More with Lulu and a surprise

Last week, Meredith took charge in getting the Christmas Party ready. Lulu sniffed around the kitchen and got a good brushing and suddenly she jumped onto one of the assistants from downstairs and snuggled under her chin. All the helpers gasped and when Meredith asked what the problem was, someone said the woman was recovering from Cancer. Then Meredith understood once again that Lulu was a special pup she had to keep her one way or the other. She hurried down the elevator for one last Lulu try at her tree. “What a day it had been, what a rare mood she was in, why it was almost like being in love. She hummed the old song, crossed her fingers for good luck when the door burst open. In walked a beaming John Albright, a lovely woman on his arm. “Oh my, she thought. My plan for the boss worked. Now if one works for me, I’ll be thrilled on this Christmas Eve.

“Welcome, everyone and thanks to Meredith for decorating and pulling our party together. Meet my friend, Luellen. I’ve found her and we’re together again after a long time.” They walked away, hand in hand like the lovebirds they once were.



More action with Lulu

Meredith carried Lulu to a Pet shop where she bought Lulu a new leash, booties to keep Lulu warm, dog chow and two bowls for a yum feast. To heck with a man; She’d be happy with a pup. Back in the office, Lulu made a beeline for the boss and snuggled under his chin and then she danced the cutest dance for him.

The day flew by with both of them busy in different ways. Suddenly Meredith cried out! “I’ve found your lady! She’s right here in New York at a fancy address. She’s a widow with children and still works in the banking business on Wall Street!! John sauntered over as if this news had little importance to him. Meredith grinned inside and handed him a full dossier on his lost love. “Well boss, I sure wish I had someone to surprise.” She gathered the pup and off they went to the party room because the pup needed decorations and so did the tree. She left her jacket in the closet and swung around in her black dress. John called out, “Just a minute, missy. What are you wearing!” “This is just a black dress, thank you.” “Wow, you look beautiful dressed like that. I never dreamed you were so lovely.” Meredith said, “Thank you.” And she hurried to the Christmas room where the caterer was busy with platters of everything tasty and Meredith set Lulu down under the tree where her adorable pup danced and entertained everyone and the party began. Https;//www//wewriwa//

Lulu knows the way

Last week we learned that the big boss had something on his mind. He sat heavily in his new chair. “I’m going to tell you something personal. meredith sat opposite him, a worried feeling inside her.

“Years ago, I was at a bankers conference in D.C. I met an attractive woman from another bank. Her name was Luellen and her friends called her Lulu. He cleared his throat. We came close to having an affair but I kept thinking of Martha and then children at home so we kept it cool and said goodbye. He shook his head before speaking again. “The weird thing is once you said Lulu, the romance came back to me. This is between us, Meredith. I had to talk to someone and I trust you.

Mr. Albright, thank you for your trust.I wonder if she’s still in the same town, pardon my asking. Did she ever tell you where she lived? What town, like that? “Hmm. As a matter of fact, she did. Wayne, NJ” That’s not too far from New York and since Martha passed, you’ve been lonely. I can see it in your eyes. As your number one confident, I can easily try to locate her if she’s not in some foreign country. If in fact, If you don’t mind, once I get the pup straightened out, like right now, I’ll tend to this matter. She looked at her favorite boss in the world. “Unless you’re not interested.”

Meredith saw him straighten his tie and pull himself together. “That will be all, Meredith. Hurry with the pooch, do your thing and come right back. He handed her fifty dollars, much appreciated since she didn’t have a bunch of cash after paying for the dress and coat plus gifts for the party. I appreciate your help, Mr. Albright.”

“After all these years of working together, in private, consider calling me John.Now scat. We have a Christmas party ahead of us. She smiled a secret smile and put her coat on: I meant to tell you that there will be no liquor at the party and I’m sick and tired of people getting drunk and acting like fools so we’ll have soda and a gorgeous buffet and a four piece band and when the party is over, we have red wine just for us to toast the New Year coming soon.


