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Introducing author Darlene Deluca!

Darlene Deluca for Charmaine

One of the questions I’m most often asked by others is where do I get my story ideas.
Honestly, ideas just pop into my head. I can’t say from where, exactly, except that they seem like snippets from real life. I write contemporary novels that are about people and their relationships – what brings them together or keeps them apart. They’re books about women, for women. There’s often a friendship theme along with situations and story lines relating to women’s careers, parenting, home and family, loss and love – things we all encounter in real life.
My characters are well-rounded women (with some classy heroes sprinkled in) who juggle careers and personal life, and find fulfillment whether it’s through romance or solid I’ve-got-your-back girlfriends. I generally start with a scene in mind, maybe a beginning, then I construct a very loose potential story line and create characters. When I sit down at my computer to write, I don’t necessarily know where the story is going, or all the characters who might show up. The story evolves as I write – or as I take a shower, or clean the house! Ideas flit in, and I let them mull around. That’s how I got started writing fiction in the first place. I’ve always been a writer, and with a degree in journalism, I started my career as a newspaper reporter. I turned to fiction a few years ago when I decided it was time to get all these stories out of my head and onto paper. It’s been a fun journey, and I can’t wait to see what – and who – bubbles up next!
Excerpt: Her Greatest Risk

Jennifer didn’t register exactly when the embrace changed, but his motions became caresses and he nuzzled his face against her hair. Forgetting anything but the warmth and strength of him, Jennifer wound her arms around his neck, and his lips immediately found hers. Electricity surged through her as she clasped him to her, melting against the heat of his body. Her hands curled into his hair.
“No parents?” Michael whispered against her lips. When she shook her head, his grip tightened, then softened as his hands found the zipper of her cover-up. He gently pulled the zipper. When she made no effort to stop his wandering hands, he shoved aside the flimsy scrap of fabric that was her swimsuit and lightly ran his fingers across her skin. She gasped, clinging to him. Her legs nearly gave way when his lips left hers and trailed soft kisses down her neck to her bare shoulder.
Jennifer sucked in her breath, and pulled back. She shook her head, tears pricking her eyes. “I don’t know how you can do this to me when I’m not sure I even like you.”
Michael chuckled, smoothing her hair. “What? You thought you’d be able to dump me too? Too much chemistry, babe.” He folded his fingers into hers, bringing her hand up to his lips.
“Come on,” he said, releasing her hand. “We’d better get this mess cleaned up. I don’t suppose you have another one of those?”
“I do, but I’ll get you a can. That was really stupid of me. The rule, of course, is no glass on the patio. For good reason. Now we won’t be able to walk barefoot out here.” She sighed. “The parents won’t be happy.”
She went to the kitchen for a broom, and grabbed Michael a beer. He’d already started picking up the pieces of glass when she joined him. Tenderness shot through her as she watched him on his hands and knees picking up Connor’s mess.
“So how did you happen to be here at that precise moment?” she asked him.
He looked up at her, shaking his head. “Just lucky, I guess. I heard voices, so came on around instead of going to the front door. I figured you were here, since your car was in the driveway.”
“But why are you here?” she pressed. “Is this just my day for drop-in boyfriends?”
He smiled at her. “Obviously you have some kind of magnetic pull. Thanks for not saying ex-boyfriends.”
“Well, one, for sure,” she said emphatically. Then her voice dropped to a soft luster. “Thanks for being my knight in shining armor.”
He turned, and his eyes met hers. “My pleasure.”
She dropped a piece of glass into the wastebasket. “Of course,” she added playfully, to break the tension, “I wouldn’t have needed a knight in shining armor if I hadn’t had a boyfriend in the first place. I’m not sure one is entirely necessary.”
He straightened up, and she saw the glint in his eyes as he smiled at her. “But with me, you get both. Two-for-one bonus. It’s your lucky day,” he added as his lips met hers again. “Are you still mad at me?” he whispered into her ear.
Mad? Oh, God, how could she be? She was completely unable to withstand his magnetic pull. With a sigh, she collapsed against him. “I forgot about that for a minute.”

Darlene Deluca

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Today’s the day! Here’s the first glimpse of my soon-to-be-released contemporary romance Her Greatest Risk! I love the colors and the large, striking image. Creating the cover for a novel comes with soooo many decisions . . . . colors, mood, font, images,…
Today’s the day! Here’s the first glimpse of my soon-to-be-released contemporary romance Her Greatest Risk! I love the colors and the large, striking image.

Darlene, it’s a pleasure having you as my guest today. Success ahead for this new novel.

Don’t be “I used to do that” person

The other day daughter said she planned to paint the playroom. I said, “I can do that.” I recalled how I painted the house in Florida where she lived while going to Flagler College and later working as a fitness model.

“No, Mom. You used to do that.” Sadness swept over me. What was I thinking? At my age with back probs and more, I can’t even tap dance. Then I said, “I can sit on a step stool and paint the lower parts of the wall. Yes I can.” Right away my future brightened. I can do it. An ad for a commercial. This broad can figure out how to fit in no matter how old I am. So I’m asking you, my friends out there, don’t give up when life drops wicked items in your path. Survive and thrive is my motto. Let it be yours. Re-assemble yourself to fit an older maybe better image of yourself.

