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1/4/15 WEWRIWA

Now it snows? And tomorrow we’re expecting 60 degrees then a plummet of temps for the rest of the week. New York, New York, it’s a wonderful town.

Welcome friends to WEWRIWA for snippets galore and the opp to use constructive critique the writing of fine writers.

This week- a bit more in my WIP- Breaking New Ground-title suggested by Evelyn Jules. A major Construction Company owned by the egotistical James Chandler claims to own part of the property the widow Brown has lived on for fifty years. This week -introducing Cindy Lou, Celia Brown’s granddaughter who lives with her temporarily while her mom-a Marine-is in Afghanistan. The six year old needs help with a first grade project.

excerpt in eight:
“I have to interview the oldest member of the family,” she pointed the flashlight to her Granny, and that’s you, Grans, wow, 80! you sure are way old;” she planted a wet kiss on Celia’s wrinkled cheek almost knocking her on the head with a heavy black flashlight and said, “Don’t ever die, Grans.”
“Okay I won’t if you promise not to bonk me and please tell me why are you holding that big clunker?”
Cindy giggled, “It’s for the interview, like a microphone so here we go, ready or not.”
A smile crept over Celia’s face; what fun spending quality time alone with her granddaughter while her mom’s deployed to Afghanistan like Marine after Marine, war after war, for generations the Brown family had served in one capacity or another.
A beam of light flashed into her faded blue eyes and Celia blinked as a deep voice came from Cindy’s sweet mouth, “Once upon a time you were six years old, just like me so where did you live and go to school?”
Caught up in the moment, Celia answered in a little girl’s voice. “Chicago, Illinois, and as if she’d never left the town and grown up, Celia saw the red brick school with a big sign. “Volta School. V.O.L.T.A. and my mommy bought me pretty dresses, laced up shoes, white ruffled socks and I always wore a big red bow in my hair but she didn’t like polishing my shoes ‘cause she had to wait for them to dry and use a clean cloth to make them shine.”
Cindy looked puzzled, “White shoe polish? Didn’t you have sneakers?
The clock turned forward to real time; Celia had a moment of dizziness as she came back to the present and said,
“Honey, we thought sneakers were bad men who sneaked around stealing things that didn’t belong to them”

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