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Must be close to Easter. . .

Photo: My Easter egg mad scientists being very creative with the colors 󾮗󾬐󾌵  Grandest and Granny in the kitchen. Two crazed scientists with boiled eggies and a batch of colored pellets she’s smashing in too-big containers. Laughing and carrying on every years as she grows older and as for me? Well, I’m just me. The original nutty professor playing hopscotch on a shoveled driveway in the winter, gathering fallen sticks to make a pretend campfire on freezing hoods and scarves day. All with my favorite grandest granddaughter.

Of course driving home, all of me aches and I can’t wait to change into more warm sweats and socks. Dinner to put together and then to write. Mature Romance with sexy seniors who believe it isn’t over ’til it’s over.

Here she is with her pal, Gracie, rescued from running homeless by a river in Arkansas to be rescued by daughter and grandest last summer. I love saying, “Goodnight, Gracie.” Who wouldn’t? In my story Before the Final Curtain, there’s a dog named , what else? Gracie, and I used the line.

Thanks for stopping by, folks.

Before the Final Curtain  

Once lovers, aging actors collide on stage as stars in a romantic comedy written and directed by a manipulative director. Add to the mix the talented assistant, a tough stage manager, one prominent costume designer, two young actors, secrets and gossip. Show business. There’s no business like it. 


 The Beginning… Not the End, Volume 1 shows us that seniors are sexy, strong, and so, so, passionate. I particularly enjoyed Joyce’s story in Young at Heart, but all three had me smiling, laughing, and at times, tearing up a bit from the tender emotions rendered by Charmaine Gordon so perfectly. Three generations of my family are now begging for more mature romances from Charmaine Gordon.

Betty Matheson




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                                                                                          And here at last are Grandest and Gracie. As you can see, she fell asleep while I fiddled around trying to post. Sorry, love

10167998_10201942407058197_2073748923_nBefore the Final Courtain with theme border

And Then She Didn’t Say. . .

Why? you may ask. The answer is grandest is totally bushed after a day at kindergarten, taking care of her pets and then it’s time for bed. Add a possible play date and dining on Mac and Cheese, for a change, she falls in bed with. . .

Check out these pics and see what I mean.  

All tuckered out. My grandest and Gracie, her dog rescued and doing well in the loving care of the Malone household.

Any sweet stories about pets and how they affect the lives of your children? I’m listening.



And Then She Said. . .

Holiday pictures are lovely but oh the preparation. Picture this: Grandest is wearing a sparkly red velveteen dress trimmed in white faux fur, white tights and party shoes; Daughter is dressed in a white suit looking absolutely yum, and then there’s Gracie, their Chocolate Labrador Retriever with a  red jingle bells collar. And then there’s me, who started out looking swell but too soon worn out with placating Poppa who dislikes being a part of the scene. Not the ideal scenario.

We wait. My job is to restrain Gracie, the eager big dog, play hide and go seek with grandest and the dog while impatient husband rolls his blue eyes until finally I say, “Go home. Daughter will drive me when it’s over.” Hours go by as we play, take pics, daughter makes final selections. The store closes. The mall is almost locked up.

Finally we find an exit and I’m home fifteen minutes later, eyes half closed. Did I mention daughter had to carry big dog on the moving escalator because said pooch was frightened? Three flights up and down? Oh yes!

Next year we’ll take pictures at home. I vote for that. PhotoPhoto