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Frozen Shoulder vs Frozen Daquirie

Husband Don had surgery to repair an inflamed frozen shoulder. Personally¬† I’d have preferred a frozen drink of any kind sitting for hours at Beth Israel Hospital at 16th and 1st on the East side in NYC. He was in top hands with Dr. Peter McCann. I know because the famed doc repaired both my right and left rotator cuffs torn to shreds and now I can fly once more. So I didn’t pace the floor. He would live. My main worry was driving home. Far north. Well not all that far, drama queen. But traffic at five o’clock. Get over yourself. And Don, my wounded warrior, ready to criticize my driving. YIKES!Charmaine Series poster mini 1

Taking care of my responsibilities like a good wifey and devoted person, finally I called my dear publisher, Kimberlee Williams, Vanilla Heart because Savvy Authors, a terrific community of writers, invited me to host an online chat about Mature Romance and my new series The Beginning. . .not The End. The first two stories were featured on USA Today; Instant Grandpa and Young at Heart. Twenty participants joined in the one hour q&a. It rocked! So much fun and books were sold–always a plus.



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