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7/5/15 WEWRIWA

Hi Gang, thanks for your advice last week. The good news is, I’m two inches better and here we are with snippets galore written by talented writers. Feel free to add your constructive Critique

Continuing with my WIP When Double Becomes Single. Sharon Michaels hopes her husband’s bad cough can be fixed by Mac Bloom, her favorite doctor. He’s in the hospital. She’s just returned home and snuggled in bed with their rescue dogs, Tommy and Gracie. It’s winter in NY.

excerpt:Exhausted after hours visiting with her husband at Community Hospital in Suffern, New York, Sharon stripped and pulled on flannel pajamas. Too tired to shower, she brushed her teeth, washed her face and slipped under the comforter on this chilly night.  She picked up the ringing phone and Mac Bloom, the family doctor said something she couldn’t quite hear.
“Crisis? Is that what you said? What do you mean crisis?

I just left him at the hospital about an hour ago and we kissed and said I love you the way we’ve always done for thirty six years.”
Their doctor for many a long time sighed and she heard urgency and sadness in his voice. “Sharon, is anyone at home with you?
She laughed, felt hysteria rise in her voice. “Of course not since Barry’s in the hospital with a bad cold and cough so Mac, you make it go away, okay?”
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