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4/12/15 WEWRIWA

Cats all over the place. So sweet as they climb on my lap and bother me while writing. Oh well. Spring is definitely here. I planted tulips and deer ate them. Bad word for the pretty deer. At least they didn’t munch on my daffodils and more hyacinth than you can count.

Last week in Bridging the Gap, the happy couple, James and Anna named the pup Doc after Dr. Brad Cohen, their new best friend. This is the calm before the storm, my friends. Anna is pregnant,James is still recovering from the concussion, Anna has to make amends with her mother, magistrate of the tribe she ran away from two years before and now Amanda, Jimmy’s daughter from his first unfortunate marriage is settled in bed in the penthouse.Kathy is her natural mother’s name.

excerpt in eight:

Anna heard sounds coming from a phone and she thought, maybe the little girl has some kind of cell phone that can tape conversations so she poked Jimmy who was just about to fall asleep.

“Honey, you’ve got to hear this.” and they crept to the door and listened; what they heard staggered them.

James knocked on Mandy’s door, it’s Daddy, honey may we come in?
Sure enough, she had a new Iphone next to her ear and tears rolled down her cheeks.
Startled and frightened, Mandy gasped for air; one night, I heard Kathy talking to someone real loud so I brought my phone next to the door to tape her talking. She said, she said, oh Daddy, she said she never wanted to have me.  She said the only reason she was in the house was to make trouble for you and get more money. Listen.” She played it again. And I took pictures of her lying in bed all fancy in a dress.”

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