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3/17/13 WEWRIWA

Charmaine Headshot for Author CentralTop of the mornin’ to you, friends and writers on this snowy St. Patrick’s Day. Thanks for the great feedback last week. Here I go with my senior romance and a little conflict thrown in to keep it interesting.

“Girls, you know your Grandfather loves you but he has a bad boo-boo on his knee and it hurts him when you sit on it so I have a secret in my bag of tricks to make him feel better.” I patted the seats on either side of me and they slid off Collin’s lap and scrambled next to me.

Busy with unzipping my bag, I still caught Collin’s gruff voice asking Karen about her husband. “And where’s John today with you off gallivanting with the girls?”

“Oh, Daddy, he’s parking the car. We thought it would be nice to keep you company on this special day.”

I pulled out my sketch pad and charcoal pencil, never leave home without it, and quickly drew first little Ellen and then Jane, smiling faces and blond curly hair tumbling to their shoulders. As an author and illustrator of children’s books it wasn’t a big deal but Collin’s blue eyes twinkled with pleasure, the twins squealed and showed their mom who lowered her chin like the proverbial bull in a china shop ready to break something.

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