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An afternoon with the legendary comedian, Henny Youngman

The casting call came in . They were searching for an audience filled with actors familiar with Henny Youngman. He’s the man with the one-liners and a violin. He always opened with, “Take my wife. . . please” Audiences roared with laughter. Night clubs, television, The Borscht Belt. You name it. No one did the straight face and shot one liner’s-all clean-straight out of his mouth like a machine gun. In between jokes he played beautiful music on his treasured violin. Nobody did it better.

I showed up on time at the big studio. When his name was announced  and he shuffled out, this tall elderly man in a gray suit, you wondered if he’d reach it to the microphone. Make it he did. The assistant to the director said, “Four, three, ta” and he came to life and didn’t stop. At the end of his performance, the actors/audience gave him a standing O and watched the great talent shuffle off stage.

How rare this thing we call talent. No mumbling, every word clear, a virtuoso on the violin. And all without cursing. Beautiful.  An afternoon to remember and one of the many sweet times in my former career as an actor before I started getting good gigs.

Thanks for joining me, my friends.

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A moment With Henny Youngman. . .


The call came in. My agent said they needed me to be in the audience for a television show starring the old comedian, Henny Youngman. OMG! Ecstatic, I drove to the studio and waited. When he walked on stage, violin in hand, we rose to give him a standing ovation. He didn’t wait for a cue but got right to it firing his famous one liners surprising the young director. No rehearsal, no 5,4,3,2,1 count. Mr.Youngman had no time to waste. Thanks to Brainy Quotes on Google for the following:

He began with his most famous, “Take my wife. . .please.” We roared with laughter.

“If you come home to candlelight, soft music. . .you’re in the wrong house.”

“I’ve got all the money I’ll ever need, if I die by four o’clock.”

“I told the doctor I broke my leg in two places. He told me to stop going to those places.”

When I read about the evils of drinking, I stopped reading.”

“My grandmother is eighty and still doesn’t need glasses. She drinks right out of the bottle.”

The point is the comedians from yesteryear didn’t use foul language to get a laugh. The foibles of life are funny enough without toilet humor. Henny Youngman, straight faced-a gifted violinist–punctuated his one liners with a flourish from his violin. If you were lucky, he played. Born in 1906, he died in 1991 and buried next to his wife, Sadie.Henny Youngman.jpg

Thank you for joining in my trip down memory lane and a sweet time.