The stories I write are about women and men who overcome hurdles in life. I’m proud to say my first book with Vanilla Heart Publishing, To Be Continued, and this is before I knew much about the craft of writing, is optioned for a television movie. The story came to me in a dream. The next morning, I wrote. And continued to write until The End when I cried. I loved watching Beth Malone grow as a woman, a mother, take on tasks she’d never done before. She got over saying, this fictional character of mine, I used to do that and plunged in to become the woman she once was. Strong, efficient, and loved.


After a night of passion with her husband of forty years, Elizabeth Malone wakes to  find a note. “Dear Lizzie, it’s not you, it’s me.” Frustrated by daughter Susie’s attitude, “Dad’s having a mid life crisis; he’ll return, Beth decides to re-group and become the woman she used to be. When Frank Malone returns, he’s in for a big surprise!

To Be Continued
in Audio, Paperback, and Kindle

TBC ereaderCharmaine Headshot for Author Central

9/21/14 WEWRIWA

Welcome, dear readers, writers and friends to another Sunday with Weekend writer warriors; we who hole up with computers in our snug nest typing away with fictional characters hovering over our shoulders. We laugh and cry and write The End only to begin again. Join the love fest. We’re a community of writers who welcome constructive critique.

Continuing with Housebroken. After Sally and Steve have fallen in love with this unusual town, River’s Edge in upstate NY where the credo is Kindness to Strangers, they’ve found the perfect house. This snippet takes place the next morning. It’s one of those -Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water moments. . .

Sally arrived home after the best workout in months to find Steve’s car in the driveway and stopped, frightened.

Fear flooded through her as she raced in the house calling, “Steve, Steve,” and up the stairs to the bedroom she ran to find him lying there on the bed face ashen, tie askew.

He struggled to sit up; “I got to work to find  a note from Hiro San the top boss left on my desk that said  he wanted to see me early in the day so I hurried over to his closed door.

“Steven San,”my superior  said with a smile, “We must close your division of the company therefore you are now retired.

Hiro San, the snake, I never liked him, pushed a paper across the desk and said, “Sign here, keep pen.”
“What did you do?” Sally’s hands clenched to hold back tears of the indignity he’d suffered after years of service.
“I had no choice; I signed, accepted a folder with pages of information and with much bowing on his part, I left—out of work for the first time in my life.”

Shocked by the sudden turn of events, Sally said, “Steve, we’ll find a way to survive. Let’s look at the damn folder and figure out how we’ll manage before you get a job and I can work. This is no time to move.” Her dreams of River’s Edge faded.

for more snippets by talented writers:


Housebroken CVR front

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Across a crowded world. . .


Once upon a time, my son Paul was a performer with the Second Hand, dancing all over the world. He called me in New York.; “‘I’m in Copenhagen. I’ll be performing in Berlin in two week and I want you to meet me there.” Newly widowed, the idea of traveling to a foreign country alone frightened me. He encouraged me, said he’s pay the fare, the hotel. All I had to do was show up.

“Where in Copenhagen are you, my son?”

“I met a beautiful woman, Mom. her name is Eva. Gotta run. Call this number if you get over your scaredy cat self. ”

He rattled off a long number and hung up. I paced the floor. Should I–shouldn’t I.? My husband whispered from beyond, “Go.” I called Paul. We made a plan. I had two weeks to learn German from a tennis friend. Her husband came to America to open the first Volkswagen showroom way back in time. When Paul greeted me at the airport, I spoke relatively decent German while he, the linguist, was left behind. One of the shows planned was on television and I was on set. Lights, camera, action. There were the three young men performing wonderfully funny acrobatic and funny dances. Applause, applause.

Years later, Paul and Eva found each other across a crowded world on Facebook. Happily ever after, they live in Denmark where Eva is an artist if renown and Paul is re-establishing himself as a teacher of the performing arts. Married last October, they Skype with me often like two happy campers. I miss them and love them. I write my books here in NY; mature romance fifteen stories thus far and more to come where my motto is, “It isn’t over ’til it’s over.”

Here’s to love, good health, and happiness.

Feeling a bit poignant writing this; empty nest syndrome? After so many years, maybe.

Here’s my latest release Housebroken. No, it’s not about a dog. . .yet


Housebroken–No it’s not about a dog. . .yet.Empty nest syndrome has overtaken Sally and Steve Atwood. They must find a way to recapture the alone-at-last feeling.


Charmaine Gordon’s Newest Series

River’s Edge
River’s Edge, where the town motto is Kindness to Strangers, is a
small town with a big heart, and stories to tell that will warm your
heart, make you smile, and turn a dreary day into a day of hope for
the Kindness of Strangers…
Book 1


by Charmaine Gordon

Sally and Steve Atwood must make a big adjustment – a fair number of them, actually – when after thirty-five years, three grown children, and a lifetime of memories, they are alone, together, at last… And,
then they found River’s Edge.


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https://www.smashwords.com/ books/view/464048


https://www.allromanceebooks. com/product-housebroken- 1587634-149.html


http://www.amazon.com/ Housebroken-Rivers-Edge- Romantic-Suspense-ebook/dp/ B00MDYI08U

Housebroken Sneak Peek Video


Housebroken by Charmaine Gordon

Thank you for joining in, my friends. If you’ve surred from empty nest syndrome, please stop by and leave a comment.