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And Then She Said. . .

Joy fills my heart when: the school bus comes close-door opens and here comes my grandest to run into my arms. Yesterday a neighbor stopped by ;her daughter came off the bus and the girls had a wild and crazy time on the front swings. Wonderful to watch although a bit of nostalgia comes . Oh yes. I did a lot of things and had some great times growing up, the middle child-the only girl at a time when boys were way more valuable.

Did I mope about it? No way. I danced, sang, acted my way into people’s hearts eventually becoming a small fish in the big pond in New York. Now at age 85, I’m having an epiphany. Carefully I walk without the cane. Yippee! More to come for this aged person and why? It’s Grandest who leads the way. Here she is in all her sweetness helping her precious mom walk the dogs. She has Gracie on the lead, Mom has Tommy.

I love this family. Just wanted to share a moment today.

And Then She Said. . .

My  Grandest with a golden heart.

Last night Grandest said she had a plan. “What is it, honey?”

“I plan never to give up.”

Be still my aching heart for this is my plan too. I survive and thrive no matter what happens and here is my seven and a half year old repeating my words to live by. What a wonderful girl. She is truly my best friend.

Merry Christmas everyone. Keep our words in mind. Be strong and never give up. Words to live by. Love from Charmaine and Grandest forever.



And Then She Said. . .

After school one day, instead of rushing in the house to dine on Mac and Cheese and stuff, Grandest called out, “Granny, I’m going to swing in the front.” Curious, I followed her to find a friend had strung up rope and there she was jumping on her picnic table and climbing a thick yellow rope.

Not to be out done, I said, “I’m coming.” Cane in hand, off I hobbled. She helped me climb on the table and grab the rope. Heart palpitating, I tried. Really, I tried.  She showed me hw to stretch and do thing I used to do with no prob but what can I say. Age has taken a toll. So I watched and enjoyed, tried again and again. When she finished, hand in hand we headed toward the house where homework and food waited.

Do I love this Grandest? You know I do.


Sassy at seven and a half.







The picture speaks for itself. Grandest has helped raise this big sweetheart from a frightened, abused pooch rescued to a loving home. What a wonderful environment for both of them thanks to my daughter.

I’ve written several stories about dogs and their capability as therapy dogs to heal. One of my favorites is titled Young at Heart where an older couple meet and due to a misunderstanding they can’t find each other. Add a snow storm, a concussion, a therapy dog named Kizzy and the search is on with a happy ending, of course. Young at Heart is in a series titled The Beginning. . .Not The End.YAH CVR F

And Then She Said. . .

Grandest and I rushed off to gymnastics last week. In her bag lay a new bright blue top with many straps, very stylish. I picked her up at an after school program, dragged, nagged her to run to my car and zoomed away. “Uh Grans. I’m changing and I didn’t get to buckle up yet so pull over and stop.”

This from the seven year old mouth of my girl who knows , apparently way more than her Grans. So I did as told. She changed, advised me to drive on and we got there just in time.

Watching through the window, I saw the coach adjust the straps of her new top. It comes to this, I thought. The once competent woman can no longer even fix the straps right. Geez. Later, watching through the window as allowed and tired from writing, I saw an older girl helping her with a move on the trampoline. How nice, I thought.

On the way home grandest told me about the older girl who showed her some moves. And then she said. . .”Speaking of OLD, Grans” . . .and we cracked up over the inference of my age.

This conversation resulted in me explaining age is good and important and as much fun as the two of us have, we should be grateful I’m here. My own Mom didn’t last past age 50 and Bud, my first hubs, died at 58. “So,” I said, “Don’t be embarrassed to tell my age to your friends.”

Many hugs and kisses and then we played kick ball until daughter came home.65191_4183432700510_2056845522_nA grandparents love and responsibility to teach and love

And Then She Said. . .

Daughter has P90. For those of you who don’t know what it is, we’re talking terrific exercise DVD’s. SO she finished with the first one weeks ago and I asked if I could take it home. :”Go Granny.” you can do it.

With a hip replacement, both shoulders had rotator surgery-YIKES and one knee surgery, the old gray mare ain’t what she used to be. No gray, folks. Roots taken care of by Dale at Pepe Ramon in New City, NY every three weeks so I’m a natural blond/brown.

But I couldn’t get the darn program to go where I wanted it to go so I asked, guess who? She’s seven, my grandest. A careful examination of the remote and she pointed to a circle with arrows pointing north, south, east and west. No biggie. And badabing, the first program appeared. She watched to see I did every move right and if it wasn’t perfect, her face was stern and she showed me what’s what. What a dynamite kid, so like her mom. And the rest of the day, taking care of her needs at home before she went to her various activities, this old lady could barely move. I’ll keep it up on a daily basis until my girlish figure returns.

This reminds me of a book I wrote, Starting Over after surgery.  I had uncomfortable time to write. One of my first Survive and thrive stories, here’s a blurb from the book.

Starting Over    

Each morning, Emily Kendrick runs on the hard-packed sand of St. Augustine Beach to clear her mind and heal her heart. From the widow’s walk of the house perched high on the dunes, a man trains his binoculars on Emily…

KINDLE SMASHWORDS MULTIFORMAT                                 9781935407799-SO

What a trip!

