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And Then She Said. . .

“Granny, my tooth just fell out.” Grandest came running with her first tooth in her hand. Excited we found a baggie, she wrote FIRST TOOTH, and sealed it. When daughter came home, there was much ado made over the space and the tooth. I whispered, “Do you leave a quarter in the bag from the tooth fairy?”

Daughter laughed. “Mom, now kids get anywhere from five to ten dollars.”  1469804_10201197728281693_363961362_n

“What?” She nodded. “That’s the going rate.”

Why in the world has the price gone up, I ask you? It’s a natural happening, right? A tooth comes in and in a few years a permanent one takes it’s place. No biggie except for proof of growth and change and the fun worth maybe a quarter or possibly a buck, tops.

I’d rather play hopscotch with her in the driveway and read books and help her with homework the way I did with my kids in days long gone. We also make funny make believe sandwiches and she charges me 2 cents. Now that’s more like it!

And Then She Said. . .

After Taekwando a few days ago, grandest and I went to a cool yogurt place for a treat. Parking in my special diabled spot close by, she scrambled for the long past dated tag that allowed me, my new hip and floral cane to park without walking too far. When I attempted to remove the fance key from my Volkswagon ignition, it didn’t obey. Of course I don’t speak German very well. Maybe that’s the prob. After three attempts finally the key gave up the fight. Grandest stuck her five and a half year old finger in the empty space and said, “Granny, this is broken. You need to take the car in before it gives you more trouble.”photo (3)

Today the car is at Volkswagon in West Nyack. The part came in. New ignition needed. My small mechanic had the right diagnosis. I follow her lead.

My question is are kids smarter or am I old school, not keeping up with the times? When someone asks me a question I’m not interested in, I reply, “I don’t know. All I really know is how to write books and I’m proud of it.”.

The third book–Before the Final Curtain–of my three book series The Beginning. . .Not The End was just released. Mature Romance that proves we seniors say” it ain’t over ’til it’s over,” Thank you Yogi Berra.  Another golden moment. And tomorrow is another day. Let’s see what the day might reveal.





Before the Final Curtain

by Charmaine Gordon


Book 3

The Beginning…Not the End, the series



Before the Final Curtain

by Charmaine Gordon


Once lovers, aging actors collide on stage as stars in a romantic comedy written and directed by a manipulative director. Add to the mix the talented assistant, a tough stage manager, one prominent costume designer, two young actors, secrets and gossip. Show business. There’s no business like it!



AMAZON KINDLE http://www.amazon.com/Before-Final-Curtain-Beginning-ebook/dp/B00FAG4ORE


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1, 2 3, 4, She’s 5 today!

20130206_183004My grandest granddaughter is five years old today. No more infant, baby, toddler. No way. She’s FIVE!

The day you were born I could breathe again,
And now you’ve become my little best friend,
Your smile, your laugh, the things you say,
I love you sweet daughter, CassidyRae!
Happy 5th Birthday my precious!! (mi pequena)♥♥ written by her mom, my daughter