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2/21/16 WEWRIWA

Sixty degrees folks. Oh yeah and do we love it in New York. Hubs takes me for a drag around the block now that I’m better. I left my cane home when I went to Grandest yesterday, first time in a long while and I am filled with possibilities.

Welcome to WEWRIWA where today I continue with Reconstructing Charlie. Last week  Charlie had to kill  dear old dad before he destroyed Mom. What happens next.

Excerpt: Mom’s thick auburn hair came loose from her bun and she looked so pretty bending over him, a finger pressed to his neck as if she was a cop. Then she wiped my fingerprints off the tire iron and replaced them with hers. I watched Mom change from quiet refined Liz Costigan to someone I didn’t know.

“I packed my clothes and ran away sixteen years ago,” she said, “I was wild and out-of-control.”

She pushed me toward the shower but I sensed she was too busy to look back so I crept to the kitchen to make sure he was really dead. His eyes had turned to an empty stare.

I watched Mom empty my clothes into a suitcase, for what, I wondered? She placed a long chain around my neck with a locket and when I said, what’s in the locket, she said, “two sisters, one wise and one foolish. Now listen hard, precious girl; money and education and don’t let the boys catch your scent, keep clean.That’s something I forgot.”

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