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And Then She Said. . .

T’was the night before the last day of school  before Christmas vacation and grandest and I hunched over one last page of homework. I didn’t get it. She looked at me with those big blue eyes. “Mommy could do it.”

“Mommy’s not home so let’s get this finished. But I don’t get it.”

Her eyes narrowed no longer sweet and delicious. “I. Am. In. Kindergarden.” You are in nowhere school, Granny. So I know what this is.”

“I went to kindergarden all the way through high school and college, raised a bunch of children including your smart Mommy, acted in movies and in plays and now I write books.”

We had a stare down. Apparently grandest wasn’t impressed. She finished the page, her mom came home and she left me at the table wondering what  just happened.



And Then She Said. . .

“Grans, remember that boy I waved at last week? He’s cute with brown eyes and dark hair? His name is . .” I turned the corner and pulled into her driveway. Who in the world is she talking about? What kinder garden boy has caught her eye this time? We walked toward her house and she kept up a steady stream. “Well Grans, I can’t get him out of my mind. I’m gonna have to marry him.” I stopped and looked at my blond, blue eyed grandest, purple backpack on her shoulders, serious expression on her sweet face. “Wait until your a little older, honey. ” She frowned and nodded. “Good advice, Grans.”

We went inside where I made her fave Mac and Cheese and together we did homework. I still don’t get the math but I’m sure she’ll teach me. Do you see why I must live to be at least one hundred and ten +?Image