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9/20/15 WEWRIWA

And here we are -autumn in New York. Just the beginning of another season of beauty.

One more snippet of my WIP and then I’ll move on. Thanks for all your help and super comments.


They drove up to their home on Lake Shore Drive to find lights twinkling from every window.
The twins grabbed both ends of the old duffel bag and ran up the steps to the elegant door with a huge brass knocker in the middle. Voices came from inside and laughter; a party was going on.  Their big sister Charlie answered the door and said,”“Oh My God, they’re here and all grown up, Jimmy, hurry.”
Aunt Eleanor, Uncle Stuart and Edgar watched the children reunite. Solemn at first, tentative and then joyous with Shelley, Jimmy’s wife and six little kids in the background, and Charlie’s husband Jerry with their two kids.

Celia crouched next to her sister, tears falling as they caressed each small face and said, “Family, sister, we’re part of a family, finally.”

When dinner ended and small heads drooped, Celia said, “Excuse us, but is there a private room where we can talk to Charlie and Jimmy for a little while?”
The twins gazed around the table hoping, on this night, they could finally find out what happened so long ago and clear away the cobwebs that disturbed them. Only their big sister and brother knew the answer.

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