Grandest falls down

Daughter and Grandest were riding bikes in my neigborhood. All of a sudden, in the midst of a golden day, Grandest hopped the curb, broke her wrist, hurt her sweet chin and chipped a tooth. Off to the various doctors they went leaving me totally distressed, hoping for the best.

It’s not easy being a Granny especially an aged one. So here I sit, writing about my darlings and hoping all will be well.

I was a terrific horseback rider back in the old days, not so much as years went by. Always a jock, I had fun, played tennis, helped my kids improve and took care of the family and helped with the family business. But that was long ago

I admit missing the sweet years of acting in New York City. And when I lost my lovely voice, I turned to writing. Many stories were published. I never did the hang of gathering what’s called a street team. That would have helped move sales big time. If any of you out there are interested in joining a team to help me out, I’d sure appreciate it. Gifts are part of the fun so think about the possibilities. Think about it sometime when you stop by my blog. I’d sure be pleased to discuss it with you. No biggie, folks.

Love from me to you,



We were tennis partners back then. She had one serious forehand. As for me, I was the strategist and we won and won. Unbeatable for the longest time. Her children were young and mine were big. Nineteen years difference in age are we and laughter always was the key to our success. Mischief like kids. What a time we had for years. Bonded.

We are still loving pals. I cannot begin to express the caring that remains. Of course, the years have seen changes in both of us yet the laughter, the memories surround us in a halo of joy be it on the phone or a visit.

Are you blessed with a friendship such as the one I’ve shared with you? It’s rare so hang on and don’t let go. Do not forget your friend, your relative. Remember how precious he or she is. Keep the love close to your heart.

My best thoughts to all of you.

Love from Charmaine

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2/15/15 WEWRIWA

Hi everyone. Thank you all who remembered my 84th birthday Friday the 13th. 84 and I want more. Son Paul Skyped twice from Denmark to sing Happy Birthday with step son , handsome young man, and lovely wife Eva plus a guest, a former New Yorker who lives in Copenhagen and teaches law. Hmm. His teaching  dance career is beginning to blossom. Eva is a talented artist. What an extraordinary couple.

And we are trapped in a freeze-what they call a wintry mix-that hasn’t been seen in years. But Spring is on the way and Grandest is my coach working my old bones. There’s hope.

Last week, my eight had Beth in compromising positions with the younger man, pool guy, Maverick. She wakes the next morning to smell a combination of coffee and chlorinated water and  wonders where she is. Steam curled from the
coffee mug on the floor right next to her. Naked, an over-sized beach towel tucked under her chin, she stretched out on the cushion Maverick threw on the floor before last night really got interesting.

excerpt in eight:

“Would you mind if I took some pictures?” Maverick’s deep voice echoed across the water and In one swift motion, Beth covered her head with the towel.
Pictures of rumpled-Beth-skin? Not on your life or mine, lover; “to remember me by or  can’t I autograph something instead?” 
Boot steps retreated,she peeked from under the towel, he was photographing the pool structure, plants and his question was rhetorical while she was talking to herself. Wrapped in the towel, Beth made a dash for
the door calling “If you’re hungry, I’m scrambling eggs.”
By the time Maverick sauntered in, Beth had scrambled more than eggs; the fastest transformation in her history left the
energetic woman radiant, flushed with afterglow and full of creative ideas. What next for the future was on her mind and it did include the not-as-young-as-she-thought-he-was man who entered her more than once last night and was about to enter her home as if he belonged here.

Mopping crumbs from his mouth, Maverick finished the last drink from the coffee mug,”I decided, with your okay, to make a photographic display of the enclosure because actually, last night I stopped by to tell you about this and. . .” he paused, the slow crooked smart-ass grin took on special meaning,” Mr. Big Bucks wants to see it and this would be great for my business.”
Beth stiffened her jaw, thought he said business so keep it business and with a straight face, Beth said, “It was my baby from the beginning so what’s in it for me?”

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