When Double Becomes Single

Last week Sharon Michaels received a call from their family doctor telling her to hurry back to the hospital. She hurried to her car, wondered if she had enough gas, worried who would shovel snow off the driveway since she still had to heal from the recent hip replacement and when she reached the third floor, she raced down the hall toward his room where Doctor Bloom waited for her.

“Sharon, Barry had a heart attack and there was nothing we could do to save him.” She grabbed his white coat and said, “You’re saying Barry’s gone? He’s dead?” She rushed past the doctor, pushed open the door where her husband lay still, his hazel eyes closed, gone forever from her life. His checkered robe hung in the open closet, slippers tucked below, forlorn and shabby. Sharon used the stepstool to climb up on the bed; she needed to be close to him and caress his face; already he felt cool to her lips. She whispered Barry come back to me, you just left but there’s still time to return.; you’re the leader, and I follow. Her fists clenched knowing it’s too late, too late.



When Double Becomes Single

To fill you in from last week:When last seen, Sharon Michaels returned home after visiting her sick husband. She knew their favorite doctor would use a magic potion to heal Barry.

Exhausted, Sharon stripped and pulled on flannel pajamas, too tired to shower and she slipped under the comforter on this chilly night when the phone rang. Mac Bloom, their family doctor, said something she couldn’t quite hear;”Crisis? Is that what you said? what do you mean crisis? I left Barry at the hospital an hour ago where we kissed and said, “I love you” the way we’ve done for thirty-six years.”

“Sharon, is anyone home with you?” “Of course not since Barry’s in the hospital so you make it go away, okay?”

“Please, Sharon, listen to me, can you drive here or should I call a cab?”

“Oh Mac, now you sound serious.” “I am, so come now,” and he hung up.

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When Double Becomes Single

Hi, my friends, I’ve decided to concentrate on finishing C.R. Grows Up since my publisher is eager to get it published. Thanks for your encouragement through the months. Your comments warmed my heart and enabled me to write better than I’ve accomplished in quite a while. When Double Becomes Single is a mature story of Survive and Thrive: Dedication: I dedicate When Double Becomes Single to all the widows and widowers who find themselves alone for the first time. I’ve been there and know it’s a struggle to begin again. Making a new life requires courage and strength. I learned to face each day with a smile; take one day at a time and learn you can build a life and find happiness the second time around.

The touch of her husband’s lips on hers warmed Sharon Michaels all the way home from the hospital. Remembering his whispered ‘I love you’ released a cascade of tears. She groped for a tissue, found none and used the sleeve of her good winter coat as a blotter. Their doctor would fix Barry; he always knew the magical potion to apply. http://www.wewriwa.com/







More C.R. and her best friend grow up

Maryn stepped outside into the sunshine, gathered her make-up kit and smartphone from her car, found a flower-bedecked cushioned chair on the backyard porch and took a deep breath. Without checking Gene Ralston’s number-already memorized-she punched in with hopes he still lived at the number and most of all was available.  

A woman answered and Maryn frowned to hear a voice that sounded like a young gorgeous secretary.

“Hello, my name is Amanda Maryn Chandler; please inform Mr. Ralston I have an urgent message for him.”

A pause and then the sexy voice said, “Sorry, Mr. R. is otherwise engaged.”

“You must be kidding so get your boss on the phone right now; otherwise engaged, my butt!”

“Uh, oh, uh yes, wait just one moment; a minute later, music to Maryn’s ears when a deep rich voice said, “What in the world is so important and who are you?”

“Amanda Maryn Chandler working with Cassidy Rae Brown on Project Grans and you offered a good sized kennel to help Mrs. Brown grow stronger and live longer. We need help from all good citizens in our wonderful town and I’m in charge of gathering information plus checking out availability so please and thank you for your desire to be another assistant in this case.”

“Amanda Chandler… I remember an incredibly pretty girl from high school with the same name except I don’t remember a middle name so my question is are you the same Amanda Chandler or is Maryn an addition, something new?”

Caught, she thought, her cheeks turned to blush pink and replied, “That’s me, all of me, coincidence don’t you think and by the way, are you um, involved with. . . are you uh, married or something?” and she waited for an answer.

“Ms. Amanda Maryn Chandler, please meet me at Tab’s Pub in half an hour; I’m the one wearing a cowboy hat; a click of the phone and he was gone.

                 “Oh my gosh, a cowboy hat sounds kinky; too bad I don’t have a cowgirl hat to match and soon we’ll meet and I don’t have anything to wear except. . .C.R.’s slightly used white jeans and her new silk shirt of course because I can wear her clothes, that’s what friends are for.”

Racing up the long flight of stairs, Maryn called for her pal; “You won’t mind me borrowing your clean white jeans and that never worn before new silky shirt, the one with tropical flowers splashed all over, of course, you won’t, and she pushed C.R.’s bedroom door open to find her curled up fast asleep: poor baby, all tuckered out taking care of Grans and stuff.


Continued C.R. Grows Up

The list of town residents turned out to be endless because both girls had lived here forever and knew just about everyone on the long list.  C.R. said to Maryn, “Take blue and red markers for your side of the list and if anyone’s too ill, use the red marker and others you know are in good shape get a blue check next to their name.”

“Wow, C.R., do I have to salute you before picking up my crayons?”

“Uh, yes and get to work on your list, the hourglass is on speed so ready set go.”

Laughing all the way with visions of pannycakes in the near future, two competitive best friends went to work and the race was on and two hours later, the marked up red and blue list completed, the best pals ever did a wild silly dance andTommy, the old pit bull, galloped to the family office to nudge open the door.

Maryn’s eyes widened; she said, “Looks like Tommy wants to join our dance and why not, GF, because as of this second, I dub us queens of the list; we could start a business.”

“Or not because it’s pannycake time, my personal chef and next we have to gather the flock of good folks so we’ll place a big notice in the local paper and make fliers to put in shop windows and lamp posts. By the way, C.R. I put a big blue check on Gene Ralston’s name so I get to make a personal call to the Hunk, with or without your permission, so there!”   “You’re a wonder, you rascal; definitely go for him but first, TADA, breakfast is served and don’t forget to go easy on the chocolate chips; save a few for me.”

An unusual quiet fell over the besties during the late breakfast and then Maryn said,“Penny for your thoughts, Cassidy Rae but I know you’re worth more than a mere penny but I left big bucks at home so spill and right now!”

Tears squeezed from big brown eyes; “I’m so afraid of losing my Grans, I try to keep my chin up all the time and I’m doing my best along with your help yet somehow the waterworks turn on, so sorry.” Maryn took a flying leap to her friend’s side and threw her arms around the best person in her world so smoothing back the blond head of curly hair, she said, “You’re the strongest person I’ve ever known, always ready to help and care for me as a lonely child and so far I’ve done fairly well growing up.”                               http://www.wewriwa.com/

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