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Grandest is seven tomorrow. How did that happen.?

It’s hard to believe that the seven pound baby I helped raise is now seven,. She’s my best pal taking care of me always especially on these wintry days of ice and snow. She takes my hand and steers me around black ice until we reach my car, then hands over my book bag. Then she waits until I buckle my safety belt and off we go. Today is Karate class. On the way she announced that in March, a book she’s writing about ‘point of view’-did I know what that means? will be published and she has to rewrite it. It’s a take on Cinderella and the evil sisters. We discussed a possible cover. I suggested that I take the book Cinderella out from the New City Library and we’ll talk about possibilities.

What a joy to have her friendship , the tiny girl I once rocked to sleep and taught nursery rhymes. So like her mom, my daughter whom I treasure and now I have the two of them. Tomorrow, Poppa and I will celebrate her birthday with daughter. A small family affair that will continue adding more friends for a few days.65191_4183432700510_2056845522_nMy latest book, Breaking New Ground is about a grandmother and her granddaughter, CassidyRae. A bit of non-fiction mixed with a lot of humor and fiction.

When the CEO of a major Construction Company claims a part of Celia
Brown’s property, he has no idea what he’s up against. The elderly
widow and her six year old granddaughter prepare for battle. River’s
Edge, the town that believes in kindness to strangers, jumps into the
fray. Add romance, kids, and pride to the mix; there are lessons to
be learned in Breaking New Ground.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A must read for anyone with heart! February 1, 2015
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What a wonderful story of love and humanity. The love of the granddaughter and grandma; the new love of a younger couple and the ever special love of mature seniors. Yes! It still happens! Beautifully written with poignancy and descriptions that put you right in the scenes. A must read for anyone with heart!

1, 2 3, 4, She’s 5 today!

20130206_183004My grandest granddaughter is five years old today. No more infant, baby, toddler. No way. She’s FIVE!

The day you were born I could breathe again,
And now you’ve become my little best friend,
Your smile, your laugh, the things you say,
I love you sweet daughter, CassidyRae!
Happy 5th Birthday my precious!! (mi pequena)♥♥ written by her mom, my daughter