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6/21/15 WEWRIWA

Summer Solstice everyone. Longest day and then folks, it’s downhill.

Continuing with Spreading Her Wings one last time today. Last week Sally contacted Lance, the boss of the Rockland Cable Station who pays her big money fro every interview. She tells him about the new play at the Shubert that needs another backer and asks if he knows anyone. Of course, Lance knows everyone. When she gets home he calls to say get dressed, she’s coming with him to a fancy dinner with all the principles. She’ll be his associate as well as reporter. A note left for Steve, her husband, and soon she’s ready to go.

“We have a meeting with a few possible backers I know, so finish the champagne, you look very beautiful tonight, Sally. Also we’re having dinner with some wealthy people at a fine restaurant.” “With the nice compliment and promise of dinner, I’m delighted to be your guest, Mr. Jordan.”

The BMW rolled up in front of Patsy’s, a top celebrities’ favorite restaurant.
“Whoa, Lance, you really know how to treat a woman, am I dressed for the occasion?”
He gave her that slick up and down all around penetrating gaze. “There’s something about you, Sally, that no matter what you wear, say or do, even though you’re married and a tad older than I am, I can’t stop thinking of you so yes, you’re perfect. “ He tucked her hand in his. “Let’s see what we can accomplish in the elite paradise.”
As they sauntered in, Lance whispered, “Be yourself and everyone will love you but not as much as I do, of course.”

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Spreading Her Wings
Kindness to Strangers in River’s Edge rubs off on all who live there. Sally Kirkwood responds to an emergency call from a friend one early morning. A daughter is missing and with Sally’s skill as a reporter, she finds her at an audition in NYC. Thus begins an adventure of show business, unfaithfulness, forgiveness and success.

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And Then She Said. . .

Grandest and I rushed off to gymnastics last week. In her bag lay a new bright blue top with many straps, very stylish. I picked her up at an after school program, dragged, nagged her to run to my car and zoomed away. “Uh Grans. I’m changing and I didn’t get to buckle up yet so pull over and stop.”

This from the seven year old mouth of my girl who knows , apparently way more than her Grans. So I did as told. She changed, advised me to drive on and we got there just in time.

Watching through the window, I saw the coach adjust the straps of her new top. It comes to this, I thought. The once competent woman can no longer even fix the straps right. Geez. Later, watching through the window as allowed and tired from writing, I saw an older girl helping her with a move on the trampoline. How nice, I thought.

On the way home grandest told me about the older girl who showed her some moves. And then she said. . .”Speaking of OLD, Grans” . . .and we cracked up over the inference of my age.

This conversation resulted in me explaining age is good and important and as much fun as the two of us have, we should be grateful I’m here. My own Mom didn’t last past age 50 and Bud, my first hubs, died at 58. “So,” I said, “Don’t be embarrassed to tell my age to your friends.”

Many hugs and kisses and then we played kick ball until daughter came home.65191_4183432700510_2056845522_nA grandparents love and responsibility to teach and love

3/1/15 WEWRIWA

YIPPEE! We’re getting closer, folks. I never dreamed a month could be so bitter and confining. Yuck. But we are survivors to live again and greet the sun.

I continue with my nameless WIP, poor baby. Chip sent a shout out for one possibility and I’m considering it. Come on , folks. Maybe this week’s eight will stimulate an idea from a group filled with just the right title.

Last week , Chapter one introduced you to James Chandler in the hospital, bloodied panties on his head from a fall on the platform bed. Dangerous after making love in the dark when she says no and cries.

excerpt in eight:

Two a.m. the ambulance sirens shut down and stopped at the Emergency entrance to the River’s Edge Hospital. Anna followed the EMT’s into the hospital when a guard tried to stop her by saying,” are you related?”
“Well, almost, we’re engaged;” antiseptic smells bombarded her senses as Anna followed the gurney down the narrow emergency area to where a doctor slumped against the wall. She ran to him, touched his white coat, “Doctor, my fiancé fell, hit his head against the platform of his bed and he’s unconscious so please hurry.”
Squinting his eyes at her, he nodded.and she marveled at the way he shook his head as if to clear cobwebs of exhaustion and come awake. “An educated guess is concussion but first an MRI so wait here because someone will be asking for his insurance card and personal information.”
Alone in the curtained cubicle, Anna prayed to all the Gods she knew; “please keep James Chandler safe and healthy; we have plans for a life together, dear Father. I said no because I wanted to think of what to do about my dear tribal  people who will hate me if I marry someone without making amends.” She laid down on the cot where the doctor had examined her Jimmy and dozed off.

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6/23/13 WEWRIWA

Hi gang!. Thanks for liking Now What? and your excellent comments. As promised, today will be the last entry on widow Carly Evans and the encounter with a man on a motorcycle. I hope you’ll want more about one my most personal stories available in print and ebook formats.

A quick note about a story of mature romance begun right here on wewriwa a few months ago. Your response stirred me to write a short story titled Instant Grandpa featured on USA Today last Tuesday in the Happy Ever After section. It’s the first in a series of Mature Romance Suspense from one who knows. Thanks for your advice and support.

excerpt in eight:


I had to search for my glasses to read his business card; the first item out of my bag was hair spray. 

Laughing he said, “Were you going to protect yourself against me with that?” 

I nodded and continued to feel for the elusive glasses; triumphant, I perched them on my nose and read his card embossed  Martin Ambrose  Architect and  his address was what singles call geographically desirable

Unlocking the car door, I stepped out of safety into Martin’s arms as he removed his helmet and swept me into an embrace that made my senses—if I had any—reel, knees grow weak, and every other cliché I’d ever read about in love stories.  Me, the widow, thrust up against my car in the most popular mall for miles in broad daylight where who knows what neighbor or friend might pass by, kissing a man I didn’t know existed a few minutes ago.  I loved it, loved the abandon and didn’t care, in the heat of the moment, who saw me.  And that was the first kiss.

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Now What?Charmaine Gordon

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