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12/20/15 WEWRIWA

There’s a nip in the air, folks and I don’t like it. I even saw a few snow flakes. Phooey and I’m still wearing a sweater. Oh well.

This is the second snippet of Gleason’s Greetings. Our off beat heroine, Liz is making friends and her own brand of Valentine cards. Do you know the myth of the holiday? She finds out , makes cards, adds cupids and carries on with cuppa coffee to please customers and now chocolate chip cookies.


The little bell rang at the door and in came a customer. Red ink on her perky nose, she turned around to see OH, MY, a good looking hunk.
“Good afternoon, welcome to my new shop, you’re my first customer and I’m Liz.”
“Hi yourself, I’m Roger Mathews looking for a special Valentine’s Day card so  I’ll just look around.”
She wanted to say marry me, I’ll cook and clean and have your babies, well uh no babies at her age so instead she shut her mouth and went back to the painting table when suddenly he roared with laughter.
“What’s the matter?”
He held up the ‘I see London’ card, “I’m looking for something for my mom and then I saw this one; it’s funny and in my business we never cut funny.

Intrigued, she asked a question, something she hadn’t done in a long time, “What business?”
“ Writing scripts for television, for instance and where do you get your ideas?”

“It’s no big deal, not Shakespeare and I’ll probably be out of business in a month and to think I went to Harvard.”

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