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A Moment with Michael Douglas

It was last day of shooting Fatal Attraction. I don’t know if you saw the movie with Glen Close and Michael Douglas but for a brief moment, this actor had the pleasure of being there on the set, a part of an extraordinary movie.

There we were in a bowling alley. I watched the star roll up his sleeves and hit every bowling ball right off the mark, time after time.  What a guy.During the break, I did what I always do, talk to the main star in a personal way. I sauntered over to himself. “I loved your movie, Running.” He lifted his handsome face to look me right in the eye. “You did?” I nodded. He said, “I always wondered why the movie didn’t do better.” I touched his muscular arm. “Well, I loved it, especially when you finally finished the run.”

That’s all it took, folks. A word of praise when he didn’t expect it. ‘Places’ was called. I went back to sit in a bleachers kind of setting wearing a blue plaid shirt and jeans like a mom watching her kids, where a few other moms and dads watched the bowling scene.

A morning’s worth of work on Riverside Drive, a moment to remember, a frightening movie. Good day’s job.

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Often when I write these blogs, I’m reminded of stories I’ve written. Movies find their way into many of my books. When you’re looking for a good read to keep you company on a cold night, check out The Beginning. . .Not the End. Three humorous stories are in there. The last one is a real show business tale titled Before The Final Curtain.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

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An afternoon with the legendary comedian, Henny Youngman

The casting call came in . They were searching for an audience filled with actors familiar with Henny Youngman. He’s the man with the one-liners and a violin. He always opened with, “Take my wife. . . please” Audiences roared with laughter. Night clubs, television, The Borscht Belt. You name it. No one did the straight face and shot one liner’s-all clean-straight out of his mouth like a machine gun. In between jokes he played beautiful music on his treasured violin. Nobody did it better.

I showed up on time at the big studio. When his name was announced  and he shuffled out, this tall elderly man in a gray suit, you wondered if he’d reach it to the microphone. Make it he did. The assistant to the director said, “Four, three, ta” and he came to life and didn’t stop. At the end of his performance, the actors/audience gave him a standing O and watched the great talent shuffle off stage.

How rare this thing we call talent. No mumbling, every word clear, a virtuoso on the violin. And all without cursing. Beautiful.  An afternoon to remember and one of the many sweet times in my former career as an actor before I started getting good gigs.

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