The Life of the Party

“Do you have a place to stay?” the director said.

“Oh, yes Sir, my aunt lives nearby; she was a Rockett at Radio City Music Hall a long time ago.”

He nodded, pleased to know she’d be safe and said,”Relax tonight, get a good sleep and be here at nine o’clock.

“Yes, sir and may I have the script to read tonight and the music because my aunt has a piano and she’s a whiz at playing.”

” I have an idea you’re the kind of actor who dives right in.”
Candace giggled; “that I do, ever since I was a small kid, it drove my parents crazy.”

He patted her hand and said, “Candace, take care of this and yourself, eat well, sleep well and we’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Write your address down on this pad and your phone number and I will arrange for Alex Morton to ring the doorbell;Alex has been my driver for years.”

Oh my, she thought, such a fuss over me as she wrote Tessa Scott 103 12th Street 2nd floor; “Thank you, thanks so much for simply everything, Mr. Maxwell” and she stood on tiptoes to kiss his cheek. Thus began a long term friendship for her aunt and Alex Morton.

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The Life of the Party, Chapter 2

“Oh, I’m sorry, Sir; Mom warned me not to reach for the highest note and I did it again but I’ll pay for the light bulb.” She ran back to where her backpack lay before she heard applause coming from the audience. She spun around to find the director and his associates were standing, calling her name.

“My dear, you are a wonder and we all agree you must be in our new show; as for the light bulb, has that happened many times before?”

The eighteen year old prodigy nodded, unaware of her gift and said, “My parents kept a big supply of bulbs at home and told me to keep it a secret cause they were afraid I’d never get cast in a musical if the word got around so I’ve been cautious and here I am on my first big opportunity and I blow it! Oh wait, you just said I can be in your new musical; oh my gosh! and she tap danced all over the stage in her excitement and ended in a dynamic spin.

“Now you’ve heard me sing, break a light bulb, and tap dance and all I need is a script to show off my acting chops.”

“Take a moment to read and set the scene in your mind.”

“Just when I thought it was safe to announce I had a real boy-friend, you say I’m not good enough for you; well who the hell are you anyway; some big shot, some talented guy with his name in lights who expects girls to go down on him ‘cause he says so but not me, buster so get out of my face.” Candace begins to shake as tears fall.

WIP Chapter 2

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The Life of the Party

The proud Aunt sat at the back of the theater, fingers crossed because her triple threat niece was about to turn Broadway upside down.
“Next,” the hoarse voice of the stage manager called; “Candace Scott, you’re next” as he turned to the eager new assistant nearby. “Last one up; then we eat, discuss the auditions, make decisions and go home, and Jimmy, take notes.”
Candace Scott hurried to the desk to sign in, heart thumping yet she knew she had what it took. Deep breaths, she told herself, be confident ’cause she’d been to enough auditions since her move to New York from way upstate and this musical was right up her alley so go to it and don’t hold back; so what if you’re nobody from nowhere.
“Hi, I’m Candace Scott.”

The new assistant said; “Take a moment; you have your music and I see you have your tap shoes on; they like when you’re ready and you’re very cute.”

“Sir, this is titled The Life of the Party; I found it in Mom’s piano bench under a stack of music and fell in love with it.” She nodded to the pianist; the music began and she took center stage; “You gotta have me there, the life of the party, The Life of the Party, to Bring Every Party to Life.” The last few words hit the ceiling; a light bulb broke as her voice reverberated.

This is a WIP thus far.

Chef’s Surprise, the last taste.

We’ve had enough of this tub and I believe we should dry off and get comfortable in my bedroom.”

The kisses smothered her silken body like never before; Reva thought,so this is what romance is, well bring it on and she straddled his strength to find him ready for her body.
“Not necessary since I take a pill.”
“Let’s drink to the pill,” as slowly the elegant lawyer licked his way down to her heat to find her center so sweet and juicy and soon they were fully engaged.
“We fit so well,” he said as they stared at each other, the rapture, the wonder, the magic of it all, so soon.
“More, dear love, much more,” and they reached for the stars to find them.

“How incredible it is to make love with you, James” she said, “maybe we can try it again, like soon.”

In the room down the hall, the beloved elderly woman smiled because she was pretty sure she heard two people trying to keep private things private, to no avail. She spoke to her long gone husband to give him the good news that at last, love was in their house again.

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One night, she ran. For the bus to freedom and a new life. She had a plan, and a small box of cash.
With grit and determination, the young girl learned more than lessons at nursing college, the first part of her plan.
Someday, she would become a top chef, but for now, she’d claw her way up the ladder.
There is payback for every crime, and sometimes the payback is more than satisfactory.


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Chef’s Surprise and moving on next week

Last week James and Reva found themselves in a compromising situation. The lawyer finally broke down and once his mother went to sleep and the penthouse was quiet, he made his move. She’d been after him in a subtle way for a while and now the moment had arrived. His last words to her were, “Pleasure is behind this door.” Nifty, huh?

