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2/7/16 WEWRIWA

Within the hour son Paul and wife Eva will be here. Yippee! Some of my fave people and Grandest is eight this very day. All my faves to be redundant. Next week I’ll be way old so we’ll talk about that then.

This week I’m touching on Reconstructing Charlie. She has a secret but let’s start at the beginning.


In 1996, I killed my father. Dear old Dad was great with a belt, a belt of whiskey. A belt from around his waist unbuckled when you least expected it and later I knew when it was coming and some of us escaped. Not me, not Mom, never Mom. I’m the oldest and didn’t want the little ones to see the okay dad turn into a monster on on on payday, every payday.

http://www.amazon.com/Reconstructing-Charlie- Charmaine-Gordon/dp/0615909175
http://www.amazon.com/Reconstructing-Charlie- Charmaine-Gordon-ebook/dp/B004KKZ6WS
https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product- reconstructingcharlie-511663-152.html

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The Son Also Rises . . .Again

News from Denmark even though Eva and Paul will be here for a week taking care of me-Mom.

Paul writes:

so this seems a little like one of my nice weeks where a bunch of requests for my artistic sensibilities are arriving at the same time.
1. asked to choreograph Rite of Spring with live professional quintet
2. asked to join the artistic team for TeaterSolaris, a cool theater company with a real strong go-getter with good vision and a supportive staff, family and a super cool Mansion to present our work in. Thank you Sananda Solaris (I’m talking about you here!)
3. more interesting teaching opportunities with schools in various schools
4. asked to continue creating and hosting a talk show that will be shot live for TV quality web broadcast in the fall.
5. co-sponsorship for my one-man show in the fall.
6. excellent collaborator/consultant Octavio Campos already in Berlin and ready to join me here to work together.
7. new collaboration with Kristian Dinesen starting up… interactive street theater fun to make!
8. New children’s theater group of ours starting up this year.
9. start working with some dancers as soon as I return from NYC trip… build a new ensemble.

The amount of groundwork being done month after month sometimes yields results, huh?

Show biz is a tough biz in a country where everything is different and there’s no rush.

Eva and Paul on their wedding day. Love them so much. She-the incredible artist and Paul- the multi-talented performer. They are wearing rings we wore years ago1383259_10200724043359140_1842506079_n

1/24/16 WEWRIWA

Thanks to everyone for your love and good wishes for the Vertigo. I’ve gone to a different doctor who will hopefully bring health to me.

She Didn’t Say No step two.

The innocent Grace Meredith takes a drive to Nyack Beach with Scott Dwyer where they share a kiss or two. On the way home they pass her apartment where she lives alone.

“I’ve admired you for months at the library and here we are.”

Is this where I say come up or what? and then I heard myself asking if he’d like to to come up and we’re kissing in my quiet apartment where no one ever came until now. Hearing about it and reading books is not the same.

First we sat on the couch and necked and that led to him, oh so politely, asking if he did this and that and soon we were naked on my maiden double bed with pink flowered sheets and a matching spread.

Do you have protection? Um, oh protection!


Say No CVR ARe

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1/10/16 WEWRIWA

Charmaine Photo for PinterestOh I am in a  goofy mood, my friends. No heat in our home all week so now we need a new furnace. YIKES! Big Bucks. Six Degrees of Perspiration using my cane to dance with.

“Cliff is hot to trot at the party and Bill is recently divorced, kinda shy and wants to get laid. The women decide which one they desire and go after that one. The party is on But and here’s the big but. Sarah laughs hard at the expression big butt, they can’t make up their minds who wants whom and why and they argue. The men also argue over which woman is the more attractive and why. They decide to uh try them out to see who fits and works for the other one. So begins Six Degrees of Perspiration, a struggle to find the right mate.”
“I like it,” Rachel agrees.
The attractive man at the next table leans over, “I do too, it’s a good premise and very amusing.”
“Who asked you?”

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1/3/16 WEWRIWA

Hi Gang, what a year we’ve, both good and not so good but we survived and that’s the best. So we begin fresh.

I have an idea for a new book. The title is Six Degrees of Perspiration. Let me know what you think. This is just the beginning.


“That’s it,” Rachel slammed her handbag on the table at their favorite bistro.
Puzzled, Sarah dropped the menu,“That’s what?”
“I’ve had enough of being a failure as a writer.”
“So what will we do to be successful?”
“There’s no more we; either write alone or forget about it.”
“Please, Sarah, give us one more chance, I have an idea so just listen. This is the title, Six Degrees of Perspiration. Two single women decide to find men to hook up with, something like finding single men who were already vetted and approved by other women and moved on. Guys with hair and teeth, guys without bellies they’d be pleased to date.
Rachel thought out loud, “I’m worth getting naked for and I’d like, just for once, to meet a hot guy with a nice body to feel.

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12/20/15 WEWRIWA

There’s a nip in the air, folks and I don’t like it. I even saw a few snow flakes. Phooey and I’m still wearing a sweater. Oh well.

This is the second snippet of Gleason’s Greetings. Our off beat heroine, Liz is making friends and her own brand of Valentine cards. Do you know the myth of the holiday? She finds out , makes cards, adds cupids and carries on with cuppa coffee to please customers and now chocolate chip cookies.


