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4/10/16 WEWRIWA

My one and only daughter’s birthday. So many son’s and then a female. How lovely. With complications and a near death experience yet I lived to tell the tale.

Today’s tale, as we know a WIP is in progress, and so I introduce the heroine of The Doll.

Excerpt:Teen age Reva Mercer had a dream that one day she’d gather her saved dollars and Pa’s hidden money, make a run for the bus to leave the darned Keys and head for the Nursing College where she’d learn to care for sick people.One night that’s exactly what she did, with him sleeping and her all packed for her oh -so-near-better life. Officer O’Brien pulled up next to Reva just as she was ready to board the bus. “And where are you going this night, young lady?” The young woman gave him the flirty eyes that knocked him out every time but he grabbed her arm as she pulled away just in time.

The hours passed , dawn came and before much longer the bus stopped at a pretty section of Florida with a big sign directing her to The College. She staggered off the bus after a few hours of sleep and a peanut butter sandwich made at home and Reva trudged up the crushed stone walkway to the front door and stumbled in. Backpack slung over her shoulder, a kindly woman greeted her saying, “You must be our long lost Reva Mercer.”

The young girl nodded as if to say yes, that’s me and crumpled into mess on the floor.

There were a lot of questions too young Reva would have to answer before she entered the college.

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