Continued C.R. Grows Up

The list of town residents turned out to be endless because both girls had lived here forever and knew just about everyone on the long list.  C.R. said to Maryn, “Take blue and red markers for your side of the list and if anyone’s too ill, use the red marker and others you know are in good shape get a blue check next to their name.”

“Wow, C.R., do I have to salute you before picking up my crayons?”

“Uh, yes and get to work on your list, the hourglass is on speed so ready set go.”

Laughing all the way with visions of pannycakes in the near future, two competitive best friends went to work and the race was on and two hours later, the marked up red and blue list completed, the best pals ever did a wild silly dance andTommy, the old pit bull, galloped to the family office to nudge open the door.

Maryn’s eyes widened; she said, “Looks like Tommy wants to join our dance and why not, GF, because as of this second, I dub us queens of the list; we could start a business.”

“Or not because it’s pannycake time, my personal chef and next we have to gather the flock of good folks so we’ll place a big notice in the local paper and make fliers to put in shop windows and lamp posts. By the way, C.R. I put a big blue check on Gene Ralston’s name so I get to make a personal call to the Hunk, with or without your permission, so there!”   “You’re a wonder, you rascal; definitely go for him but first, TADA, breakfast is served and don’t forget to go easy on the chocolate chips; save a few for me.”

An unusual quiet fell over the besties during the late breakfast and then Maryn said,“Penny for your thoughts, Cassidy Rae but I know you’re worth more than a mere penny but I left big bucks at home so spill and right now!”

Tears squeezed from big brown eyes; “I’m so afraid of losing my Grans, I try to keep my chin up all the time and I’m doing my best along with your help yet somehow the waterworks turn on, so sorry.” Maryn took a flying leap to her friend’s side and threw her arms around the best person in her world so smoothing back the blond head of curly hair, she said, “You’re the strongest person I’ve ever known, always ready to help and care for me as a lonely child and so far I’ve done fairly well growing up.”                     


More C.R. Grows Up

The week went by fast, Grans improved except being off sinc with conversation and then she’d laugh at herself for losing a certain part of speech and say, “I can do it, Casssidy Rae, just ’cause you go to college, you think you’re smarter than this old coot.”

“Grans, you taught me since I was a munchkin and look at me now.”

“Well don’t get a superior attitude ‘round me ‘cause I can womp your hide if need be.”

“My my, you’re tough, sweet Grans, I beg you no womping and I beez a good girl,” then giggling from the silly words, C.R. climbed onto Grans over-sized comfortable hospital bed when Grans held out her capable hands, waited ‘til her grandchild was close enough to tackle and embrace the love of her life.

“Gotcha, sweet girl,” rocking C.R. as if a baby climbed in to find something yummy, “soon it’ll be time to pick the corn and late apples.”

“Soon, my Granny; very soon and now you rest up before we go dancing,” as she watched Grans eyes blink then shut down, her lashes still long feathered on thin cheeks.

C.R.’s thoughts spun ’round and around; “It’s time to get the town ready to pitch in and Doc Bush’s elderly uncle won’t be a problem at all since we’ll add him to the mix, stir gently and it will all work out,” and then she crossed her fingers for good luck.

A phone call to reach Mandy paid off; “Amanda, are you too busy to help me-your best friend always who makes pannycakes just the way you like, create a plan for the town to follow so there won’t be dumb questions asked slowing Grans progress?”

“Girlfriend, you know I’d drop my date with the latest hunk I met at Piggly Wiggly just to help you and if you believe me, you’re out of your mind.”

C.R. laughed so hard, her knees grew wobbly; “Oh you, what a bunch of you know what but seriously, you actually met a hunk in our small town?”                                               “Nah, I’m just a funnin’ you.”



Much More: C.R.Grows Up

Ponytail bouncing as she raced down the corridor to Room 202, Cassidy Rae stopped to catch her breath thinking Control yourself, you dope, Grans needs you. One last deep breath before she knocked on the door and entered where a sleepy Grans peered up from under a blue blanket.

“Watcha doin’ here, my girl; oh you, come over ‘n give your little old Grans a hug.”

After kicking off her sneakers, she hurried across the room to be close to Grans and said, “Lookin’ good, sweet Grans, remember when I used to ask questions about when you were a little girl and you’d get dizzy?”

“Sure do,” Grans grinned, “You asked if I had dolls.”

            Her heart pounded, she remembers, it’s a good sign; so tell me about all your dolls.”

“Silly girl, none of us had a bunch of dolls, we each had one doll and I called mine Lily and I asked mommy to make a dress for her.”

           Oh my gosh, C.R. thought, she’s gone back to the past, way back; even her voice sounds like a child; “Did you go to school?” C.R. asked.“You silly, ‘course I did ’cause we lived in the big city called Chicago and Volta’s the name of my school where every day my big brother walked me there and we passed Begonias from a big bush but the lady shooed us away.

Blond hair came unraveled from her once neat ponytail as gently she hugged her frail Grans and said, “You’ve taken care of me since I was six, so now it’s my turn to help you, my best and only Grans always.”

“Six, yes. your mommy, my daughter died far away and now it’s your turn to help me,” and suddenly her thin hand grasped her granddaughter’s capable hands to cry out “Help me be strong and by all means, don’t forget my dearest Marcus likes apple pie.”