Lulu knows the Way

Meredith’s boss just came in to the office with many things on his mind. “Whats this, a Christmas dog for our party? What a great idea.” He patted the dog, then lifted her up. “We’ll put some red bows on her and she’ll come to the party.” He sat at the luxurious desk. “Meredith, you’ve been with us and now me for a long time. I value your work and you deserve a raise. I have a check ready for you.

Thank you, Mr.Albright, I’m thrilled to hear good news. Now sir, about the pup, I found her on the way to work without a leash or food.” “No problem at all. Take the time right now and be back when you’ve accomplished your pup mission. No problem at all. Then make the Party Room as perfect as I’m sure it will be under surveillance. I do have a private gift for you when you return. I hope you didn’t buy a tie for me. By the way, what’s this cuties name?” I named her Lulu although the owner named her Snuffy. She’s a Bona Fide Therapy Dog. Meredith gazed up at him, her boss for so many years with such a look on his face. “Sir, is there something wrong? ” Htt:pp//www.//wewriwa//

Lulu Finds Her Way

“Are you lost or did you run away?” No answer from the pup. A collar was around the sturdy neck but she had no time to call. She figured she’d carry the pooch to the office, buy a leash, food, and call the owner What a plan! And what about the Christmas party? She, Meredith, was totally in charge of the big event. Okay, she had enough pull to bring the pup to the party. So far she didn’t the man of her dreams but maybe tonight. Just maybe.She checked the collar area and sure enough , a collar of identification was there to read. Snuffy belongs to Brian Reed and a phone number was right there.

The phone and rang. A grumpy voice answered “What?” “Mr. Reed, I found your dog or rather the pup found me on the way to work. The pup is sleeping on my lap. I can return the dog at the end of the day.”Keep her. I don’t give a damn.” “He coughed. “Sorry. I’m recuperating from hip replacement and the stupid dog sitter lost her.

“I’ll get leash and food for her and keep her with me all day at our Christmas party.”What kind of dog is Snuffy?”

First of all she is a Therapy Dog with a certificate, so there. And what name would you prefer, you with your temporary pooch?” Meredith decided to be kind. She’s a female and deserves a pretty name so I’m going to call her Lulu.

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Lulu knows the way

After showering and with care she used make-up she didn’t use very often, Meredith Brown dressed in her new slinky silk dress. If only she’d meet a man to admire her shape. She selected a jacket to wear during the day, one to cover cleavage before the big Christmas party. She packed the small gift for the party and added her Lady Smith carefully and hurried out the small apartment. Oh to rush out, maybe meet a nice gentleman. A sound of click, click and she heard a strange sound. In a hurry, she hollered “Your barking up the wrong tree, mister.” To her surprise, a small pit bull shook with fear.

She picked him up so she could snuggle with the small pup and hurry onto the bus.

and this is the beginning of a delightful story


When Double Becomes Single..continued

Last week Sharon continued on her challenge to help her grandchildren. They got right into the wonderful game of tennis. The years flew by and suddenly James was ready to enter college. Sharon decided that the family would travel to visit her son, wife and their small children When they arrived at the airport , Sharon could not find her cane. Eventually, she found it , met an attractive colonel and had dinner with him. The kids watched as the grownups enjoyed each other and soon their grans had fallen asleep. The grandkids decided they needed to speak to the colonel to see if he was truly interested in their precious grans. He nodded, told them he had fallen in love with their lovely grans. He also told them he planned to attend a conference in Germany and then would surprise grans at uncles home in Copenhagen but when Grans and the kids arrived in beautiful Copenhagen, Uncle and family were not there since they had gone to their summer home. Neighbors brought fresh food and had a wonderful time when suddenly uncle and family arrived. During the rest of the week, Grans took care of a sweet world in with the youngster. The doorbell rang,Grans opened the big door and there stood the colonel. Sweet ending to Grans delicious world.