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1/10/16 WEWRIWA

Charmaine Photo for PinterestOh I am in a  goofy mood, my friends. No heat in our home all week so now we need a new furnace. YIKES! Big Bucks. Six Degrees of Perspiration using my cane to dance with.

“Cliff is hot to trot at the party and Bill is recently divorced, kinda shy and wants to get laid. The women decide which one they desire and go after that one. The party is on But and here’s the big but. Sarah laughs hard at the expression big butt, they can’t make up their minds who wants whom and why and they argue. The men also argue over which woman is the more attractive and why. They decide to uh try them out to see who fits and works for the other one. So begins Six Degrees of Perspiration, a struggle to find the right mate.”
“I like it,” Rachel agrees.
The attractive man at the next table leans over, “I do too, it’s a good premise and very amusing.”
“Who asked you?”

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