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10/12/14 WEWRIWA

And the days dwindle down to a precious few. . .No problem. We have our community of writers, WEWRIWA, to keep us going and write we must. Today I appeal to you, I’ve done this in the past, with a WIP, the sequel to Housebroken, Book 2 in the River’s Edge Series. Untitled, jump in at any time with full credit, I intended to select a character from Book One but Sally Atwood intruded saying , “Oh no you don’t. I’m about to blossom from homemaker to reporter.” I followed her lead and this is what came up. The story begins with her first interview at River’s Edge Community Cable Company. Sally’s fifty five. All the others in the waiting room are young. YIKES!

excerpt in eight:

“Sally Atwood.” Sally jumped when she heard the receptionist call her name.

She picked up the dropped briefcase and gathered spilled papers, embarrassed in front of all the young reporters waiting for an interview.

Jerald Adams had the reputation as high man on the totem pole of local news, also rumored to be a womanizer.
She entered the office, smelled cigars and wrinkled her nose.
“Well hello, Sally Atwood, have a seat and tell me why you don’t like the smell of cigars and had to wrinkle that pretty turned up nose?”
She sat deflated like a whipped pup knowing she’d gotten off to a bad start.
“I’m sorry it I offended you, Mr. Adams; I’m here to show you what I’ve accomplished so far and promise if, after you see my reporting ability, I’ll get, uh, used to the scent.”
He rose and came around the desk towering over the petite Sally, “Get me an interview with Grace Trumbull at the Pet Emporium with her doing the special dog communication thing she’s known for and you’re hired, little lady.”

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I’m participating along with several authors in WEWRIWA in First Page Blog Hop. We welcome comments and critique, of course and would love to see more participants.

Thanks, everyone, for your loving and important weekly critique.