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3/13/16 WEWRIWA

Daylight saving Time. Don’t you love it?

Another ten from Reconstructing Charlie and maybe I’ll move on since my latest book, Together, Again was just released and I’m ecstatic. The last piece of the series is finished and will soon be translated in Spanish and French. Folks, I’m thrilled, to say the least.

Charlie and Aunt Eleanor go shopping:

Excerpt:A knock at the door and she entered dressed to shop; pretty in a white sweater set with pearls, a print silk skirt and white pumps, the picture of a summer garden. By comparison, I looked like a lumberjack next to my aunt.

We sat in the big limousine driven by Robert and drove to a place called the Magnificent Mile, Michigan Boulevard.”What are the latest fall fashions for my niece entering high school?” Corrine, the salesperson rattled off a list: “form fitting tee shirts short in length showing a hint of bare midriff with wide blue jeans;leggings with slouch socks and white Keds and long loose sweaters.”

I didn’t have a clue about leggings and slouch socks but when she said bare midriffs, I thought-get me out of here.

I needed something to cover my butt and androgynous was my style.

Over lunch, Aunt Eleanor confided in me,”Stuart and I were never blessed with children and now you’re here with us. Somehow, fate in the name of Elizabeth,brought you to our door and I want you to know you may trust me although I’m not your mother.”

The waiter came and I ate my first shrimp salad thinking of what she just said.

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