The girls jumped in to lather peanut butter on dog biscuits. Friendship revisited. They giggled and beamed, dog lovers, both of them just like my daughter who is a teacher but makes sure the dogs are walked on a daily basis. There are a bunch of folks who take the time to help out at the shelter.  I’m so proud of my daughter and grandest and her pal. Basketball season begins very

Basketball season begins very soon. How I love to watch grandest play.

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August-Oh My!

Grandest and her rescue dog, Gracie. How they warm my heart. A few years later, they adopted Tommy. Now I have two grand dogs I love. It’s almost basketball time. I love to watch her play, getting used to the game. This was a tough week for me. A problem with my eye and another major prob. What the heck. When did I get old? Why did I get old? What the heck! At least I have my beautiful family. Daughter always there to help out and grandest to hold my hand. We’re off to one day at Long Beach Island and then home again. Weather’s not terrific but we’ll be fine.Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, dog, grass, tree, outdoor and nature

Be healthy, my friends. Enjoy every minute.


News! To Be Continued in Portugues

Cobrir a revelar! Coming Soon! Charmaine Gordon’s To Be Continued em breve em Português!!


Cobrir a revelar!

Minha História Continua

Charmaine Gordon

Elizabeth Malone acorda a manhã depois de uma incrível noite de paixão com seu marido de quarenta anos para encontrar uma nota: Querida Lizzie, não é você, sou eu. Abandonada por seu marido, decepcionada com a atitude casual da filha Susie, o pai está tendo uma crise de meio ambiente, Beth decide restabelecer-se como o vencedor que ela já foi. Quando Frank Malone retorna, ele está em uma grande surpresa!


Elizabeth Malone wakes up the morning after an amazing night of passion with her husband of forty years to find a note: Dear Lizzie, it’s not you, it’s me. Abandoned by her husband, disappointed in daughter Susie’s casual attitude Dad’s having a mid-life crisis, Beth decides to re-establish herself as the winner she once was. When Frank Malone returns, he’s in for a big surprise!


Em breve em Português!




To Be Continued Sneak Peek Video (English)




Charmaine Gordon

Charmaine Gordon writes books  about women who Survive and Thrive.  Her motto is take one step and then another to leave your past behind and begin again. Six novels and many novellas and short stories in five years, she’s always at work on the next story. The novels include To Be Continued, Starting Over, Now What?, Reconstructing Charlie, Sin of Omission and The Catch.

Charmaine’s first novel with Vanilla Heart Publishing, To Be Continued, has been optioned for a television movie! “I didn’t realize at the time while working as an actor in NYC, I’d become a sponge soaking up dialogue, setting, and stage directions. I learned many tools of writing during the years watching directors like Mike Nichols and actors including Harrison Ford, Anthony Hopkins, and Billy Crystal. And would you believe, I was Geraldine Ferraro’s stand-in leg model, my first job giving me entrée into all the Unions needed to work. When the sweet time ended, I began another career and creative juices flowed.”

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Translator for the Portugese Editions

Selma R. Silva

Selma R. Silva has been a translator and interpreter since graduation in 1984, She was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil and had the chance to study languages since her early teen years. Years of hard work, travel and research have led to the perfect time and place to delve into the rewarding experience of literary translation.