A Leg Up On Sisyphus-part 2

Last week I introduced you to Granny who lives very close to a bunch of grandchildren. She writes stories to help her grandchildren learn Greek Mythology, a subject the girls are having trouble understanding.


“Gran, isn’t Cassie a little too young for mythology; this is my second time studying it and it’s too confusing.”

“You can leave if you want to, Julie Beth; maybe call your friends, play computer games, whatever. . .as for me, I plan to read my story.”

The teen edges into the room and fiddles with her cell phone so I say, “no calls while I read, thank you.”

With a dramatic sigh, Julie shoves her pink phone in her team jacket and twirls long dark strands of hair around a finger trying to look bored, but she doesn’t fool me because once upon a time, I was her age.

Again I cleared my voice wishing for the glass of Chardonnay that must come later and now I began; “In the land of Corinth, a boy child was born to King Aeolus and his queen; their first child and the King paced back and forth in his chamber playing a little game of “Don’t Complain if you lose or Off with Your Head,” with his barber which is kind of like Monopoly. No one liked to play games with the King because he was a sore loser and not a nice guy. When the nurse announced the Royal Babe was born, the King bellowed she should unwrap his son; he never spoke softly because he didn’t need a loudspeaker when he performed at concerts with his group, Oneshot and the Hotspots famous throughout the Galaxy and suburbs. Nurse NotSoShy held up the new prince for all to see and ooh’s and ah’s bounced off stone walls giving quite a reverb as the gentle folks commented,” The little prince is not so little.”

In later years, when the prince was ten or eleven, he and his groupies sold tee shirts at the concerts that were stamped Buy or Die.

Tune in for more goofiness next week.

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The End

Excitement happens when a writer finishes a book. I know from experience and many books written, that’s the routine. I just finished a new story, read and reread many times. Why you may ask. The answer is I fell down a year ago and it’s taken a long time to get my brains together. Today I spent the whole day in our pool laughing with Grandest, just the two of us. She’s nine now. I told her my story, slowly.  What a joy to watch her beautiful face understand. And she swam back and forth my mermaid. Swimming gracefully the way she learned long ago.

Together we laughed so hard over nonsense.My Grandest, child of my heart. She taught me to hold onto the side and jump up and down and try other maneuvers. I did what ever she said. Yes, I did because she listened to my story.

So I thank her youth and love and the sunshine and the pool. What a day this has been. More about my new book. It’s in the hands of the publisher now. cHARMJAINE 1 (1 of 1) strong softness_pp

My best to all with love. Charmaine

News! To Be Continued in Portugues

Cobrir a revelar! Coming Soon! Charmaine Gordon’s To Be Continued em breve em Português!!


Cobrir a revelar!

Minha História Continua

Charmaine Gordon

Elizabeth Malone acorda a manhã depois de uma incrível noite de paixão com seu marido de quarenta anos para encontrar uma nota: Querida Lizzie, não é você, sou eu. Abandonada por seu marido, decepcionada com a atitude casual da filha Susie, o pai está tendo uma crise de meio ambiente, Beth decide restabelecer-se como o vencedor que ela já foi. Quando Frank Malone retorna, ele está em uma grande surpresa!


Elizabeth Malone wakes up the morning after an amazing night of passion with her husband of forty years to find a note: Dear Lizzie, it’s not you, it’s me. Abandoned by her husband, disappointed in daughter Susie’s casual attitude Dad’s having a mid-life crisis, Beth decides to re-establish herself as the winner she once was. When Frank Malone returns, he’s in for a big surprise!


Em breve em Português!




To Be Continued Sneak Peek Video (English)




Charmaine Gordon

Charmaine Gordon writes books  about women who Survive and Thrive.  Her motto is take one step and then another to leave your past behind and begin again. Six novels and many novellas and short stories in five years, she’s always at work on the next story. The novels include To Be Continued, Starting Over, Now What?, Reconstructing Charlie, Sin of Omission and The Catch.

Charmaine’s first novel with Vanilla Heart Publishing, To Be Continued, has been optioned for a television movie! “I didn’t realize at the time while working as an actor in NYC, I’d become a sponge soaking up dialogue, setting, and stage directions. I learned many tools of writing during the years watching directors like Mike Nichols and actors including Harrison Ford, Anthony Hopkins, and Billy Crystal. And would you believe, I was Geraldine Ferraro’s stand-in leg model, my first job giving me entrée into all the Unions needed to work. When the sweet time ended, I began another career and creative juices flowed.”