Flowers lined the window ledge; bouquets of red roses for accent with baby breath and greens plus lots of get-well cards and lace handkerchiefs and C.R. had to keep from giggling because Grans never used fancy handkerchiefs but she’d sure appreciate a new shovel or rake or a nifty toolbox. It’s always better to smile, she thought and stifled tears threatening to fall; stopped one more time to keep Grans in her mind and tip-toed out.

More-C.R.Grows Up

Charlie paced the entrance of the hospital eyes peeled on the road when his face broke into a smile the minute he saw his love jump out of a fancy car. He blinked a few times before he recognized her best friend, Amanda Chandler and for a moment, his mind drifted back to the past when Cassidy Rae was a little kid living with Ms. Brown because her own mom was a Marine and then she got killed in the war. Little Amanda moved nearby when her parents got divorced and her dad married the pretty Indian woman named Anna. What an interesting world and now we find out more about Ms. Brown’s condition. Geez! listen to me the big shot ’cause I’m an EMT and I held C.R.s hand for a few minutes.

“Hey Charlie, you remember Amanda from high school, right?” and he grinned and said hi.

“Hi yourself, Charlie so now let’s go in and get the scoop on C.R’s dearest Grans and then she squeezed C.R.’s hand to say, “Save your tears for later because you’re with friends who care.”

Doctor Burns said, “She’s brighter this morning since she had a light breakfast and asked for you, Miss and if your friends don’t mind, I’d like you to go in first and talk softly to see if she understands, knows who you are and just maybe she’ll smile, who knows? Use this phone to call me and we’ll be waiting so go now, please, Cassidy Rae, no tears, always remember chin up is very important.” After introducing himself to her friends “Please wait in the cafeteria; I’ll call as soon as your friend gives me good news and one last word, Charlie, be sure to fill this young lady in on last night’s conversation.

“Yes Sir,” and turned to Amanda,“I know most of the doctors in the emergency room and they have no time for anything except the latest patient or ten, but this good doctor was a demon yesterday; Coffee?                              


Chapter 9-C.R. Grows Up

“I arrived for a short spring break to surprise Grans, instead she surprised me by falling.” Again tears fell, remembering the homecoming when she found Grans lying under an old Oak tree in pain from a twisted ankle.

“Honey, what a homecoming and she must be in the local hospital, right?A nod from Cassidy Rae, “Yeah, I thought it was broken but it’s a bad sprain and we spent hours with the doctor learning more about possible damage.”

“Who’s we?”

“Do you remember that cute boy in High School, Charlie O’Connell?”

Mandy grinned, “Oh yeah, I remember the cutest and he had eyes for you, girl.”

C.R. felt her cheeks flush pink, “Mandy, he works with his dad as an EMT and they got the call when I dialed 911.” She took a deep breath to continue; he stayed close the whole time the emergency doctor explained the situation and said I should come back in the morning to learn more.” She reached for her pal’s hand, “Come with me, please.”

Amanda grabbed C.R.’s hand and drove her two-door red Mercury convertible completely at ease with herself; her only thought was to take care of her best friend forever who always looked after her all the way through some bad times.

Chapter 8-C.R. Grows up

“What a sunny day!” C.R. stretched, withheld sadness and fears and whistled for Tommy. “Hush, big boy. You’ll wake the neighborhood.” She laughed. “So silly ‘cause there’s no neighbor ‘round here for miles. Wait a darn minute. Maybe my besty is home on break from that fancy college up north. She yelled out the window the way Grans taught her so many years ago. No playdates for her. Just yell for someone to play with any day, any time and Mandy’s rich daddy had a nice house built on a path so we could play just by calling.

“Mandy,” she called,” you there?” No response. Of course not. The trees had grown since they were little kids. She phoned her. Once, twice with no answer. “Hey, GF, I just got back for spring break so tell me what’s cookin’.”  “Not all good, sorry to say. Come on over. I’ll make breakfast and spill.” After big hugs, Cassidy Rae held her best pal at arm’s length to check her out. “Whoa, you are a knockout, girl. Blond hair all streaks n’everything.” “Daddy Warbucks paid for it. Mommy Anna screamed NO WAY!  My little sister and brother are so cute and right now they’re in the school we went to. I promise to go back to natural but right now I’m too busy with school, dating hunks and Harvard is awful, too hard for my little brain. Now speak up and tell me what’s wrong.”

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More Cassidy Rae Grows Up

She walked into the old house and looked around and she wondered, did all this really happen in such a short time? Finding Grans hurt, rushing to the hospital, all the fear and worry and suddenly Charlie! Her chin came up. She lost her Daddy when she was three, her mommy a Marine doctor in Afghanistan left her with Grans for a few months and she had so much fun with Grans but. . .”  Tears flowed as the past took over; waves of memories overwhelmed her. She recalled two men in uniform knocking on Grans big door. She was only six years old and loved to fly down the banister and jump at the bottom for a landing but no one smiled that time. She pictured Grans face so sad when she held her shaking hand out for the flag folded neatly handed to her by one soldier. The other soldier gave me, just a small child back then, a doll wrapped up with a red bow and then he crouched down, his voice soft. “Everyone respected and cared for your mom the whole battalion cried when we lost her. She slept with the doll because it reminded her of you.”