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And Then She Said. . .

My  Grandest with a golden heart.

Last night Grandest said she had a plan. “What is it, honey?”

“I plan never to give up.”

Be still my aching heart for this is my plan too. I survive and thrive no matter what happens and here is my seven and a half year old repeating my words to live by. What a wonderful girl. She is truly my best friend.

Merry Christmas everyone. Keep our words in mind. Be strong and never give up. Words to live by. Love from Charmaine and Grandest forever.



And Then She Said. . .

My precocious grandest and I were on the way to Karate yesterday. She’s changed from Taekwando to this form of martial arts and loves it. On the way there, just after leaving her home, I saw her eyes closed and assumed a quick nap was in order for my first grader so I tuned into one of my news stations, 77 in NY, hosted by Michael Savage. Suddenly her eyes opened wide.

“Did he say the president lied?”

“Yes, he did. I’m listening because I don’t have time to read the newspaper or watch television news reports. The only time I catch up on what’s going on is when I drive back and forth to get you. It’s important to get opinions.”

“What’s opinion?”

I quick thought about a few examples and we talked about this during the commercial break.I asked if I should change the station and grandest said no. Together we listened about possibilities of war, conflict, fighting in countries far distant from The United States.

“Very interesting, Granny. Next time let’s listen to the man again. And I’m gonna watch out for opinions at school.

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And Then She Said… and Coming Soon…

10167998_10201942407058197_2073748923_nThe expression, “They grow up so fast” is often heard and oh so true. I never dreamed I’d help raise an infant when daughter had grandest yet here I am, surviving with a writing career, a dear second husband, and almost daily care of my best little pal.

The many faces of our lovely girl. This one shows her walking away, so confident in short strides.I’m thinking, “Don’t walk too far, too fast, too soon, precious child.”

The computer is not cooperating with me right now so I’ll post this incomplete and try tomorrow,  another day. Thanks for checking in, my friends.photo (11)

She breaks a board at TaeKwando after passing her yellow belt test.


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See you soon with more about Grandest and my latest book. Right now, this Granny is weary.


And Then She Said. . .and Did

Going from white belt to high white belt to yellow belt! What a thrill watching Grandest standing alone in the center of the large room so poised being tested for a yellow belt on Monday. Master Yu called out instructions, she followed, broke a board with the side of her foot this time. Applause, applause. Finally, test completed he called her forward to receive a trophy and a yellow belt. Beaming, she bowed and turned to her mommy and me on the sidelines. I do believe I saw a bit of swagger in her barefooted step. Yes, I did.

“And Then She Said. . .”

Daughter fell ill a few days ago and I had the pleasure of spending an entire day and two nights with them. Call me Doctor Mom. Grandest said she’ wanted to send a letter to Santa and needed help spelling. Who can resist? Not me.

We sat close together, she held a pencil and gazed up at me when help was called for–like often. After all she’s still half way through Kinder garden, folks.

Dear Santa,

This is what I want for Christmas.

Expecting a long list of toys and expensive electronics I almost rolled my eyes. Here’s where the letter took a surprising turn.

I want everyone –“how do you spell everyone, Grans?” in the world to enjoy Christmas every year and be nice.

Thank you,

Then she spelled her name just so, Upper and lower case nice and neat.

How can I express my feelings at that moment? A little child so sensitive and aware of the world’s trouble who believes in the miracle of the jolly Santa Claus solving problems.

Thanks for reading my blog about my precious grandest. Happy New Year to all.

Photo: My Angel girl-Waiting for you to come home to Mommy...󾌬 Til tomorrow my best little pal. Te amo del tamano de la luna 󾬘󾀔

And Then She Said. . .

65191_4183432700510_2056845522_nCar conversations can be very revealing especially with my loquacious grandest.

Picture this: I brace myself at the wheel for the whirlwind tousled blond climbing into the booster seat in back, kind teacher pushing, shoving, buckling her in while my little one yells good bye out the window to a waiting line of classmates. I pull out laughing and we sing, making up our own rendition to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Lots of animals included here. After dogs came cats. Kittens with tiny meows and then I roared. She said, “Are you a lion?” And this is the point of ‘and then she said.’ A learning opportunity.

