When Double Becomes Single-title


When Double Becomes Single. . .continued

Last week  Sharon gets to know her grandchildren better each day.  Her last words to her grandchildren: Now what’s your favorite food and don’t say pizza. What’s pizza?” said the kids. 

First the kids  met the dogs and were ecstatic since they weren’t allowed to have pets. Then after dinner, Sharon took them shopping for a few starters and  after, they were home, did homework and went to bed. They made a plan for the next day. The next day they went to a terrific clothing store and including the best clothes including shoes.  James said they would pay for their own clothes their    clothesnew clothes but their gran The next day after school they continued with shopping

When Double Becomes Single…continued

Last week ended when Lori said:”Please , grandmother, please rescue us; we promise you’ll never be sorry because James and I will make you proud.”

After school, Sharon met the children at the rental apartment and greeted them with arms opened wide. Four floors up.”Home sweet home but not for long,”James said. Sharon nodded, “You bet so take any clothes and sports equipment you own and let’s get the heck out of here.” She found the note from the loving parents. “Kids, we have to go on a business trip, be back soon so look in the drawer and find money.” Bile rose in Sharon’s throat when all she found was an empty drawer with plastic spoons and two twenty dollar bills.  “We’re ready,” called James. They packed a pitiful almost empty, tennis racquets and some clothes including James sax  wrapped in a towel and a guitar peeked out of his bag. Their eyes opened wide to see grans BMW. “Now what’s your fave food and don’t say pizza.”     

When Double Becomes Single. . .continued

Sharon almost cried when she met her grandchildren. She said, “Your grandfather said I was his pocket wife, petite but very strong. You both have an athletic look. Do you like sports?”

James face broke into a grin and said, “Both of us are terrific in tennis and Lori is way good in gymnastics. For an eleven and a half year old girl, she’s just about perfect.”

His little sister punched him in the arm and said, “Jimmers, I’m just okay so far.” “Yeah right, I play the guitar and sax and we haven’t been here very long because…and this…” “So what happened at home? Your parents knew I wanted to see both of you and you are safe here.”They shook their heads without saying a word and Sharon thought they are damaged but she’d fix it, by God she’d fix it.

“Do you like dogs?” James said, “Oh yeah we always wanted a dog but they said no.” Sharon said, “we took in rescue dogs a few years ago and never regretted it.”

“Please, grandmother, please rescue us and we promise you’ll never be sorry because James and I will make you proud.


When Double Becomes Single..continued

Last week we moved along;  Early the next morning the phone rang; Caller I.D. said Clarkstown North High School. What in the world? Sharon picked up. “Sharon Michaels here. “Are you the grandmother of James and Lori Michaels? Her heart pounded with fear. “I am. Are they all right? “You are the designated caller, Mrs. Michaels. I’m Mrs. Van Buren, the principal.  Their parents have left them alone while they are on a business trip to Florida. Did you know that?” No, I didn’t know that. Are the children at school?” “Yes. They are good students considering they are new here but I have a feeling life is difficult for them. Would you please come here so we may discuss this serious situation? I’m keeping this private for the moment.” “I can be in your office in half an hour and thanks for calling.

Sharon knew how to dress fast and she knew how to put herself together in a hurry. The phone rang early in the morning and Sharon wondered who was calling so early. “Are you the grandmother of James and Lori Michaels?”

“Yes, I am. Is there some problem?”

“You are the designated caller. Ther parents have left them alone while they are on a business trip. Did you know that?”

“No, I haven’t a clue as to what they are doing.” “I will come right over and maybe we can figure out what to do with my grandchildren.

“Keep in mind, these children need love and a good home right away..”

A knock at the door and in walked two children. Sharon jumped up to embrace them. “I’m short.” Lori’s soft voice spoke. James’ face broke into a grin. “Both of us are terrific in tennis and that’s just the beginning,”

And this is the healthy life, a beginning for two dear grandchildren.





When Double Becomes Single…continued

Last week Sharon gathered her big dogs to the Dog Park and met an actor, Jack Torrance who brought his Chihuahua, Janis Joplin. They exchanged personal information and Sharon invited Jack to her home for dinner. He jumped at the invitation and followed her home.

Driving home, she talked to her deceased husband Barry; “Barry, what in the world did I just do? Is it weird to invite a relative stranger to our home; I’ll keep a knife handy because it’s lonely without you here.” Soon they were at her home, fed the dogs and let them outside and then she asked about Janis. Jack said she’d be happy in her little house  while she put together a light dinner.

Right away, Jack noticed how cozy her home is and he ran his fingers across the piano and asked if she played; she said, “not often and not too well, why?” Color came to his cheeks and he said, “I have an opportunity for the part of Amos who sings Cellophane and I know the song so well and the dance but I’d love to have someone help me practice and critique what I’m doing.”

Sharon took a deep breath and said, “I haven’t played in a long time but if you have sheet music, I can try.” Jack swept her into a dance move and said, “It just so happens I have the portfolio in my car so if you don’t mind whipping up a simple salad, we’re in business. Jack was too excited to eat so Sharon bumbled her way through the music and then Jack went right into the routine. His voice was clear and touching as he sang the words about nobody knows my name and dance movement came with it. He said, “What do you think?”

“Poignant, I’d like to see you relax a bit more and build on it but what do I know; nobody knows my name brought me to tears and make it believable since you’re no longer a song and dance anymore. Let me know what happens, my friend.”

“I’ll send you tickets.” http:ll.www.wewriwa,com/

When Double Becomes Single…continued

Last week Sharon discovered Fred and Corrine were taking advantage of the company checkbook and she laid down the law about stealing company money. She had a feeling they would continue on a path and considered how she’d finally get rid of them.

She gathered her pups and drove to the nearby dog park where many pooches small and large ran free. Sharon had to laugh at a fierce Chihuahua barking at her large pets. The owner, a man dressed in a suit, joined her and said, “Come here often?”

“That’s a line from a bar, right?” “Yes it is and I used it a lot in the old days and it worked most of the time.” I never bar hopped because I married young and lost my husband a few months ago and how about you?”  “I’m married to this pipsqueak pet of mine the past few years; her name is Janis Joplin, she can’t sing but man, can she bark in high C; I was divorced a couple of times and I just can’t seem to get it right.”

“Tommy, Gracie, “NO” Sharon’s dogs stopped harassing another canine; they have been in the backyard too long without my attention so I’ll have to bring them here more often.”

The tall stranger smiled and said,”I hope you do; what’s your name, if you don’t mind.”
“I’m Jack Torrance; I sing on Broadway right now in a revival of Chicago and now it’s your turn and remember, I’m just asking for your name.”