The little bell rang at the door and in came a customer. Red ink on her perky nose, she turned around to see OH, MY, a good looking hunk.
“Good afternoon, welcome to my new shop, you’re my first customer and I’m Liz.”
“Hi yourself, I’m Roger Mathews looking for a special Valentine’s Day card so  I’ll just look around.”
She wanted to say marry me, I’ll cook and clean and have your babies, well uh no babies at her age so instead she shut her mouth and went back to the painting table when suddenly he roared with laughter.
“What’s the matter?”
He held up the ‘I see London’ card, “I’m looking for something for my mom and then I saw this one; it’s funny and in my business we never cut funny.

Intrigued, she asked a question, something she hadn’t done in a long time, “What business?”
“ Writing scripts for television, for instance and where do you get your ideas?”

“It’s no big deal, not Shakespeare and I’ll probably be out of business in a month and to think I went to Harvard.”

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Charmaine Gordon, author of She Didn't Say No, a mature romance

12/13/15 WEWRIWA

Can you believe the weather out here in New York? Sixty five degrees today and having fun with grandest raking leaves  then stuffing them in tall bags. I’m loving the Frank Sinatra Hundred Year Birthday Celebration. What a thrill to hear him sing.

Today I have a WIP, no title folks so think about it and I appreciate all comments.

Excerpt:“Happy Birthday to me,” Liz Daniels sang to herself while arranging the last shelf of greeting cards in her new shop located in an odd little corner on Fourth Street in New York. Let the customers race in to watch me design some unique cards. Valentine’s Day approached in a week and she hadn’t started but ideas flowed in her creative mind.
She rolled up her pristine white sleeves, tied the big painter’s apron around in the back and began. On a cream colored blank card, she wrote in a fine script using red ink, ‘I see London, I see France, I’d like to see your underpants.’ Liz pushed back her curly red hair and wondered, does this work? and with care, she added ‘Happy Valentine’s Day to my loved one.’
She designed eleven more; let them dry and set them in a rack aside from the regular cards she ordered from a supplier. The sign above the cards said Original cards by Liz Daniels.
“Now for the next one, ‘Come with me, Climb a tree, I’ll help you up holding your B cups’ Happy Valentine’s Day to one who is stacked.’   Forty eight years old and still scrabbling along, Harvard Business School be damned.

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And Then She Said. . .

After school one day, instead of rushing in the house to dine on Mac and Cheese and stuff, Grandest called out, “Granny, I’m going to swing in the front.” Curious, I followed her to find a friend had strung up rope and there she was jumping on her picnic table and climbing a thick yellow rope.

Not to be out done, I said, “I’m coming.” Cane in hand, off I hobbled. She helped me climb on the table and grab the rope. Heart palpitating, I tried. Really, I tried.  She showed me hw to stretch and do thing I used to do with no prob but what can I say. Age has taken a toll. So I watched and enjoyed, tried again and again. When she finished, hand in hand we headed toward the house where homework and food waited.

Do I love this Grandest? You know I do.


Sassy at seven and a half.






What does one talented person do when he moves to the Happy country of Denmark?

My youngest son, Paul married Eva Stengade one year ago. She’s a remarkable lovely artist, a Dane. To make a living in this super small country, one must work extra hard and they do. Paul is an internationally known dancer, once a performer with the Second Hand and now on his own yet not. He gave me the confidence to travel with him or meet him in foreign lands after my first husband passed on. Fearful of single after being doubles for many years-like almost since I met Bud at age fifteen, Paul took me by the hand and guided me. We sat in gardens in London, the Dead Sea near Jerusalem, East and West Berlin, a Turkish deli where the food was outstanding,  and castles in Edinburgh.. All the while, I watched in the audience to see his performances, the proud mother. Oh and once in NYC at the David Letterman show I had the privilege of being a part of the audience watching Second Hand, three young men who created acrobatic funny dances, unique at the time.

Payback for all the time Paul came to see me in dramas and comedies on stage and hold my hand when we saw Working Girl, a terrific movie released a few months after we lost our dear Bud. Here’s a promo shot of Paul and the work he’s doing now as a teacher in Denmark. This mom is so proud.

actors1reduxopStorytelling1reduxopIf you know any dancers, actors in need of perfecting their craft and live near Denmark, do contact my son, Paul Gordon for the best they will ever learn.

Thanks for stopping by to share in my stories.

Best always,

Charmaine Gordon, author

A Moment with Michael J. Fox

There have been many delightful moments during my acting career. This one was a doozy. No excitement, just standing by. Oh well.The movie Doc Hollywood showed up last night on the telly. Oh yeah, I thought, been there one sunny day in New York years ago and watched him in action or rather watched the famous actor guarded by two-not one but two- beefy armed guards, one on each side of the actor. He spoke to no one; no one got near enough not even yours truly who always had a revealing fun time with the stars. Perhaps Mr. Fox had a bad experience  and needed protection. Who knows. The actors sat at a distance outside on the cold stone steps of a hospital. for a long time, relieved when lunch break came. We couldn’t wait for the tedious day to end.

The star we loved and laughed with on a television series Family Ties became seriously ill way too young. Fearlessly he battled and won; raised a family with a lovely actress,Tracy Pollan, how well I recall them meeting on the TV series, so here’s to you during this holiday season, Michael J. Fox from an admirer long ago. My best to you and your loved ones.