“A lioness is ferocious protecting her cubs. When I had little kids and even now, I’m like a lioness always trying to keep bad people and bad things away from my children. Just the same way your mom protects you and takes care of you.”

Quiet in the back for a moment. And then she said in a firm tough voice, “I can take care of myself. If a bad guy comes near me I’ll punch him in the nose and kick him in the butt. Don’t worry about me, Grans.”

We talked about Taekwando, mommy,lions and rounded the corner in her peaceful neighborhood. My cell phone announced musically a call from her mom. I handed it to my darling five year old. As she walked away for privacy I heard her say in a little girl voice, “Hi Mommy, how soon are you coming home?”

And Then She Said. . .

There are countless  precious moments alone with my grandest granddaughter and as we both age–she is five + and I’m, well, way older, she protects me the way I’ve always cared for her. Today in NY during a torrential downpour, we waited in my car in front of her house hoping the rain would subside. Once in, after mac and cheese and a cup of blueberry apple sauce, her dinner not mine, she asked if I knew how to pirouette and spot. I did although with my new hip, I can’t execute the motion. Instead I improvised comparing the dance to a Taekwando move she’s learned. “Oh, that’s just like Master Yu taught me. So it’s like ballet.”

“In a way, yes. Look at me, turn your shoulders and spin, returning to look at me.” And she did. My heart filled with joy. Another reason for me to live a long life–one hundred and ten, at least.

At last daughter returned. I said goodbye after kisses. She ran, my grandest, green boots on umbrella in hand, after me. “Grans, Grans, hold my hand. I’ll walk you to your car.


What a blessing. She always sends me home with a smile.


And Then She Said. . .

563409_3560430205837_702903385_nSnow fell Monday. It started light and not much at two p.m. Husband called to say driving was fine. I was twenty minutes away with my grandest. We played, made Mac and Cheese, she ate the whole single serve–white cheddar with a cup of blueberry applesauce for dessert. The snow continued and covered the lawn. Daughter calls at 7 to say I should sleep over. I’m thinking it’s not bad and I’ll drive home. She says it’s terrible, she can’t see the road and I’m tired and just want to get home with the mind set of husband’s call at 2 when the roads were fine.

Here’s the part where it gets serious. Daughter hurries in, sees me wearing a little vest over a sweater and she says to our little girl, “Get your boots on honey, we’re gong to follow Grans home.” Protesting, I get in my car which she cleans off and away we go twenty miles an hour. My heart begins to pound. A Mustang ahead of me is skidding all over and I’m scared. Do I call her and say let’s turn around and I’ll stay at your home where we’re safe? NO! All the while I’m worried about the turn on to Crooked Hill Road aptly name where my car gets stuck.

My daughter, calm, a problem solver, comes to my car window and asks me to get into her car with grandest and wait while she flags down a snow angel who comes to the rescue. He not only get my car home but makes sure her tank is full before she leaves. Thanks, Anthony.

I sit in my living room and think. There’s a time in a parent’s life when they give up a bit of control to an offspring who is looking out for her benefit. Role reversal? No. But I’m so grateful to know my daughter and granddaughter care enough to watch over me the way I’ve always cared and watched over them.

And Then She Said. . .

ImageMy grandest granddaughter buckled her  five year old, thirty four pound self into the booster seat behind me after school today. Cheeks rosy, laughing as always, she said, “Grans, I have something to tell you.” I couldn’t wait but what I heard took me by surprise. “I kissed Robert three times and he kissed me twice.” Pre school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What in the world. “Oh, that’s nice, honey. Did you have a good day?” I bet she did. “We worked on our C’s, upper and lower case. I got a star.” And two smooches from a guy named Robert.

She’s a rascal, a jock and full of fun. And she saved me two weeks ago. I’d still be lying under a large bush off the porch if it weren’t for her. What’s a couple of kisses when you’re five?”