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Does Sleepover always mean Sleep?

“Mom, Please sleepover.”


“I need you. Purple Heart is coming tomorrow morning and our little one only goes to bed if you’re here to calm her down.”

“Okay.” I packed a minimal batch of stuff and hurried out into the darkening sky with rain beginning to fall. Peering through the wind shield, how I dislike driving at night!, I drove carefully the twenty minutes. Daughter opened the garage door beckoning me to park next to her car in the driveway. She grabbed my cane, bag and trusty pillow and we ran in. She said our little girl was in tears worried about me driving in the dark, in the rain. Sure enough, Grandest wrapped herself around me sobbing. and up the stairs wee went to the tune of dogs barking in the yard.

All too soon we laughed. Then suddenly she held her sweet hands over her ears. Thunder boomed. I said, “Do you know what makes that sound?” A shake of her blonde hair. “It’s God moving his couch.” “Yes and when the noise is really loud, God is trying to move a big television set and the couch at the same time.” Laughter cures fears. It’s like that all through life.

In ten minutes we were in our jams , teeth brushed, no fuss and off to sleep.  Here’s the proof.

1507180_10202793356811409_5132326820936536612_n-1When I wrote Instant Grandpa, I thought about “Write what you know and go from there.” As Granny to my my youngest of them all and a writer to boot, it’s a pleasure to incorporate the relationship that grows through the years. Grandest is six and a half. The love of my life and a pain in the butt very often but with humor, we overcome the sass and enjoy each others’ company.

If you believe “it isn’t over ’til it’s over,” do check out my series of long/short stories of mature romance. where grandparents ,small children and pets love life.

The Beginning…Not the End, Volume 1
Retail Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 45,890.
The first three stories in the series of Mature Romance combined in one volume. Instant Grandpa, Book 1; Young at Heart, Book 2; and Before the Final Curtain, Book 3. These Charmaine Gordon stories of love, passion, and suspense starring sexy seniors are also available as singles in ebook.





Frozen Shoulder vs Frozen Daquirie

Husband Don had surgery to repair an inflamed frozen shoulder. Personally  I’d have preferred a frozen drink of any kind sitting for hours at Beth Israel Hospital at 16th and 1st on the East side in NYC. He was in top hands with Dr. Peter McCann. I know because the famed doc repaired both my right and left rotator cuffs torn to shreds and now I can fly once more. So I didn’t pace the floor. He would live. My main worry was driving home. Far north. Well not all that far, drama queen. But traffic at five o’clock. Get over yourself. And Don, my wounded warrior, ready to criticize my driving. YIKES!Charmaine Series poster mini 1

Taking care of my responsibilities like a good wifey and devoted person, finally I called my dear publisher, Kimberlee Williams, Vanilla Heart because Savvy Authors, a terrific community of writers, invited me to host an online chat about Mature Romance and my new series The Beginning. . .not The End. The first two stories were featured on USA Today; Instant Grandpa and Young at Heart. Twenty participants joined in the one hour q&a. It rocked! So much fun and books were sold–always a plus.



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The Beginning. . .not The End

It’s been said “Write what you know” and I’m having way too much fun as we speak writing Mature Romance short stories. Starting with Instant Grandpa, please join me as two seniors meet by chance and fall in love.


Summer at the Jersey Shore just got hotter…  Take one widower grandfather, add two little grandkids, and a IG CVR FBnE logo 1-2widowed   grandmother with a small granddaughter. Mix well. Stir in sun drenched beach days and moonlit nights. What have you got? A kite flying high with a new tail; an author writing a book to sort out emotions; a talented boy with his mother returned to claim the prize. Family complications and a happy beginning… not the end.




You’re never to old to learn. . .

_MG_0005 -2 _ppAs a reader I’d learned that authors should write what they know. In the few years since I’ve become a real author with a publisher and six books to my credit plus some nifty short stories, I discovered it’s not true. Never have I met an evil person who wants to do me bodily harm. Not yet, anyway. Maybe it’s the garlic I rub around the window sashes daily. The point being there is power in writing and I use it. Bad guys and women show up in my stories with regularity. I write these characters with assurance and glee, describing evil details as if I know them personally until my hero/heroine jumps in with, in one story—a lasso— another needed a Lady Smith&Wesson. Yes, the power of writing thrills me.

Recently an idea came to me in the night, in a dream. Picture this: A grandfather with two small grandchildren meets a grandmother and her little granddaughter at the Jersey shore. What happens next? My author’s mind wonders. I wake the next morning and begin to write. A story of romance, mature love, family entanglements because there must be conflict, always conflict, my least favorite thing. I’m a peaceful person. That doesn’t work for Romance/Suspense, the genre that chose me.

Here’s a topic I know well. The seniors in my story are in their seventies. Just a couple of kids to me since I’m way older. I look in the mirror and think, “Old girl, you’re the Grandma Moses of Romance/Suspense.” At last I’m writing about something I know, shall we say—intimately. Not erotic but real romance that had me dancing in my writing chair. You see, you’re never too old for those wonderful swept away feelings, the warmth of a lover’s touch and comfort of closeness. You might not be fit enough to moan. Probably old bones creak and you say ouch but the earth still moves when you allow romance into your life.



