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And Then She Said. . .

Daughter has P90. For those of you who don’t know what it is, we’re talking terrific exercise DVD’s. SO she finished with the first one weeks ago and I asked if I could take it home. :”Go Granny.” you can do it.

With a hip replacement, both shoulders had rotator surgery-YIKES and one knee surgery, the old gray mare ain’t what she used to be. No gray, folks. Roots taken care of by Dale at Pepe Ramon in New City, NY every three weeks so I’m a natural blond/brown.

But I couldn’t get the darn program to go where I wanted it to go so I asked, guess who? She’s seven, my grandest. A careful examination of the remote and she pointed to a circle with arrows pointing north, south, east and west. No biggie. And badabing, the first program appeared. She watched to see I did every move right and if it wasn’t perfect, her face was stern and she showed me what’s what. What a dynamite kid, so like her mom. And the rest of the day, taking care of her needs at home before she went to her various activities, this old lady could barely move. I’ll keep it up on a daily basis until my girlish figure returns.

This reminds me of a book I wrote, Starting Over after surgery.  I had uncomfortable time to write. One of my first Survive and thrive stories, here’s a blurb from the book.

Starting Over    

Each morning, Emily Kendrick runs on the hard-packed sand of St. Augustine Beach to clear her mind and heal her heart. From the widow’s walk of the house perched high on the dunes, a man trains his binoculars on Emily…

KINDLE SMASHWORDS MULTIFORMAT                                 9781935407799-SO