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3/16/14 WEWRIWA

Zooming along toward spring, chipping remnants of ice to widen driveways ever hopeful to hear  birds chirping, crocus blooming and a semblance of re-awakening nature brings. Welcome friends, to another Sunday of snippets from talented authors looking toward constructive criticism. Today I continue with She Didn’t Say No, the story of Grace Meredith and what happens next after she gives in to a night of pleasure with Scott Dwyer. Thanks to everyone who left wonderful comments encouraging me in my career as an author.

Excerpt in approximately eight:


Vowing to love each other forever, finish school in a few years and begin a life together, we became the hottest unlikely new couple on campus, the studious girl and the BMOC with school the first priority. We made a promise not to interfere with our different plans because I’d be off to Purdue and he hadn’t solidified his plans yet because law schools offered scholarships for the brightest students and Scott had almost made up his mind since graduation was in June, a couple of months away.

A month later I missed my period; always on time, first I worried and kept it to myself and then frantic, I told him a big fat lie crossing my fingers and hoping to die for what I was about to say, I called my dearest love and said I had the flu and didn’t want him to catch it. Busy with finals, Scott said okay and he missed me and hoped I felt better soon and we’d be together again.

By the second late period, I was sure so I skipped classes and had someone bring assignments to my apartment, I completed my work while making a list of pros and cons, I faced the facts because by now, I’d cried too much pacing the floor alone with no one to talk to and afraid I might hurt the baby with all my grief, I reached for an inner strength to move on. Heartbroken, the practical side of me decided Scott must never know; I couldn’t burden his life, ruin his career with a baby and as for me, I’d go to Buffalo, tell my parents and they’d help me solve the problem.

 My Dearest Scott, I’m saying goodbye, not because I want to but because I have to; our paths are too divergent to survive the long wait until we can be together so please, please know you are my one and only love; I wish you well; and, and I don’t know what else to say except goodbye.

The letter made no sense; choices made with no guidance; choices that changed our lives.


This is the last snippet from She Didn’t Say No. Thanks for all the encouragement, my friends.

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