Summer at the Jersey Shore just got hotter… Take one widower grandfather, add two little grandkids, and widowed grandmother with a small granddaughter. Mix well. Stir in sun drenched beach days and moonlit nights. What have you got? A kite flying high with a new tail; an author writing a book to sort out emotions; a talented boy with his mother returned to claim the prize. Family complications and a happy beginning… not the end.

From the new Charmaine Gordon series The Beginning…Not the End.

Mature Love, Romance, Suspense.






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6/23/13 WEWRIWA

Hi gang!. Thanks for liking Now What? and your excellent comments. As promised, today will be the last entry on widow Carly Evans and the encounter with a man on a motorcycle. I hope you’ll want more about one my most personal stories available in print and ebook formats.

A quick note about a story of mature romance begun right here on wewriwa a few months ago. Your response stirred me to write a short story titled Instant Grandpa featured on USA Today last Tuesday in the Happy Ever After section. It’s the first in a series of Mature Romance Suspense from one who knows. Thanks for your advice and support.

excerpt in eight:


I had to search for my glasses to read his business card; the first item out of my bag was hair spray. 

Laughing he said, “Were you going to protect yourself against me with that?” 

I nodded and continued to feel for the elusive glasses; triumphant, I perched them on my nose and read his card embossed  Martin Ambrose  Architect and  his address was what singles call geographically desirable

Unlocking the car door, I stepped out of safety into Martin’s arms as he removed his helmet and swept me into an embrace that made my senses—if I had any—reel, knees grow weak, and every other cliché I’d ever read about in love stories.  Me, the widow, thrust up against my car in the most popular mall for miles in broad daylight where who knows what neighbor or friend might pass by, kissing a man I didn’t know existed a few minutes ago.  I loved it, loved the abandon and didn’t care, in the heat of the moment, who saw me.  And that was the first kiss.

for more snippets from talented authors



Now What?Charmaine Gordon

Paperback $14.95

NOOK Book $4.99




From the new Charmaine Gordon series The Beginning…Not the End.

Mature Love, Romance, Suspense.






Introducing the remarkable Judy Audevard and Kizzzy, a therapy dog

Judy and Kizzy

About five years ago at the famed Apple Fest in Warwick, NY on a gorgeous day in autumn, I unpacked my books in the publisher’s booth and looked right into the black eyes of a white curly haired dog. “He’s Kizzzy,” I heard someone say. That’s how Judy and I met and a friendship began. This was my first festival, crowded with vendors, music, craftsmen, and our author’s booth. A lot of firsts for me that day: first time author after years of acting, first time alone finding my way up to Warwick with heavy traffic, crazy directions and then to meet a therapy dog with a book written about him.

Judy and her husband Bob, a great team, drove up from Nyack, Kizzy in the back ready to perform his bag of tricks. What a charmer. We talked a lot between selling books, I sold sixteen. She explained what therapy dogs do, the arduous training involved, the tests and at last certification. Exchanging phone numbers, we agreed to meet again.

Friendship blossomed at the New City Diner on Rt. 304 where we met, had brunch and discussed another book about Kizzy from different viewpoints. She told me the story of how she and Bob found Kizzy. They wanted a rescue dog but there weren’t any available. Two days later, a call came in. A little male, shy and sad, maybe abused or kept tied up since he didn’t play with the other puppies. They drove over to check him out. There were five or six puppies running around. The white Bichon Frise sat in a corner. Judy reached out with her hand and called to him. He ran right into her heart.

Bob said, “It must have been Kismet.” So they named him Kizzy. Alert and bright as if he knew he was going home, he ran all over the house and yard claiming it for his own. Judy’s mom lived with them. She’d had a stroke and hadn’t spoken or used her right arm since then. Kizzy jumped up on Grandmother’s bed, snuggled up to her and she patted him with the hand that had lain still for too long. And then she found her voice. All this happened because a sad little dog with a special talent found a good home.

I never knew about therapy dogs. We needed to tell another story about this special pet. Meanwhile I wrote another book, To Be Continued, had a contract with a terrific publisher Vanilla Heart and Judy and I kept thinking about a Kizzy story. I would write it with her input.

Judy is a born leader, a coordinator of whatever needs to be accomplished. A request from West Point. They wanted a Warriors in Transition program and needed a coordinator. Judy offered to organize the complex West Point /Red Cross program. Post Traumatic Disorder returnees housed at West Point would benefit.  Special needs children of deployed soldiers are in an ongoing program. De-stress for Cadets is another program developed by thinking out of the box . During the stress of finals, cadets could benefit from therapy dogs. From the smiles on their faces in the pictures, it works. After observing the West Point Hudson Valley Paws for a Cause in action, the American Red Cross in New Jersey announced they will begin a similar program.

Is it any wonder I consider Judy Audevard to be remarkable? Thanks for joining me in a tribute to a good friend.

P.S. I’m writing a new story about mature love, lost and found with a therapy dog named Kizzy as a leading character. The title is Young at Heart.  It’s the second in a series. The first, Instant Grandpa, was just released this week and featured in USA Today in the Happy Ever After section.


photo (10)http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DAHOMMC