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5/5/13 WEWRIWA

Hi gang and welcome to another Sunday where we share our eight and see what happens. Meanwhile back to my seniors who meet on at the Jersey Shore and the warm summer gets warmer day by day. This is the last post about Claire and Ralph since it will be a book before long. Home from the Popcorn Zoo north of Beach Haven, this is the scene.


Make yourself comfortable and stay one more night since the boys are sleeping unless you want to go to O’Brien’s.”

He shook his head and turned toward my bedroom as I grabbed hold of his shirt and guided him the other way. “The guest room is down the hall and there’s another bathroom so good night.” Closing my door, I thought about locking it; better not; what if the kids needed me. What if. . .possibilities swirled around in my foolish head until sleep embraced this old bag of bones.

Awakened by a shift in the mattress, I wished I had a gun like the heroine in my last book, Take No Prisoners and thought This is real life, Claire, someone just crept into your bed without asking permission.So sorry. I have no one to turn to and I’m frightened, Claire, for the future of my son’s children because all they have is me and I know nothing.” He sobbed and me, a sucker for someone in need, comforted him. He calmed down, turned, embraced me and maybe that was the moment Ralph Berg moved straight into my heart with no exit door, once in there, always to stay.


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3/31/13 WEWRIWA

Happy Holiday to friends new and old. I’ve come close to The End of my senior romance, loving the comments and critique of WEWRIWA. Thank you.

excerpt in eight:

He literally swept me off my feet that afternoon, carrying me over the threshold to his spacious condominium. Collin kicked open the door to heaven. The king size bed beckoned and with great care, geriatric gymnastics began. Along with pleasurable moans came groans and does this hurt and let’s try this instead, with a propping of pillows here and there, we managed to complete what in the old days was uncomplicated and now. . .well, we held hands still naked and delighted not to have further damaged each other.

Eyelids drooping from pleasure and exhaustion, I heard Collin say,“Let’s elope, Kelly.”

I giggled and said, “So you can make an honest woman of me?”

“There’s no time to waste since we’re alive in the twilight of our lives.”

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3/24/13 WEWRIWA

The story continues: Two seniors meet, romance begins, family interferes. Conflict makes the story move right along. Thank you for the valuable input, friends and readers. We are one strong helpful critique group.

excerpt in eight:

I continued to smile and sketch the twins knowing family affairs were touchy and none of my business. My soup had grown cold as tension rose when John, Karen’s husband and father of the twins arrived bringing a breath of fresh air to the table where his little ones shrieked, “Daddy, Daddy” and Karen said, “Be quiet.” Collin stood, shook hands with John and  introduced me to his attractive son-in-law. “This is Kelly Corrigan who has lifted my spiritImage since the day we met. Excuse us while we take a tour of the Marina and my condo.”

Karen reached out with trembling hands, “But Daddy this is a special day and. . .”

Using a stern voice I hadn’t heard before, Collin said, “This is my life, daughter. It’s time you paid attention to your own.”

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3/17/13 WEWRIWA

Charmaine Headshot for Author CentralTop of the mornin’ to you, friends and writers on this snowy St. Patrick’s Day. Thanks for the great feedback last week. Here I go with my senior romance and a little conflict thrown in to keep it interesting.

“Girls, you know your Grandfather loves you but he has a bad boo-boo on his knee and it hurts him when you sit on it so I have a secret in my bag of tricks to make him feel better.” I patted the seats on either side of me and they slid off Collin’s lap and scrambled next to me.

Busy with unzipping my bag, I still caught Collin’s gruff voice asking Karen about her husband. “And where’s John today with you off gallivanting with the girls?”

“Oh, Daddy, he’s parking the car. We thought it would be nice to keep you company on this special day.”

I pulled out my sketch pad and charcoal pencil, never leave home without it, and quickly drew first little Ellen and then Jane, smiling faces and blond curly hair tumbling to their shoulders. As an author and illustrator of children’s books it wasn’t a big deal but Collin’s blue eyes twinkled with pleasure, the twins squealed and showed their mom who lowered her chin like the proverbial bull in a china shop ready to break something.

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3/3/13 WEWRWA


excerpt in eight:

And why didn’t you speak with me inside Rehab where it’s warm?” His face, ruddy with the wind, turned redder. “I turned me hearing aids off to concentrate because when I saw you next to me on the NuStep, I knew I’d need all my power to work-out and not think about you.”

Over soup so hot we both blew on each spoon full, Collin told me of his children and how they guarded him from gold digging trophy wives after his dear Maureen passed. “They warned me to watch out for the first woman to come in with Irish stew.”

We had a good laugh until I asked if the woman ever showed up.

“Indeed, in duplicate, triplicate when all I wanted was a companion who knew the same songs I did and someone to love again if that’s possible.

I patted his hand knowing deep in my heart we were meant for each other.Charmaine Headshot for Author Central

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