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And Then She Said… and Coming Soon…

10167998_10201942407058197_2073748923_nThe expression, “They grow up so fast” is often heard and oh so true. I never dreamed I’d help raise an infant when daughter had grandest yet here I am, surviving with a writing career, a dear second husband, and almost daily care of my best little pal.

The many faces of our lovely girl. This one shows her walking away, so confident in short strides.I’m thinking, “Don’t walk too far, too fast, too soon, precious child.”

The computer is not cooperating with me right now so I’ll post this incomplete and try tomorrow,  another day. Thanks for checking in, my friends.photo (11)

She breaks a board at TaeKwando after passing her yellow belt test.


Good news – Coming Soon – latest book, now titled Farewell, Hello set in 1948:



That first kiss… that first incredible, agonizing, bellyache-making first kiss. Soon, Joy and Danny are inseparable, planning a future — a life, together.

A kiss goodbye couldn’t prepare the highschool sweethearts for all that lay ahead. A family crisis, a tornado, and the Korean War brought their plans to a screeching halt, and changed their futures… but maybe not their forever.


You’ll laugh and cry with the story; references to Seventeen Magazine and not allowing ‘privileges’ to boys until after marriage may seem funny and archaic but that’s how life was in a time I know very well. Authentic and so real, I cried and laughed writing this story.


Concept CVR FH 1-1



See you soon with more about Grandest and my latest book. Right now, this Granny is weary.