You can reach Charmaine at http://authorCharmaineGordon.wordpress.com
And on her FB page  http://www.facebook.com/charmaine.gordon


Translator for the Portugese Editions

Selma R. Silva

Selma R. Silva has been a translator and interpreter since graduation in 1984, She was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil and had the chance to study languages since her early teen years. Years of hard work, travel and research have led to the perfect time and place to delve into the rewarding experience of literary translation.





A Leg Up On Sisyphus

I wrote this a while back and need your feed back. So here we go.


“Granny, Granny, I missed you so much,” my youngest grandchild said as she wrapped herself around my leg and I hung tight to the railing going up the steps.

Lounging in the doorway is another grandchild, Julie, thirteen going on thirty with hormones raging; so pretty, I worry about her.

“What is it with her, Gran?” Julie said, “since you live twenty feet away, you were here this morning and now she greets you as if she hasn’t seen you in a month.”

“You did the same exact thing when you were young, just the way your sisters did so please pick up my work, honey.”

Both girls eyes widen to say “Oh, Granny, a new story for us?” I smile my mysterious Granny smile and say, “Follow me,” and Julie pretends she isn’t interested yet she leans on the door frame reluctant to leave.

I ignore her, open the briefcase, pull out a sheaf of papers, clear my throat and begin to read A Leg Up On Sisyphus.

“You know about him, Gran? and I summon all the wisdom I can project, lift one eyebrow and say, “Doesn’t everyone?”

“Actually, a friend at the library got me interested in mythology and how to make it fun so hush and listen because this is about a man who did a lot of bad stuff and I want you to learn.”

Julie doesn’t know this is for her since she’s studying Greek Mythology and having a hard time.

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cHARMJAINE 1 (1 of 1) strong softness_pp

Hi gang, just had my picture taken. My good neighbor is a photographer.








Long Beach Island-our fave

Ever since Grandest was about two years old, the three of us went on a holiday to either Long Beach Island, NJ or Cape May. This picture is from our arrival in LBI this week where we stayed at a new Holiday Inn, so gorgeous with all sorts of games and more but our hearts yearned for the beach, so to the beach we went. The games came later when we returned.

I reminded Grandest that I took care of her when her mom taught at school and she was a munchkin. We had a big laugh about old stories and then she said, “Granny, it’s my time to take care of you, and she did. Everywhere we went, from breakfast to night, she watched over me, my nine year old capable granddaughter. She has brought me so much joy.

While she slept on the way home, daughter and I talked about when she was a small child and we took good care of her, our only daughter with fair hair and dark eyes, a talented tennis player later on. Her closest brother in age complained all the time. “How come little sister beats me every time we play a game.” He, the bright older brother admired her talent so much as we all did. One year we were invited to the huge Tennis Event where we got to the final in doubles. At 13, she was the youngest ever to get that far with her mom.

Now I’m a writer of Romance/Suspense books and Mature Romance filled with the idea  ‘it isn’t over ’til it’s over’  Keep smiling, my friends. Enjoy life. It’s so precious.

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The Last Touch of the WIP

When last seen, Shari hurried into the men’s room, saw a tall handsome guy washing off his um hands and raced to the bathroom. Her last words were, “Well, I’ve seen more of you than you have of me.”


The doctor and his former patient sat close together in a restaurant, near the music. She put her finger against her lips to indicate she had something to say.

“Years ago when you were my doctor and I was expecting, we saw each other often and my husband decided this wasn’t healthy. He began searching for a new home in another town once we had the baby and so it went. We had fallen in love with each other and he sensed it. I want you to know I loved him but I never forgot you.

Joan, I felt and still feel the same way about you and after a while as we get reaquainted, I want us to marry and we’ll spend the rest of our lives together.

He held his hand out for a dance; they fit so well together and Joan said, “I do, my love, I do.”

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And Then She Said

Once upon a time she was born and it was my job as Granny to care for her while daughter taught school. A whole new life began for both of us as I changed diapers, walked her in a carriage, taught her little things as she became aware of the world. And as she slept, this little munchkin, I wrote many books, rocked her when she woke and bathed her in a sink tub.

In the beginning, I often wondered how come I was doing this. The truth is I never said No to my daughter and still don’t.  The years flew by and she’s nine, a swimmer, a basketball player but most of all, when she visits me, who had a great fall like Humpty Dumpty and am still recuperating, she gets busy and does helpful stuff all on her own. Daughter taught her to be capable. The other day, she measured a special potion to kill weeds, placed it in a sprinkler and killed weeds growing in our pathway. A thorough job!

This is my grandest who plans to be a veterinarian down the long road. She loves dogs and our cats. My prayer is to live long to see our wonder grow up


to achieve her dreams. The pooch is Gracie, a rescue dog saved a few years ago to live the good life.

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