Photo: Gracie is with us too chilling under the tree. 󾬐Grandest and Mia, two very strong girls thanks to TaeKwando and Karate plus swimming and gymnastics. And here’s the latest addition to the family, Tommy boy.

Grandest is on the move again. This time with her Dad and his family gone to Bermuda for a week. Will we miss her? You bet. Sunday, she and her BFF, Mia two years older like big sister/little sister, played for two hours in our above ground pool, swimming so well I was moved to tears. Legs once short, now long and getting lanky, kicked while arms reached and hands cupped the water to cross the 48 foot pool effortlessly. Applause, applause with sitting ovation as I tried to concentrate on writing and on their safety.

Years ago my first love and I flew to Bermuda, played tennis and golf and watched fireworks through the hotel veranda on the Fourth of July. I’ll never forget the patriotic fever we had that night. We found a gorgeous empty beach  and made love in the pounding sapphire surf.

Today I reconnected with my Canadian friend and terrific author, Anne Lange. I’m today’s guest on her blog. Please check us out, have fun and leave a comment.  Thanks for your support, my friends.



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Concept CVR FH 1-1

Indepence Day-Freedom. . My daughter, my heroine

I’ve written many times about grandest, my treasure of a granddaughter and now a word or two about my youngest and only daughter who has taught me, her mom, about freedom of speech and independence. Triggered by this splendid July Fourth, I begin. With a heart of gold, daughter reaches out to rescue helpless animals who are close to being put away.

Beginning when she was young, she carried a stray kitty into our home and there it stayed until one day, it ran away. From then on , no stray escaped from our daughter. Now, as a teacher working full time with one hundred and twenty two students in her care and grandest at home when she returns, she searches the internet making friends with rescue groups. Adopting two cats to add to her two at home a few months ago wasn’t enough. And adopting a Chocolate Lab from a center in Arkansas last fall wasn’t quite enough.

About two weeks ago, daughter called. I knew from the sound of her voice, she had a proposition in mind but I never dreamed we were off on an another adventure. Last Sunday, grandest, Lab named Gracie, daughter and yours truly and GPS drove to, would you believe, Islandia, NY. I never heard of such a place. Way out on Long Island just beyond Patchogue, a two hour drive, 13 buck toll at the George Washington Bridge and 7.50 at Throgs Neck Bridge, we found the place and the dog. Three hours later after a trial walk at what’s called a ‘pack walk’ for the dogs to get acquainted, we were on our way home and got lost only once.

Folks, I’m getting too old for this. Daughter said she always wanted two dogs and now she has them. Summertime. And the living is easy. Tommy Boy is a pit bull. The breed has gotten bad press. Here is proof of the loving 8 month old pup adopted from the rescue shelter. Gracie, the sweet Lab and Tommy Boy are doing well thanks to daughter’s care.

Photo: Yeah-it's love alright       Photo: Such a vicious breed

Any pet stories to share? As for me, most of the books I write include pets as integral characters in the plot

Check out Young at Heart where Kizzy, a therapy dog helps to bring two lovers back together. Kizzy, my friend Judy Audevard’s therapy dog is real. Her story inspired me to write Young at Heart, a fictional tale interwoven and based on truth.


YAH for WP

Young at Heart

Joyce Campbell expected her new left hip to heal at Helen Hayes Rehabilitation. What she didn’t expect was to fall in love with the distinguished silver haired Collin Brody who wouldn’t give her a second glance. Until Kizzy, the therapy dog comes into Collin’s life…and into his heart. What happens next? The Beginning, Not the End.



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 Thank you, dear readers, for your support and always remember what the founding fathers gave us-The Constitution.

What a glorious night!

Grandest, daughter and me after the award ceremony at her middle school tonight, .Am I proud? You betcha, A mom’s dream fulfilled to see her one and only daughter awarded for outstanding achievements in teaching and loyalty to Pomona Middle School, Pomona, NY. She’s a go-to woman, my Amy.

The talent was extraordinary with a powerful gorgeous singing of God Bless America; a moving dance and vocal performance by a team of young women students and so much more.

Thank you, East Ramapo for a perfect evening.              Displaying photo.JPG


And Then She SAid. . .

Grandest loves her mom, her pets and me but last week I witnessed a different side of her.



After TaeKwando class, she dragged me next door to the pizza place for a drink of water. “Don’t worry, Grans, he’s a nice man. He always gives me water free and you don’t have to buy a slice.” And there we were where other kids and moms and one grandmother and her grandson sat devouring yum food.

The boy, always stern and focused in class, began to giggle and so did grandest. He asked for a play date. She gave him her mom’s cell phone number. Then she ran to get straws, sticking them in her mouth to imitate a walrus. More giggling. Romance blossomed before my eyes. I felt like giggling. How cute to see the spontaneity of two six year old kids dressed in the same uniforms, one a yellow belt, the other a blue belt.

photo (5)

I felt like giggling too, unseemly for little old Grans. Kids! How cute and sweet they are.