Excerpt: James turned away and reached for two tumblers, then offered the dish of chocolate and fruit, a treat to her green eyes and every part of her body as they sat on a bench covered with linen cloth, so cozy. A clink of the crystal, a sampling of snacks and his robe came off, his body displayed for a nano-second and the lawyer sank into the hot tub with a wave of his hand for her to join him while Reva sat there glued to the linen.

He said, “One last sip of this marvelous bourbon,Woodford Reserve is a favorite, caused her to giggle. “In my whole life, I haven’t had too many sips of this, except. .at the good restaurants I cooked at, maybe, but I never drank while working because it’s not allowed, and never while growing up.”

His hand reached out to her and pulled the silk robe to the floor while asking, “And why not?”

Reva stepped gracefully into the water to sink next to him, quiet, to think for answers to simple questions, she stared ahead. “You live a different life and  I’m a commoner from one of the non-touristy parts of a tourist area; in my circles you’re a king.


Her bare toes stirred the water, nails painted pink and she wondered if she revealed her past, what he might think and how valuable would a woman like her be to him coming from the sticks no matter how polished she’d become.

His voice, so kind, spoke through the heated haze in the room to ask,“You’re wondering if you can be honest with me and my answer is yes so give it a try and let’s see if we can cleanse the secrets between us and if not, it isn’t worth the way I feel for you. How about this: I go first because  I see something developing here: a future of love and growing old in happiness  so trust me, Reva and I will trust you.”

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Chef’s Surprise-a taste more

My friends, last week I finished on a high note. Reva saved Grans life by shooting a psycho in the knee when he almost sprawled on her delicate lap. James made a deal with the policeman; he would not use Reva’s name in the news, keeping her safe from notoriety. He used the words ‘his girls’ referring to Grans and Reva and called for his driver to take them back to the penthouse.


“James, Reva saved my life twice and I love her because just like that, out came the gun from her fanny pack and I always thought she carried keys and tissue in there.

Reva started laughing, then crying and said,“I do have keys and tissue in there, dearest Grans, the gun is a just in case because we’re in New York and who knows so I’m very careful with you and me. Now let’s get you in the hot tub so you’ll feel nice and fresh and you will have a light dinner.”


After the weary mother finished broiled chicken and cut up vegetables, she seemed overly tired so Reva tucked her fresh and sweet in her big bed.

James stopped her in the hallway, tears flowed from his eyes,“I’m speechless, young woman; you stepped into our lives to change everything for the better.

“About the Lady Smith, Sir, I never should have withheld the information even though I’m a good shot with lots of training yet it’s your home and my responsibility.” The kiss came fast and swift stopping her speech of apology.

The kiss came fast and swift stopping her speech of apology.

“Shh, say no more and yes, you had no right to keep the information from me and now,” he turned away and then turned back, a twinkle in his blue eyes, “you might prefer my hot tub with a beverage and company.”

“Oh, Jim, you are a devil since showers are boring and by any chance are there rany chocolate covered strawberries to go with the champagne?”

“Strawberries, no, but I believe there are some chocolates hiding somewhere, some fruit and some tasty brown liquors, which I personally prefer to champagne when it comes to chocolate so I’ll see you very soon, all of you,” and then he lifted her chin to add, “Reva, pleasure is behind this door.”

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One night, she ran. For the bus to freedom and a new life. She had a plan, and a small box of cash.

With grit and determination, the young girl learned more than lessons at nursing college, the first part of her plan.

Someday, she would become a top chef, but for now, she’d claw her way up the ladder.

There is payback for every crime, and sometimes the payback is more than satisfactory.




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Chef’s Surprise; Continued

Last week a psycho escaped from Bellevue to crash through the bushes in Central Park whereReva sat with Mrs. Randall and right there, he almost fell on the elderly woman. Reva shouted for him to move away; when he didn’t, she stood in front of Grans and fired her Lady Smith to hit him in the knee. As he lay screaming on the ground, the women sat on another bench to wait for the police.


“What happened here?” the policeman said as he removed the gun and Reva’s carry papers from her possession.

“Sir, we were just reading about this psycho when he ran through the trees and almost fell on Mrs. Randall’s legs. The only way I could save her is by shooting him in the knee.

“You seem very sure of yourself, Miss Mercer.”

“This is my job and I’m good at what I do but I’m sorry to had use my gun.”

“This is the escaped man and quite possibly he might have hurt Mrs. Randall and other women.”

James came running down the path where he almost fell apart to see his grandmother and Reva  in the middle of what appeared to be a crime scene. The officer explained the situation and said, “If it weren’t for her gun prowess, the guy might have hurt Mrs.Randall, she is your mother, right?”

James nodded, stared at his Chef, nurse and now wonder woman and thought fast to say ‘you remember when we met a while back when your daughter had some trouble; a vigorous nod responded from the cop.

“I would appreciate our name staying out of the paper, something like attack in the park stopped by an unknown woman.”

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