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9/8/13 WEWRIWA a community of writers and readers

Hi my friends, a week’s gone by with nary a post, so busy with ‘stuff’ to be shared next week. Meanwhile here we gather for our excerpts and constructive critiques. This week I’m continuing with Sin of Omission, an interracial romance/suspense story. After graduating with honors from a prestigious college as an architect, Jimmy Costigan hurries to the lone woman in white way in the back of the crowd, a package in her arms.


Shelley held two tiny babies wearing knitted miniature cowboy hats over auburn hair and Jimmy stared and stumbled backwards.

“When we made love before you left, I said I’d been on the pill a long time; somehow, your Costigan sperm  bypassed my so-called protection.”

            He didn’t move, remembering the night of passion.

“Please listen, Jimmy, when you went back to school I didn’t know about my uh, condition and then I didn’t want to uh, disturb you.

“Wait a minute, just wait a darn minute,” he stepped closer, “How come they’re so white, you’re sure they’re mine?”

 “High yella, it’s called ‘cause there’s mixed blood on our side of the family way back and some are well done and some are medium rare and not often, but some have white features and dark skin like me.”

With a voice choked with emotion, he said, “Shelley, how did we go from last year to this where I missed out on everything and who guided you while I played college boy studying my head off?”

The wind picked up and cooled the perfect day as Jimmy lifted a blue baby blanket from a basket and tucked it around the sleeping twins.

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