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11/2/14 WEWRIWA

T’was a cold and rainy Halloween but who cares. I found a mini Baby Ruth bar outside. We live in a QUIET neighborhood with no kids around. Yet every year husband says, “did you buy candy? And he doesn’t eat candy. Not  a single trick or treaters came by. What are we to do with those cute little Tootsie rolls calling to me? I ask you, my friends. It’s a puzzlement.

Meanwhile it’s wonderful WEWRIWA Sunday and you know me. I write, no matter what. Chelle Cordero came up with the title Help Wanted, Vanilla Heart Publishing said send it over and now it’s available. So yippee and Happy Dance-here’s another eight. No longer a WIP but a published story. Last week Sally was allowed to watch and record a session with a sad Saluki and Grace Trumbull known as the dog communicator, owner of the Pet Emporium. Afterward, Sally meets with Grace for a private in-depth interview in the alcove where it’s quiet.

excerpt in eight:

A breathless Grace entered the small room about ten minutes later and said, ” I refused to let Sammy go home with her until she buys another companion Saluki to keep him company.  ” Pouring tea and munching on a brownie, she continued, “I hope she takes my advice or she’ll have to sue me for custody.”

Camcorder on,Sally began,“You found River’s Edge how, if it’s not too personal.”
Grace’s big brown eyes focused on a middle distance, “The kindness of strangers led me here and here I’ve stayed to open the Pet Emporium with Jim Trumbull.
“And your gift, people call you the ‘dog whisperer or communicator, and watching you with the magnificent dog, I could swear you understood each other.”
Frowning, a few beats passed before Grace answered, her face a study of deep thought and Sally let the camcorder capture her mood.
“I call it a communication just as you and I are doing now, not a mystical talent as far as I’m concerned.

As for Jerry Abrams, that S.O.B., he waved a carrot in front of your nose by saying get an in-depth interview with reclusive Grace Trumbull so we’re going to knock his socks off with this interview and you’ll get the job.”

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Steve and Sally Atwood have some big adjustments to make when they move to River’s Edge. Steve has lost his career in the corporate world and finds work painting houses. Sally flings off her apron and pursues her lifelong dream to be a reporter in the small town with a big heart, where the motto is ‘Kindness to Strangers’. Afraid he is losing Sally to a more exciting world, Steve panics, but despite Sally’s lecherous new boss, together they rediscover all the love of their thirty-five years together and the excitement that brings.






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And Then She Said. . .

My precocious grandest and I were on the way to Karate yesterday. She’s changed from Taekwando to this form of martial arts and loves it. On the way there, just after leaving her home, I saw her eyes closed and assumed a quick nap was in order for my first grader so I tuned into one of my news stations, 77 in NY, hosted by Michael Savage. Suddenly her eyes opened wide.

“Did he say the president lied?”

“Yes, he did. I’m listening because I don’t have time to read the newspaper or watch television news reports. The only time I catch up on what’s going on is when I drive back and forth to get you. It’s important to get opinions.”

“What’s opinion?”

I quick thought about a few examples and we talked about this during the commercial break.I asked if I should change the station and grandest said no. Together we listened about possibilities of war, conflict, fighting in countries far distant from The United States.

“Very interesting, Granny. Next time let’s listen to the man again. And I’m gonna watch out for opinions at school.

I’ve written a series of books under the umbrella title of The Beginning . . .Not The End. Mature romances where senior believe “it isn’t over ’til it’s over.” Check out Instant Grandpa about a grandmother and her granddaughter who meet a grandfather and two grandsons and how love blossoms at the New Jersey Shore one lovely summer.


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“Making Your Bones. ..”

All moviegoers have seen the Godfather and maybe the wonderful Prizzi’s Honor. We’ve seen, read, or heard about mobsters’ who “make their bones” with the first kill. But, and here comes the big Butt as I like to say, we have a four and a half pound kitten named Lily. Funny, fast, and adorable, Lily surprised me with a little gift a few days ago. She made her bones, our kitty while the ten year old big mamoo Tabby named Tony sat and watched her play rough and tough with a super small mouse. Then, while I wrote a chapter in my new book, Lily shoved the deceased under the door making funny sounds of kitten delight.

After the husband tended to  burial of said deceased, Lily decided she needed many hugs and kisses and climbed up on the desk to snuggle. I didn’t agree and patted her little back until the rascal fell asleep. Who needed kisses knowing where her mouth and paws had been moments before.

Our home is a small cat kingdom right now. Amusing, tiresome and a lot of work for this author. If you have pet stories you’d like to share, please jump in. As for me, I do love writing about pets. They add warmth, humor and love to every story I write.

If you enjoy stories about lots of pets and humans, do check out She Didn’t Say No, a mature romance with an unusual twist.Say No CVR ARe


She Didn’t Say No
Series: The Beginning, Not the End. Retail Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 27,320.
Grace didn’t say no to the Big Man On Campus, Scott Dwyer. And then her life changed… Years later, a too-close encounter of an unpleasant kind with a skunk and Scott’s German Shepherd reunites the former lovers. What happens in between are their stories of beginnings and endings and love lost, then found.




Where did summer go? August, usually the hottest month, was on the chilly side. But we survived cancer, day to day crises and I’m writing Book 2 of the Housebroken series. You know me so well. Laughing and crying as I always do, page after page having the best time in my writing career. Welcome WEWRIWA to another Sunday. I promise to behave. Let me know if I’m doing okay and I’ll do the the same for you. That’s what we do in this community of writers.

Last week, Sally Atwood complained, and rightly so, about the old house falling apart. After Steve went to sleep, she checked out listings for mature communities in other towns and watched as a stream of them rushed out of the printer. Her Mother always said the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach so Sally made a plan. She’d bake apple dumplings for breakfast, seduce him with the aroma plus waffles and then show him the listings. Should work. Had to work. Let’s read the eight to see what happens next.

excerpt in eight:

As if baked apples were part of the usual Sunday fare, Sally said, “Good morning, sleepy head, get out of my way or the dumplings will burn and the waffle iron just beeped so breakfast is officially ready.”
“ Not that I don’t appreciate waffles and you know how I love your dumplings, sweetheart, but we always have scrambled eggs and bacon.”
She unfolded a cloth napkin with a spring motif of birds and butterflies and spread it across her lap. “There’s nothing but the best for you, and for us.”
After breakfast ended, Steve patted his middle, cocked his head toward the open windows and said, “Listen to the great sound of silence.“
Suddenly, a baby nearby began to cry loud, a dog barked and didn’t stop and from next door, the new neighbor yelled “Jimmy, stop torturing the dog, Mona, pick up the baby.”
Steve exchanged glances with Sally; “Are there any listings for mature adults only?”
“It just so happens. . .”

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