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12/29/13 WEWRIWA

Reconstructing Charlie new eyesAlmost Happy New Year, folks and this week I’m posting a snippet from Reconstructing Charlie, a young woman determined to be one of the rare creatures who still retains her virginity, unheard of at a time when THE PILL  freed sexuality from the dark ages. Hmm. Or so history proclaims.

Charlie is at a New Year’s Eve party with her first boyfriend, captain of the football team at Northwestern U where she’s a star athlete in cross country. Even though she’s explained to Tom she intends to remain a virgin, he has other plans. No one ever says no to him. They’re outside on this cold night before the stroke of midnight.

excerpt in eight:

He began with little kisses all over my face, neck, ears and my mouth reached for his, lips parted. Somewhere deep inside I warned myself to know when to say no because he must have majored in making out while I majored in survival skills. His hardness against my thigh told me what he had in mind but so far he didn’t try to go under my dress for easy access where I tingled and my belly hurt with desire.I prayed he wouldn’t go there on his own or at best ask my permission. Oh Tom, I caught my breath with the yearning for him. Don’t spoil us before we’ve begun.

The porch door banged open and his brother Pat and my best friend Shelley handed over two glasses of champagne saying, “Happy New Year, you two.”

Saved by the ball.

for more snippets from talented writers:


Reconstructing Charlie by Charmaine Gordon




Charlie Costigan has a secret. Home life gone from bad to the worst when she protects her mother from another vicious attack by her drunken father. Midnight. Clothes thrown into an old suitcase, she races for the bus with a letter to an unknown aunt and uncle. “This is my daughter. Embrace her as if she were your own.” Determined, Charlie begins again. Alone with her secret.

7/28/13 WEWRIWA

Welcome to WEWRIWA where writers post eight sentences of drama, humor, and bring joy to all who take the time to read the excerpts. I appreciate your constructive comments and I’ve learned so much from all of you.

This week I continue with Reconstructing Charlie as she and her mother make a plan to get her out of the dreadful situation. Midnight. Charlie is at the station waiting to board the next bus to Chicago where an aunt and uncle she didn’t know existed, live on Lake Shore Drive.


Fifteen years old traveling alone the first thing I did was head for the restroom.

I’d play this new life like a game of chess, think moves ahead and when I got to Chicago, I’d change into mom’s dress and clean up to make a nice impression on Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Stuart.

But what if they hate me and slam the door in my face? Not possible, kid ‘cause you’re dynamite ever since you started school, teachers talked about you when they didn’t know you were listening; smart, they said with lots of potential.

I felt like a thief opening mom’s letter to her sister but couldn’t resist and careful, so careful not to tear the envelope, I found mom hadn’t sealed it.

Dear Eleanor, Sixteen years have gone by since your foolish sister ran away and I am so sorry I didn’t listen to you and Stuart. Please embrace my daughter, Charlotte, and make her your own since I cannot provide proper care for this gifted and brave girl.

Your sister, Elizabeth

I folded the letter and returned it to the envelope wondering if the tear stains were mom’s or mine?


http://www.amazon.com/Reconstructing-Charlie-Charmaine-Gordon/dp/1935407910 Reconstructing Charlie new eyes